XIOM Omega IV Euro

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Rated 4.8/5

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For technical style pros keen on balanced aggression.

Deeper and longer ball dragging at the surface.

Extra power spins from high-density carbo sponge.

Newly integrated dynamics and perfect hardness for reliable control. Hyper Elasto technology rubber upgraded by new chemical composition and new Carbo Sponge. Solid ball-capturing at the surface and perfectly matching sponge hardness promote extra spins and control at ball contact. OMEGA IV EUROPE produces significantly higher ball trajectory to make bigger window over the net. OMEGA IV EUROPE stretches the ball from opponent's court aggressively as if launched from speed-glued rubber. Clicking sensation at the ball contact also reflects the maximized built-in tension simulating full speed-glue effect.

Speed: 88
Spin: 93
Control: 71
Hardness: 44 degrees (Medium)

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Reviews of XIOM Omega IV Euro (23)

 External Review for XIOM Omega IV Euro on February 27, 2018
Good rubber for topspin beginner
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 External Review for XIOM Omega IV Euro on July 29, 2017
i change it from BH to FH, very explosive rubber, the sponge hardness its around 42 degrees, is a snipe rubber and very easy to serve with it
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 External Review for XIOM Omega IV Euro on September 9, 2016
This rubber is of average speed and spin, but the paddle speed is increased if the rubber is placed on a fast blade. The topsheet is soft and I like how the ball easily sinks into the topsheet. If you want to play players above 1600 you must put it on a fast carbon blade. By fast I mean 96 to 99 out of a 100. Topspin is good but blocks are very good and the ball keeps low. Underspin pushes are very good and controllable. Once you get used to this rubber, it's good. I like this rubber and will recommend it to any allround player, however players above 2000 may need a faster rubber. This rubber has a very linear response and that's great, it's far more linear than tensors, so control is very good. Looping is good. Back hand flicks is good and easy. Serves are spiny. Update 3 weeks later, the topsheet has become less flexible
and therefore has become faster and blocking is less easy, but I still like this rubber, it is so linear. Some dwell time is lost. I always use a rubber cleaner after playing to bring back the spin lost beacause of dust and sweat. Update, after 3 months, the rubber has lost some of it's grip in the middle of the sheet. The rubber is now firmer than before. I put away this rubber for 3 weeks, then i played with it, and it's topsheet returned to being soft.. I love this rubber. Great on forehand and backhand. This rubber is light weight. UPDATE- I got my 2nd pair of these rubbers, and they are different from the first set. They are now heavier and the sponge is harder. It is less spiny and less durable. I do not like how the manufacturer has changed the nature of the rubber.
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 External Review for XIOM Omega IV Euro on August 27, 2016
Exelent rubber for topspin attack (topspin against topspin, topspin against backspin). I Play on FH max on Stiga OCC one year. Block, chop near the table also are very good, rubber not much sencetive to incoming spin. Update after 4 months: very durable, after one year rubber in very good condition, spin and speed ok. I replaced rubber on 5 ply all wood limba blade off. It is better than on Stiga OC carbon. Excellent feel, spin, more dwell time. I think for no professional players all wood OFF blade is a better choise for this rubber, than carbon blades.
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 External Review for XIOM Omega IV Euro on May 17, 2016
one of the best rubber for allround attacker.. best quality rubber from XIOM...
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 External Review for XIOM Omega IV Euro on August 29, 2014
excellent rubber spin and speed adequate,control perfec
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 External Review for XIOM Omega IV Euro on June 11, 2014
Extremely lightweight rubber ... one of the lightest !

I am using for FH Black max on Balsa blade for 6 months.

Excellent speed , spin and control from close to the table or mid or farther away.

Great for top-spin loop, flat smash and block push players.
Due to the lower throw-angle more effort for flipping required.

Always combining medium-soft , medium-hard blade with soft rubbers is recommended. This rubber is probably not going to work on extremely fast / hard stiff blades.

Take good care to not bang on edge or side of table, rubber is very soft and prone to breaking. You can getaway with grazing which is a testament to this rubber's durability.

Accurate a fault, lower bounce at opponent side. Perfect weapon!
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 External Review for XIOM Omega IV Euro on May 6, 2014
I love this rubber. I use it on my forehand and the ball always hits of perfectly. It works great for whatever your doing.
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 External Review for XIOM Omega IV Euro on February 16, 2014
A very controlled rubber, quite insensitive to incoming spin. Helped me improve my blocks and return of spin-loaded serves. Has good spin of its own which helps with the serves and topspins/loops. However. a little on the slower side compared to the tenergys and x1 turbo platin. Overall, a good rubber for backhand.
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 External Review for XIOM Omega IV Euro on October 16, 2013
Amazing rubber!
The control on this is phenomenal!
Drives are very fast, loops are very spinny, blocks are ridiculously easy.
This rubber does everything. very hard to dislike. Recommended to everyone.
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 External Review for XIOM Omega IV Euro on August 28, 2013
VERY fast and spinny rubber.
your technique has to be really good to controll this rubber. very close to Tenergy 64
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 External Review for XIOM Omega IV Euro on May 21, 2013
Put it this way, any great player could win a major championship wirh this rubber. It is that good!!
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 External Review for XIOM Omega IV Euro on June 21, 2012
This is one of the best rubber I have used in 10 years of my Table Tennis experience. I think it is VERY close to Tenergy(having used all of them). You can generate spin(loads of it) when it is needed close of the table and making the ball reach the table from back of the table is also a breeze. Taking about control, this rubber provides you with unmatchable control (I use a lot of drop shorts) and you can easily make a drop shot with ball bouncing 2 times even with a good side spin on the ball. Only issue is the serves are not as spinny as tenergy 05 fx. I think the rubber is using the sponge more than topsheet, per my feeling and knowledge. I would say just go for this rubber, you would not be disppointed for sure. Make sure you use it on a medium hard blade like Mich. Maze, I used it on hard blades and it did not produce the sam!
e magic...
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 External Review for XIOM Omega IV Euro on February 2, 2012
I play with Jpen Xiom RSM Gold 10,6mm (hinoki). I've tried an carbon/balsa also. For these blades, I used Vega Europe (too much slow even for carbon blade), Vega Asia (faster then Europe but too hard for my carbon blade), O4 Asia (too hard for carbon blade, also fast even for hinoki, less control), and O4 Europe (as fast as Vega Asia, but bit softer and better feeling. very good control for the speed. However, for the cabon blade is harder than I can afford.) So I think that for my style and level of play, this is the best rubbeer. I also used O3 Asia (bad control), and T05 (sensitive to incoming spin). T05 has less control then O4 Europe, is spinnier, higher arch and bit faster. But I have to say that they are some close, and for the price I've no doubt in favor of O4E. I have to congratulate Xiom for this rubber.
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 External Review for XIOM Omega IV Euro on January 14, 2012
I tried to play with this Omega Euro coming from T05...There is not point for comparisons...two different worlds...this rubber is pretty good for who trains seriously and frequently. Good spin, but far less compared to T05...slow and the throw angle is medium...when you block, you need to be aggressive to pass the ball over the net. I had to return to my old T05. If you are looking for a substitute of T05, this is not the rubber.
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 External Review for XIOM Omega IV Euro on January 11, 2012
I am an top grade player, agressive looper both wings, backhand stronger than forehand. After testing nearly every 'tensor' or pretensioned rubber combination recently, I now play with Tenergy 05 on my forehand and the Omega IV Euro on my backhand. The spin and speed of the Omega is significantly superior to the 05, yes I said significantly, especially spin! (a well brushed transition loop off long chop will shock top grade opposition when you catch their block, punch or counter loop above your head which won't have happened to them for years), but the feel, control and 'drop', combined with excellent spin and speed, of the 05 makes it a better allround rubber. The Omega has surprisingly controlable touch short and over the table (but not as much feel as the 05), but it is very hard to get heavy bite when serving with it (which the 05 is a dream for). The Omega is an amazing rubber, if you are a serious player and train regularly enough to control and exploit its strengths. I tested the Omega IV Asia/Pro and Elite and found the elite a bit soft and slow and the Asia/Pro's too hard (I prefer to let the ball compress into the rubber a little bit) and lacking too much feel for the short game.
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 External Review for XIOM Omega IV Euro on December 12, 2011
I recommend this rubber for every modern attacking player both fh and bh
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 External Review for XIOM Omega IV Euro on November 3, 2011
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Review by vikkutt for XIOM Omega IV Euro on September 15, 2011
This rubber is a real devil on table. Specially for the players looking for spin kills. I have my practice partner using Tenergy 05 fx and the loop from tenergy and this rubber were nearly of same spin. The edge I felt with this rubber is its control and ease of play close to the table(push & service receive) and mid distance(super spinny loops) However going a little back from the table it gets a little shaky(which they don't even claim to be good). I have "pro" version as well and the weight is definitely less than "pro" with medium hardness. So two thumbs up for this rubber as a tenergy substitute.
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 External Review for XIOM Omega IV Euro on July 13, 2011
I am using as a BH on TB ALC. Works great for looping and blocking.
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