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Reviews for XIOM Vega Europe DF (10)

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When I first bought this rubber after the Vega Euro was dead i bought this as a replacement for it and tried to use it on backhand. I was so wrong because this is a %100 forehand looping rubber. it has so much more spin than the Vega Euro and the play style is very different. I wouldn't recommend this to newer players because its has a speed beginners would usually consider hard to control. It has a lot of potential but i had to change it after 3 months because it lacked control for me. And when I used this rubber again on my friends forehand after 3 years, it was a beast.
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I tried 2.0mm on FH and BH. 2.0mm weighs only 38g when cut.
Extremely easy to play with low catapult effect. Lifting underspin is so easy! Perfect balance of speed, spin, and control. This is my first ESN Tensor, but I had no problem adjusting.
Negative: durability is very bad. After only 3 hours of play, the topsheet already lost its grip. Because of this, I would not purchase again.
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softy rubber 37,5 degres, nice for blocking, good control, also nice to lift low balls from mid distance, nice speed glue sound, with proper tehnique it can be very fast. not too bouncy on short game,it is very spiny rubber hard to retun slow loops ,i am using it for 3 monts on BH and i like it on openings on backspin ball wery confident to do that with VE df. in my country costs 30 euro and it is good value for money.
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Performs good on blades with hard out layers, such as Yasaka G5 and Stiga Emerald V. Feels softer and less powerful on Yasaka YES. Mine is 2.0 mm.
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very nice rubber!!!
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Plays somewhat like a cross between Rakza 7 Soft and Rasanter R37, however I'd prefer R37 if looking for a soft rubber. VE-DF is soft, as mentioned by other users, with good control for basic shots. It has that usual Tensor 'ping' to it, and has more speed than others have attributed to it, however it's certainly not as fast as the regular XVE, which is rated at 8.9. I'd say the speed is very similar to R7S, rated at 8.6~, while the throw angle is similar to Rasanter R37. My scores of '10' were purely to bring the averages up from 8.3 to 8.5, which is more accurate relative to other soft rubbers I've played with. Good for developing basic shots, but may lack 'gears' for players with a more developed game. Rubber has a high quality and grippy topsheet which means it should be NO LESS durable than standard XVE. I generally agree with speed/spin/control numbers from user 'tipoman'.
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Fully agree with McCustom.
Rubber is extremely soft and bouncy even with the softest touch, even on the BH on a Yasaka Sweden Classic ALL blade. Like most tensors, chopping is difficult, since you have very little margin for error. Unlike most tensors, even medium force loop will bottom it. Hard loop attacks produce such cracking sound, that I began to worry not to damage the outer wood layer of my blade :)
At the end, you have no control over the short game and no speed&spin in power game.
It is only good for slow opening topspins/flicks, which are still tricky, but at least you can exploit the grippiness of the topsheet.
[Update] Dec-2017. The above impressions were gained while playing in rather warm conditions - around 25degrees. Now it is colder in the court where I play (10-15 degrees) and the rubber feels much harder! I like it more in cold, it now does not bottom in loop exchange, but only when attacking. The bounciness was reduced also, so I can now really enjoy the grippy topsheet while chopping. It's obviously a winter type of a tyre .... urhhh... rubber :)
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Has never 42,5 as discribed in the head (37-38 are realistic). Maybe to soft for harder Topspin Strokes. Countering feels good.
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Vega Europe DF is extremely grippy - the DF tech creates a huge amount of spin whilst being non tacky and so doesn't react heavily to spin.
It's very soft and bouncy, so requires a delicate touch, especially for mid table pushing (as opposed to short-short); speed doesn't increase that much for harder strokes, but it's great for close to the table attacking due to its bounciness.
Topspins (open ups) are very spinny and slow if you brush. The pip structure (long, thin and sparsely arranged pips) also means that shots have less of a direct/predictable trajectory, and the dwell time seems short because the rubber 'repels' the ball before it can grab it, especially on slower/more passive shots; so control isn't the best.
Correctly executed strokes produce a loud click, with good dwell time from mid-distance if taking the ball late.
However, any shots where speed rather than spin is the main object are likely to bottom out, unless it's a close to the table drive.
Service is so-so; good enough due to grip, but nothing special, and flicks are very controlled. Grip is still super, after very roughly 50 hours. I would say it's good at teaching a good technique if the user is willing to learn.
Enjoy your TT!
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First thing first : this Vega Euro DF is a really soft rubber. The feeling is around 35 I guess, it's by far the softest I've used since I've stopped playing with Desto F3 several years ago (now I'm mostly using hard rubbers such as Vega Pro, Omega Pro, Genesis M...).

I've been using it on RPB backhand for 4 months and it's a very good rubber if you like soft sponge and springy rubbers with a "speed-glue" feeling. If you like playing strong topspins or flat hits / blocks often, you'll find this rubber too soft and it might even become difficult to control (the sponge bottoms-out quite fast when you play strong shots). As I said, I'm using it on penhold RPB backhand so I mainly play spinny topspin, and this rubber is well-suited for this. It's certainly not the most spinny one, but the topsheet is really grippy, and you won't have any surprises when trying to lift a ball up. It's a bit too soft for my taste, but if you have no problem with this, you might like this rubber very much.
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