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5 Reviews for GEWO Nexxus EL Pro 45 SuperSelect

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Love the sound and is perfect for my back hand
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45 degree sponge grabs the ball very well and easy to loop with. Splendid grip and durability. Must try!
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Great rubber. Grabs the ball well. Spin is great. Speed is good. Good control. I loved it on medium hard blade. Durability of all Gewo that I have had has been better than most rubbers. They seem to last and to maintain the grip. One of my favourite.
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This is the update of my previous review, where I pointed out the misleading advertising (megaspin staff feel free to combine them, I cannot figure out how to edit the previous review):

TL;DR: Fast, but not notably grippy/spinny. Closest comparison I can make is tenergy 64 with a thinner top sheet. Less spin than 64, but a very clear "clicky" feeling on good contact, especially drives/flat hits.

This is a fast, and reasonably hard rubber. It plays harder than a 45 degree esn rating would suggest.

It is grippy (not tacky), and can produce reasonable spin, although not to the level of other euro/jap style grippy rubbers. Spin potential is definitely below the likes of MX-D or most of the tenergy series.

Speed is pretty high, quite a bit faster than the rakza Z I am used to, but not to the level of Ten 05.

This excels on flat hits, as its not too spin reactive (esp compared to tacky rubbers like RZ/H3), and provides some really nice clicky feedback, I've never felt anything quite like it.

As a looper who relies on spin more than speed, this is not at all the right rubber for me, so I am not going to say "this is a good/bad rubber." It's just not for me, not enough spin potential. If you are a high level player used to harder euro/jap rubbers, and are looking for something that has good feeling and plenty of speed, give this a try and share your thoughts.
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TL;DR: Despite the misleading descriptions, this rubber series is not tacky. Weighs 66.5g uncut, will update after playing later.

I will update this review after I get to play with it, but I felt I needed to write this due to the misleading descriptions for these rubbers. As far as I can tell, the only difference among the pro 45/48/53 rubbers is the sponge hardness. For some reason, each has a weirdly different description on Megaspin, but they all share the exact same Gewo marketing terms for their sponge and top sheet technologies.

Here is where the issue lies: the description for the pro 48 states this has a "highly tacky top rubber sheet and the power-loaded sponge" which gives the impression this is a hybrid rubber. Rakza Z and Joola golden tango are hybrids, as they have a tacky top sheet and esn style tensor sponge. No one who has ever played with a tacky rubber would ever describe the Gewo EL SS Pro series as tacky, let alone "highly tacky." If I am comparing with the rubbers I have on hand, this is closer to my well used Andro Rasanter R42 than it is my 4 month old Rakza Z (which can only hold a ball for about half a second, nothing compared to something like hurricane).

Pretty annoyed that I spent over $50 on what I thought was a new hybrid rubber due to false advertising. Next time I will wait for reviews, guess I was the one to get fooled this time. If the 48 is truly tacky and the 45 is not, make it clear in the description that they are completely different rubbers, and not just different sponge hardness. I'll update later when I get to play with it and compare it to other tensor rubbers.
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