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4 Reviews for GEWO Hype EL Pro 40.0

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Very good rubber I made this rubber and paddle and let my friend use it against me to see if this was as good as the right up. If you like spin with great ark that shuts down hard to make difficult returns from the serve and also tremendous spin with control you should try this one. now I cant get this paddle back because he loves this rubber and paddle combination. (paddle is game sports pro all wooden and red and black max GEWO hype EL Pro 40.0)
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I've tried this on a photino and a zhang jike super ZLC for my FH. On both blades it has a decent speed that makes an aggressive blocking or an over the table counterhit easier. It's easy to loop regardless of how heavy the backspin is, although it has a lower throw angle than that of a tenergy 05. It's also a forgiving rubber maybe it is due to softness of the sponge. It is also a good rubber for ball placement considering the dwell time due to again the softness of the sponge. For the spin it has tons of it. It performs well near the table, in mid range and even in long range. But this rubber is quite sensitive to incoming spin. For the durability, I cant give a review yet since it's only 1 month from the time I bought it.
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Very soft sponge, good spin and excellent control. What you need for me on BH
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Superb rubber. Spin, speed, control are excellent.

Almost too fast for me in 1,9 on bh on a hard off blade, maybe go 1,7 or try Rasant Beat.
2,1 on fh is not a problem. I could probably use 42.5 on fh without problem.
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