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Reviews for XIOM Vega Asia DF (3)

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Tensor rubber. i am using it for 3 monts.
With proper techique you can produce very nice speed.
Very direct angle, not too bouncy on short game, very nice for smashing.
Very nice sound (like speed glue).
It is light rubber, nice for me.
spiny and nice for backspin lift.
Doesnt chip and topshet is durable.
In my country costs 30 euro and it is good value for the money.
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J ai un jeu a trs forte rotation du coup droit, et l volution de mes plaques a t 42 de duret en moyenne, en 1,8mm d epaisseur. Plaque rejetant moyennement, assez linaire dans tous les coups, que ce soit le petit jeu comme dans les acclrations.
La limite de cette plaque, c'est le jeu avec balle plastique sur des tables lentes, et dans des salles ayant des sols mous.
Avec l utilisation de la balle plastique, je prconise un changement de duret de cinq degrs suprieurs, soit 47 degrs pour ceux qui jouent dj en 42, ce revtement conviendrait donc a ceux qui jouent en 37 degrs actuellement, cela vite les tendinites du coude.
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After putting Omega V Europe on FH I was looking for something similar for BH but with softer sponge. Although name Asia could confuse many, including me, I was conviced it is not like old Vega regarding sponge hardness, so I decided to give it a chance. Bingo! 42.5 degrees suits perfect for my technic on BH. It has a little bit harder rubber surface which I did not like at a beginning, but after a few sessions I got used to it. With this rubber a bit higher brush is needed to produce a good spin. There is no room for a mistake, but if done correct you will be rewarded with dangerous spin. Arc is lower i more direct than rubbers I tried so far. Speed is very high, but not to high. Control is great. Since I had only 2-3 sessions this is just a first impressions. I will update a review after month or two. For now, great rubber for plastic balls.
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