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XIOM Omega IV Euro

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For technical style pros keen on balanced aggression.

Deeper and longer ball dragging at the surface.

Extra power spins from high-density carbo sponge.

Newly integrated dynamics and perfect hardness for reliable control. Hyper Elasto technology rubber upgraded by new chemical composition and new Carbo Sponge. Solid ball-capturing at the surface and perfectly matching sponge hardness promote extra spins and control at ball contact. OMEGA IV EUROPE produces significantly higher ball trajectory to make bigger window over the net. OMEGA IV EUROPE stretches the ball from opponent's court aggressively as if launched from speed-glued rubber. Clicking sensation at the ball contact also reflects the maximized built-in tension simulating full speed-glue effect.

Speed: 88
Spin: 93
Control: 71
Hardness: 44 degrees (Medium)

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Reviews of XIOM Omega IV Euro (25)

Kind of heavy. It is 72 grams in Max. It last for 2 months, the sponge becomes dead. The spin is OK. Not impressed. Going back to Rakza 7.
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I have 2mm on my Xiom Hayabusa ZX, both side. At first it seemed to catapult a lot. I could not keep it on the rubber for enough time. After breaking in period is over, the fun began. Great feeling. Very forgiving. I can compress the sponge hard and produce loud sound. Smash, loop drive, push, block and drop shots are all very easy. I got more points from rallying.
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Good rubber for topspin beginner
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i change it from BH to FH, very explosive rubber, the sponge hardness its around 42 degrees, is a snipe rubber and very easy to serve with it
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This rubber is of average speed and spin, but the paddle speed is increased if the rubber is placed on a fast blade. The topsheet is soft and I like how the ball easily sinks into the topsheet. If you want to play players above 1600 you must put it on a fast carbon blade. By fast I mean 96 to 99 out of a 100. Topspin is good but blocks are very good and the ball keeps low. Underspin pushes are very good and controllable. Once you get used to this rubber, it's good. I like this rubber and will recommend it to any allround player, however players above 2000 may need a faster rubber. This rubber has a very linear response and that's great, it's far more linear than tensors, so control is very good. Looping is good. Back hand flicks is good and easy. Serves are spiny. Update 3 weeks later, the topsheet has become less flexible
and therefore has become faster and blocking is less easy, but I still like this rubber, it is so linear. Some dwell time is lost. I always use a rubber cleaner after playing to bring back the spin lost beacause of dust and sweat. Update, after 3 months, the rubber has lost some of it's grip in the middle of the sheet. The rubber is now firmer than before. I put away this rubber for 3 weeks, then i played with it, and it's topsheet returned to being soft.. I love this rubber. Great on forehand and backhand. This rubber is light weight. UPDATE- I got my 2nd pair of these rubbers, and they are different from the first set. They are now heavier and the sponge is harder. It is less spiny and less durable. I do not like how the manufacturer has changed the nature of the rubber.
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