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18 Reviews for XIOM Sigma II Euro

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If you have no money enough to buy Tenergy series, you could try this rubber. Nice combination between speed, spin, and control. Overall it's an impresive rubber. Welldone XIOM.
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After using a Vega Intro on bh and Omega 4 Euro on vh on a nimatsu balistic Balance im now using the o4e on bh and a Sigma 2 Euro on vh on a nimatsu balistic glasfibre (difficult to get now).
This Rubber isn't Made for passive playing, you have to hit the ball with power and a thrown move. Blocking works easy. Short - short is spinny, easy and the ball doesnt jump high, most time low, also by topspins, which makes it not so easy to Bring Back. balls sich less Unserspin can be pulley easily, even balls short behind the net. U can create a lot of Spin if u want to. Topspins against much Unserspin are also easy and flys low over the net, not easy fit block. This combi glasfibre-sigma might be less spinny than balance-omega, but id like to say it isnt and also shots are easier anderen faster.
Sorry for my bad english.
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great forehand rubber for the player who likes to win with spin. Sigma II euro was my forehand rubber for a year and a half before I switched to tenergy 05.

Sigma Euro is significantly more adept at imparting spin on the ball than T05.

Tenergy o5 is better for blocks and drives and probably suits players that like to drive and smash, it is a more stable and predictable rubber.

That being said I switched back to Sigma II euro because I lost the ability to over power other opponents with spin, which is my go to tactic.

short game was easy and spinny with both, tenergy 05 had better control. Hope this helps.
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Almost perfect rubber as it offer tremendous spin. Using this on my backhand allow me to attack the ball effectively whether close table or at a medium distance.
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Very good do it all rubber. I like it on FH and on BH, plays really well on Andro Temper Off-, T-8, and Stratus Power Wood. SE2 is very good on slow brush loops and hard topspins away fro the table, good on blocking and different type of serves. It has many gears and when you engage the sponge on harder strokes generates monstrous spin with amazing kick from the table, similar to T05 but much more forgiving, although less durable.
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I used a few pieces, it is definitely a very good rubber in performance comparing to Ome. V & Vega series. The only weak point is its durability, not lasting as long as the other 2 series. It is worth a try if it is on special!
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I normally use Vega Pro on FH and decided to give this a try. Sponge is softer than Vega Pro, felt similar to 05-fx, perhaps a touch softer.

It makes me feel really confident and like I have a "pause button" when I contact the ball. Control is amazing, and looping is fantastic. I found I can also counter-loop close to the table very easily.

Hitting and smashing aren't as great. Pushes and serves are very good. Highly recommended.
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Rubber delivers big time in this department. Just as spinney as the other top rubbers on the market. Trajectory is very long with the sudden dip at the end of opponent side of the table. Opening loops are just as good as counter looping. Serves on the other hand are still better with tacky rubbers but for a tensor rubber, spin on serves is just great. The most appealing aspect of this rubber to me is ability to cancel all of the incoming loop spin and add massive own spin. When counter looping ball will constantly go to the edge of the opponent side then just make a sudden dip, even if you counter loop is really push block type of shot.


Rubber in short game is not as bouncy as Vega Euro. As a matter of fact it is not too bouncy at all, so you one can keep game slow and short without much effort. When you go off the table rubber picks up great deal of speed. Personally I would say maybe 5 to 10% faster than T64. When playing it, turns out for me at least, I can apply more spin with it then with T64 that XSE2 goes about 15% faster than T64, but I dont think that sponge is faster just you get more dip so you can hit faster. I use this rubber on BH and I cannot bottom it out, much better then Vega Euro which was too soft.


In terms of control I am in big disagreement with Xiom here. They rate this as Tour/Pro, personally I think player with 6 months of training would be totally ok with this rubber. I played with Tenergy rubbers few years back when they were the best on the market and recently Xiom so I cant say I am an expert on tensor rubbers yet I cant say I have problems controlling this rubber. Depth and height are quality with XSE 2.


From a beginner to a pro basically ï. I think that many Europeans will find this rubber good on FH or BH either way but people from Asia may prefer it on BH.

Great job from Xiom.

Have fun playing and enjoy life .
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Very good offensive rubber, fast but not uncontrollable, high spin, good short game, like all rubbers performance will be dependant upon blade selection. Probably best on allround, offensive minus and offensive blades.
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A good rubber, but not as good as the reviews here i think. I dont find the spin to be adequant to the ratings.
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This is not a rubber for beginners, and that is likely why it is not considered as fast as it is. Like the tenergy series, the speed relies on how much spin you generate and whether or not you use proper form. Like with Tenergy 80, the short game is exceptional because the rubber almost feels dead if you aren't playing with full strokes.

It is exceptional for chopping short and at a distance. It is a monster for looping (be careful and make sure to use European strokes when close to the table or the ball will rocket well beyond the playing surface!), and actually blocks quite well from mid-distance. This is the best rubber I have played with by far, but it does take precision to tame.

Don't buy this if you're learning or planning on just "testing it"... it is rated "tour" by Xiom for a reason.

The only drawback for me was the lack of spin generated on serves, and the decrease in sidespin (even with full strokes) that I was used to from T05, T25, Omega Pro and T80
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This rubber is supposed to be one of the best on the market, and for a long time I wanted to get this rubber. When I finally got it, I realised that it is very good with spin and control, but if you get the 2.1mm sponge as I did, you will find that it is not amazingly fast. My drives are spinnier, but slightly slower. The whole point of topspin is to make the opponent block the ball higher so you can smash, but I found that its smash is not as strong as some other rubbers.
But overall, still the best rubber I have ever played with. It is good for offensive forehand players who drive a lot.

It is not so good at blocking, so if someone smashes you, I suggest that you try your best to counterhit with this rubber, unless you have no choice. But, if you are an offensive player, you can probably not give the opponent an opportunity to smash, so you wouldn't need to block a lot.

This is my tournament rubber as well as my training rubber.
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For a controlled topspin game, this rubber is fantastic. I've used tenergy 80, as well as fx/el-p from tibhar, and bluefire M1 on my forehand and none of them compare to S2E. You can generate huge topspin when looping off of or below the table, and the control factor is amazing. I'll compare it to the other rubbers so people who have used them can get an idea about this rubber. Serving- Better than all of the above. The only rubber I used that I felt could generate as much spin was fx-p, but the throw angle felt weird to me and I was unable to serve as effectively.
looping- better than any others with the possible exception of tenergy 80. However, I found that my loops were spinner and more accurate with S2E than tenergy, although bluefire m1 was better for flat hitting and smashes.
Blocking-Tenergy was better here, but only due to the increased springiness of the rubber. Regardless, blocking is very controllable and accurate, but more of your own force is needed.
conterlooping- here the rubber really shines. The high control allows you to use the opponents pace against them and send their shot back at them with more speed and spin than it came to you with.
Overall, unless you rely most heavily on flat hits and blocks to play your game, S2E is for you. It is perfect for a control oriented topspin game.
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Though the rating system categorized it as average, it's actually very heavy. Uncut mass seems lighter coz the shape is not rectangle. It's like oval, slightly bigger than blade.

Sigma Euro II 2.0 : Uncut 61g (oval), cut 45g
Vega Japan 2.0: Uncut 64g (oval), cut 47g
Vega Euro 2.0: Uncut 52g (rect), cut 35g
Tenergy 05 2.1: Uncut 70g (rect), cut 47g
Tenergy 05 1.9: Uncut 66g (rect), cut 44g

I'm using this rubber as backhand which main style is chop on table. What I like so much about this rubber is it can chop very heavy, sharp, fast and stay low.
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Its not recommended for beginers choppers and Allround players.
ıts too fast with speed glue effect. Spin is very good in serves and loops not like 3rd generation tensor rubbers.I tried stiga boost Tc before its better then boost in term of spin
Dont use it with too fast blades
Im using with xiom strato ıts pretty uncontrol combination but ı can control it :)
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Too hot for me when I first tried it--not for beginners or intermediates. I've just come back to XSEII after improving the consistency of my pushes and my loops. I don't blame the rubber--it's me. This rubber rewards precise control of wrist angle in looping--closing the paddle face just so yields ultra-spinny loops. I came back to XSEII for (a) its ability to make super-velocity, highly accurate drives, (b) its spin in pushes and very fast loops, and (c) its flexibility--it's surprisingly good at chopping.
UPDATE: I've now got the rubber on a very fast blade (Yinhe N-9). Flat hitting and looping are both terrific. A terrific rubber.
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For many years I used Tenergys because everybody else did, and believed that they were the best rubbers. Not anymore , my friends ,the Xiom Sigma II Europe is by far the best rubber in the market. I use it on FH along with Nianmor on BH, tremendous combination .
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There are a lot of reviews on the Sigma I Euro and a lot of what's been said there sounds very familiar so until there are more XS2E reviews, reading those are recommended.
I'm a "experienced beginner" level player and it was a mistake to get such an advanced rubber as the XS2E. Except, it wasn't!!
My strong point is my backhand and the XS2E is an excellent BH rubber.
I think, out of the advanced "bouncy" rubbers, the XS2E is the most accessible, due to its consistent, predictable behaviour.
It's very fast for anybody except for speed junkies. Control is excellent and it is very easy to generate fast, low chops. All forms of blocking are excellent. This rubber is quite good at generating good spin and my regular partners have more trouble returning my serves. It's not so much the spin itself, they can handle that, but due to the little effort required, it is easy to throw in something unexpected without giving much away. The surface is not very tacky, the spin is generated mechanically. Putting side spin on is effortless but strangely I still can't put on as much top spin as I'd like (I did not have this problem with other rubber, such as the DHS Skyline2 and Memo and others). I think it's just my technique that needs improving, besides, I've had the XS2E for just over a week so I'm still learning and adjusting.
To be honest, I tried it on FH and I wasn't as happy with it. On the other hand, my FH is not very strong so you shouldn't rely on my comments there. :-)
I've got the black max sheet and the sponge is quite dense and it was easy to glue and to do a nice job. In comparison, it's MUCH more effort to do a nice job with the Vega Elite! It does collect a bit of dust but it's very easy to keep clean with just a bit of lukewarm water on a damp cleaning sponge and it's OK for a session.
When I started to play with the XS2E, it did not seem to have a noticeable break-in period like some other rubbers, it just felt good, right from the start.
My blade is an Andro Kinetic SZ/KH OFF- and it seems to be a good marriage.
The XS2E is recommended for players who want to play a mix of different shots. Specialists who for example want extreme speed, should probably look elsewhere.
I've had very good experience with BTY Sriver on BH, but the Xiom Sigma II Euro is my current favourite BH rubber!
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