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XIOM Omega IV Asia

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• For dynamic power-spin attackers
• Designed for advanced players with higher swing speed
• Powered by extra-hard new carbo sponge

Extra spin capability by new constructions and additional built-in tension. Extreme power with extra spins in deadly aggression. Grippy top sheet accompanied by very hard Carbo Sponge and fully built-in speed-glue effect creates amazing power-spin performance. Maybe too hard for non-professionals to exploit the full capacity OMEGA IV ASIA provides the advantage to well trained players with higher swing speed. OMEGA IV ASIA stretches the ball from opponent's court very aggressively and low with extra spin. Extra precision and superb consistency from solid construction also benefit high-speed players.

Speed: 130
Spin: 120
Precision: 85
Hardness (Sponge): 48.0 degree (Hard)

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Reviews of XIOM Omega IV Asia (20)

Good for FH. It is very spinny. Control is good too. And looping is very good.
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Same spin as P7, FastArc G-1, T05. Faster than those. Lower throw than those. Much less bouncy and more controllable in either blocks or rallies.
I tried this rubber as FH and BH in Tenor, Violin, Acoustic,Acoustic Carbon, 7P2A, Extra Offensive, Ludeack, TB ALC.
As FH only in Excellent A, Extra Special, P500, Ludeack Fleet, Offensive S, Joo Se Hyuk.
In all those blades it performs really good. The stiffer the blade the better it gets.
Lately i acquired a Viscaria black tag and promptly glued this rubber in the forehand. Outstanding!
I already bought another pair to replace the Asia on FH and the Rakza 7 on BH.
Comparing to Rakza 7, it is deader, has more grip and lower throw.
Be aware this rubber does need to break in. About a week. After that the topsheet becomes really soft. Works very well with plastic balls, no technique changes required.
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This rubber is one I often return to. Blocks amazingly with speed. The speed is incredible when powerlooping or drive looping, the hard sponge engages with speed. In this way it feels like Tenergy 64. However, the grip is amazing on the top sheet and the spin is immense. For slow spinny loops and brush looping, this rubber feels like Tenergy 05.
I play Modern Defense, and where this rubber excels is in distance pushing (Not quite a chop) and I often get netted balls due to the underspin. Full swing chops take more care due to the grip and the speed. But once you get used to it, the underspin is nuts.
My favorite stroke with this rubber is the distance guiding topspin (not quite a loop, but more of a guiding distance block). Watch Filus or Gionis play and you'll see they do this stroke often. The control on this stroke is why I choose this rubber over Tenergy 05 or 64.
To summarize, if Tenergy 05 and 64 had a baby, it would be this rubber, but with more control and far less weight.
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I play with Omega IV Asia second year and I also played with IV Euro and V Tour versions.
This Omega has definitely the hardest sponge. When hit at full power, it seems also the fastest. I am not able to bottom it out, except when smashing with full body power.
For slow pushes and blocks, it plays also slow, almost no catapult, very controlable.
Regarding spin, it is about the same, as other Omega versions. Very good for spinny serves.
It is less forgiving than softer Omega rubbers, due to hard sponge. Rubber does exactly what I put in it, and I can fully rely on its performance.
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Dont get hype about this. Dont get me wrong. This is a good rubber, but if you are a spinfan this is not the way to go. Also, dont like the throw.
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