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Reviews for GEWO Proton Neo 325 (3)

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This is by far the softest sponge I've ever seen! Got it in 1.8mm. It's so soft that harder balls easily push through to the blade (sounds more "woody" then). I'm not entirely sure if that's good or not, but I think I'll take a thicker version next time. And there WILL be a next time, this is a great rubber for me.
I want to keep my paddle as lightweight as possible. And with 51g uncut this is also the lightest rubber (in this thickness) I've ever had. If you like good control with a lightweight paddle, the Proton Neo 325 might be ideal for you.
Blocks work very fine, and serving is quite easy. With proper technique it can create a lot of spin. It probably lacks some speed for those who want it really fast, but this is not my style anyway.
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fantastic control for this rubber, very easy to use
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good soft and light rubber, only 35 gr. cutted! perfect for backhand, high control
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