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XIOM Vega Europe DF

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Vega Europe DF combines the optimal safer spin attack with upgraded control; and now maximum "DF" energy transfer. More chances, great spin and less miss-outs with "big window". Win with XIOM.

New Black carbo-sponge to generate more power

Longer lifetime and durability of rubber

Vega Europe has the highest ball-trajectory to create a larger safe-zone (big window) over the net. Empirical test shows bigger window effectively increases the success rate of your attack and reduce the chance of miss shots. Very easy to make spins Vega Europe also has the deeper ball catching feel at impact for the control. New black Carbo Sponge maximized the internet efficiency to generate additional energy onto the ball. Ball flies with more power as a result. Resilient tensile structure improves the lifetime of rubber by 30-50%.

Speed: 86
Spin: 92
Control: 85
Sponge Hardness: Medium 44 degrees

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Reviews of XIOM Vega Europe DF (12)

My backhand rubber for 2 years (backhand dominant player), and one that I still periodically revisit. It's an odd rubber, really - in some ways forgiving, but the extreme softness makes it bouncy even with light touches so it requires some time/effort to tame. The softness also makes it liable to bottom-out on harder shots. Xiom quote it as 37.5 degrees, but to me it is noticeably softer than Tenergy 05FX (36) and Spinlord Marder (35) and on a par with TSP Ventus Soft (one of the softest rubbers around). The softness means it has few gears, and although the spin is pretty good, it's by no means comparable to other softish tensors. In short, then, it's a good backhand rubber for loopers and blockers, and it chops quite well once tamed, especially with the 1.8mm sponge. Also, a final point worth considering is that it plays poorly in hot/humid conditions, as another reviewed noted. I would recommend it for beginners and people who want a controlled backhand rubber as well as inverted choppers using all-round or defensive blades who occasionally want a more dynamic backhand as well as the heavy cuts.
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Classic soft rubber with good spin. Hit soft goes fast. Hit hard goes pretty slow
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When I first bought this rubber after the Vega Euro was dead i bought this as a replacement for it and tried to use it on backhand. I was so wrong because this is a %100 forehand looping rubber. it has so much more spin than the Vega Euro and the play style is very different. I wouldn't recommend this to newer players because its has a speed beginners would usually consider hard to control. It has a lot of potential but i had to change it after 3 months because it lacked control for me. And when I used this rubber again on my friends forehand after 3 years, it was a beast.
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I tried 2.0mm on FH and BH. 2.0mm weighs only 38g when cut.
Extremely easy to play with low catapult effect. Lifting underspin is so easy! Perfect balance of speed, spin, and control. This is my first ESN Tensor, but I had no problem adjusting.
Negative: durability is very bad. After only 3 hours of play, the topsheet already lost its grip. Because of this, I would not purchase again.
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softy rubber 37,5 degres, nice for blocking, good control, also nice to lift low balls from mid distance, nice speed glue sound, with proper tehnique it can be very fast. not too bouncy on short game,it is very spiny rubber hard to retun slow loops ,i am using it for 3 monts on BH and i like it on openings on backspin ball wery confident to do that with VE df. in my country costs 30 euro and it is good value for money.
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