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Reviews for XIOM Omega IV Elite (17)

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This rubber is a spin monster and is not as soft as rated. This is a do it all rubber with one major problem, durability. After one month, .75 inch off the edge of the rubber were completely ripped off and it was illegal for use in tournaments. While the spin and catapult lasted, the sheet itself is too brittle and fragile
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This rubber is very soft, if it is 1.8 you dont feel sponge of the rubber like you are playing with topsheet only, throw angle is medium, spin is very good, speed is slowest control is very good , good rubber for stiff fast hard blades,or very fast balsa carbon blades
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Good rubber for BH (spin and control).
Speed less than Rasant Powersponge, T80FX, Cornilleau Target Sound.
I'm not feel this like a offensive rubber.
Recomended for allround players or to use with OFF+ blade.
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Definitely a soft sponge. I put it on the FH of a Xiom Hayabusa Zxi, and looping with it was a beautiful thing. When properly executed, I was rewarded with a distinctive click. Although some complain that the Omega IV Elite lacks speed, I found my drives were not noticeably slower than with the Andro Rasant I used previously. I made this rubber change because I found the new poly balls were so much more difficult to spin effectively, and I found it resolved that issue very nicely, adding some much needed dwell time to my FH shots. After playing with this rubber for a couple of months, I found that the sponge softened further, and the liveliness of the rubber suffered, so I would have to downgrade the durability.
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I'm using it MAX on Tenaly Acoustic as a RPB rubber. I use to have problem getting the ball over the net with my RPB but after I tried this the problem was fixed as it opens loop like a breeze, produces beautiful curve and lands the ball beautifully.

The only con I could find is that the soft sponge absorbs power too much making drive and block quite slow.

Absolutely recommended for beginners!
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Spin and control, control and spin. And yes, the ball feel is great!

I put this rubber (2mm black) on my bh on an allround blade (Yasaka Gatien extra 3D). The rubber could still generate good speed and a fantastic amount of spin. I was very surprised with the control on service return and when I hit heavy spinny loops. Counterloops and blocks are a breeze. The rubber definitely improved my game and I could flick easily, side and topspin easily and the spin on the serves was great. I'm not changing anytime soon!

The sound it makes is not annoying.

The only con I could find is that it was much too slow for my fh.

Edit: After playing with this for 8 weeks, the rubber was still very spinny but the sponge had lost the speed glue effect completely and the rubber became really unbearably slow.
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Have been playing with chinese brick rubbers before (palio cj8000 36-38 is much harder than this. XO4E is 40 degrees, mentioned palio ~ 47-48), but this feels faster than previous versions. For oponent is harder to take my shots because of spin and angle changing after touching table.
Good blocks and passive game away from table. Topspin to topspin didn't tried yet, but "empty" ball looping is easy. Also noticed that looping backspin is bettter and pips out looping also good.
Hope this effect will stay and this is not just efect from changing rubbers.
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This is not a soft rubber. I dont know why this rubber has been rated as soft by raters. I've played with it, and I'm sure this rubber has a medium sponge. Disappointed that I was fooled by the rating scale...
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very good rubber. I played before with Tibhar Numbus sound whats also a very soft rubber but this one has a much better spin and control on my balsa frame. On my New dotec ovtcharov all+ frame it feels to soft. I changed to victas v01 limber
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The sponge is soft. The rubber sheet is spiny and medium fast. Good control very precise when chopping and blocking, Good for BH and I use it.
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After getting back to play with Acuda S3, I much prefer to play with S3 rather than the elite. I feel that the elite version, the softest of Omega IV, is not soft at all. I think S3 is much softer and easier to play with, so I will stick with S3 instead.
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When I press my finger on the rubber, it feels too soft. However, when I hit the ball with it, it doesn't feel mushy at all! It doesn't have a loud clicking sound like other soft rubbers. It's the fastest soft rubber I've used. It's even fast than Acuda S3. It has more catapult effects. However, I like the loud clicking sound of Acuda S3.
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The best of backhand!
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I have A/B'd this with the Yasaka Rakza 7 Soft as BH-rubbers on a Stiga Hybrid Wood penhold blade. 2.0 mm thickness on both rubbers.

The Rakza 7 Soft feels slightly faster, while the Xiom has a slight edge in spin. Both are very spinny though, you will not feel like you're lacking in that department whichever you go with.

Control is excellent for both rubbers. However, the Xiom is VERY soft, probably the softest rubber I've tried. It's actually a little too soft for my taste, it can feel a little mushy sometimes, like it's bottoming out. The Rakza is more medium-soft, has a more crisper feel to it.

Both are light, about the same weight which was slightly surprising, I figured the Xiom would feel lighter due to the softer sponge.

Playing RPB they both excel at the same thing; giving a hard curve with that great snapping catapult effect off the table. Fantastic for sidespin flicks as well as playing further off the table.

I ended up sticking with the Rakza, I just feel more comfortable with the slightly firmer feel. Both are great rubbers though and fit the same profile; soft rubbers aimed at working more with spin and control than outright speed. That's not to say they're slow though, they're still tensor rubbers after all.
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I think there is problem with this database since it is saying that this rubber IS NOT A TENSOR RUBBER. I bought that and found out that this xiom rubber is a tensor rubber

this rubber is kinda difficult to be controlled for the first time because of the tensor technology, but, once i found out how to use this rubber, I can say this rubber is all about control. its speed is just medium, its spin is very good, and its control is perfect. it also has medium-low throw angle but it's not so good when it comes to close-to-table play since it has tension properties. but overall, this blade is really good
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Yesterday I tried my new O4E out (black 2.0mm) on forehand . My first impressions are excellent . My forehand drives became more consistent immediately. The flying arc of the ball is marvellous . The Big Window Effect exists really !
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a REALLY soft rubber, pretty much as soft as (or softer) than butterfly's solcion. simply a spinfreak, once the ball digs into the sponge, the spin produced is MASSIVE, your loops would hav a really strong hook that really lifts the ball up and catapult it back down on the table. as far as spin is concerned, its just as grippy as or even grippier than any tenergies out there. the rubber clicks as if its been glued, really nice sensation. for loopers this rubber HAS the tenergy feel and a soft, soft sponge. very durable. on flat drives the trajectory is really aggressive, it has a really strong kick with massive spin. loopers, its a great looping rubber if you like looping. defenders, it's a tensor rubber and therefore fast to chop with, i paired it up on a joo se hyuk and felt that it was really fast at first but soon got control !
over it, not too much effort needed. very durable, hardly any forms of cleaning needed. definitely not over priced, a GREAT TENERGY ALTERNATIVE.overall a great rubber, pair it up with a stiff blade (i recommend xiom, really price worthy) and youll have one of the best set ups out there.
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