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Reviews for GEWO Nexxus EL Pro 53 Hard (5)

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Gewo Nexxus EL Pro 53
Weight: 77 grams
Speed: Off+
Hardness: 53 degrees ESN Scale
Thickness: 2.1mm Sponge

This is the hardest ESN Gewo rubber now if I am not mistaken. Contemporaries in hardness of the sponge are Xiom Omega 7 Asia which is 52.5 degrees and Rakza Z Extra Hard 53-55 degrees. I tested this using the Gewo Sensus Carbo Speed and also placed in my Yasaka Ma Lin Soft Carbon blade in which the other rubber is a Yasaka Rakza Z Hard just for comparison. Although the Xiom Omega 7 Asia may have a range of sponge hardness for its 52.5 degree sponge, I compared the hardness of both and the Nexxus EL Pro 53 is a tad harder while the Rakza z Extra Hard that I have now is as hard as the EL 53. If comparing the topsheets of the 3 rubbers, the Rakza Z EH is slightly tacky while the other 2 rubbers are grippy. The topsheets of the 3 rubbers seem identical without me measuring the pip structure and spacing. Just like the Nexxus EL 50, the “HARD” logo is in the topsheet but this has an orange sponge that is slightly porous.

It is safe to say that the Nexxus EL Pro 53 is very fast and it is an all out offensive rubber. It is slightly faster than the O7A and RZ EH. I also observed that the Nexxus EL 53 has a longer trajectory than both rubbers. Despite the hard sponge, I would say the sponge is still reactive with just a slight sponge compression during topspins and drives. It still has gears like the El Pro 50 but has lesser control due to the very hard sponge. This was designed for an all out attacking shots and much less on passive blocks. It is more rewarding if you do active blocks or punch blocks against passive blocks. I had some adjustments with passive blocking due to the arc of the ball. For smashes and hard counter topspins, it is better if you just hit through the ball with no holding back as I felt this is maximized by strong shots and not by just half cooked efforts.

Spinwise, I would say it has more or less equal spin to the O7A but the RZ EH has more spin due to the slight tacky topsheet. The arc is medium high for topspins versus underspin balls. I would say it feels like a non-tacky but very fast Chinese rubber with a hard sponge. From thin brush loops to hard topspins compressing the sponge, the EL Pro 53 can do this type of spin generation very well. Being a non-tacky but very grippy rubber, deep sponge compression with brush contact is still the best type ball contact for this rubber. Although not as spinny as the RZ EH, the combination of its power and spin generation can still give the RZ EH a run for its money. Spin generation is heavy also for brush loops since you can loop
the ball with thin brush contacts easily. Spins are also heavy with serves and push chops. For short push chops and drop shots you need some adjustments for control and the EL Pro 50 has a better control on this type of shots.

Overall, I highly recommend this to advanced and expert level players. I am enjoying this as a backhand rubber in my Yasaka Ma Lin Soft Carbon because it combines well with thin and semi-flexy blades due to its sponge hardness.
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Hard,low throw,less spin than El 50,but more speed,good for fleep, block,smash and contra topspin atac (contraloping-best part),short game! - minys-less dwelling,less spin,less filing.You must play with full power stroke!!!... using booster (maybe better dweling and feeling) I'm using 6 layers (more layers,more felling and dweling) of Falko tempo water glue.Good rubber for fit and strong players.
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Fantastic offensive rubber!
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Very fast rubber, not much spin. Doesnt suite my kind of play.
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very fast rubber, probably the fastest I tried, also great spin. The control is good
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