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XIOM Sigma II Euro

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SIGMA II EUROPE delivers the real results to the tour professionals. Tour professional version of Internal Mechanic Boost (IMB) makes you control the magnitude of spin energy easier and better. Developed by and made for tour professionals, SIGMA II EUROPE also shapes the ball trajectory easier than any other rubbers. Professional players know the well-controlled short balls and the accurate ball path increase the real winning probability. You can also charge far more energy on the spin with IMB technology. As a result, the ball winds up quicker and aggressively lower at the opponent's court while it can start comfortably higher. Dynamics of the black CARBO sponge also boost this energy mechanism to create the real advantages for tour professionals. Raise your standard and Win with us.

Strategy: Mix
Distance from Table: Close to Mid
Speed: 93
Spin: 96
Control: 67
Hardness: Medium

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Reviews of XIOM Sigma II Euro (18)

If you have no money enough to buy Tenergy series, you could try this rubber. Nice combination between speed, spin, and control. Overall it's an impresive rubber. Welldone XIOM.
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After using a Vega Intro on bh and Omega 4 Euro on vh on a nimatsu balistic Balance im now using the o4e on bh and a Sigma 2 Euro on vh on a nimatsu balistic glasfibre (difficult to get now).
This Rubber isn't Made for passive playing, you have to hit the ball with power and a thrown move. Blocking works easy. Short - short is spinny, easy and the ball doesnt jump high, most time low, also by topspins, which makes it not so easy to Bring Back. balls sich less Unserspin can be pulley easily, even balls short behind the net. U can create a lot of Spin if u want to. Topspins against much Unserspin are also easy and flys low over the net, not easy fit block. This combi glasfibre-sigma might be less spinny than balance-omega, but id like to say it isnt and also shots are easier anderen faster.
Sorry for my bad english.
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great forehand rubber for the player who likes to win with spin. Sigma II euro was my forehand rubber for a year and a half before I switched to tenergy 05.

Sigma Euro is significantly more adept at imparting spin on the ball than T05.

Tenergy o5 is better for blocks and drives and probably suits players that like to drive and smash, it is a more stable and predictable rubber.

That being said I switched back to Sigma II euro because I lost the ability to over power other opponents with spin, which is my go to tactic.

short game was easy and spinny with both, tenergy 05 had better control. Hope this helps.
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Almost perfect rubber as it offer tremendous spin. Using this on my backhand allow me to attack the ball effectively whether close table or at a medium distance.
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Very good do it all rubber. I like it on FH and on BH, plays really well on Andro Temper Off-, T-8, and Stratus Power Wood. SE2 is very good on slow brush loops and hard topspins away fro the table, good on blocking and different type of serves. It has many gears and when you engage the sponge on harder strokes generates monstrous spin with amazing kick from the table, similar to T05 but much more forgiving, although less durable.
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