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GEWO Hype EL Pro 42.5

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The GEWO hype EL Pro 42.5 is the optimal synthesis of power, spin and surface grip (Dynamic Grip Concept), It is the tempo-elastic middle rubber of the GEWO Hype EL Pro Series and offers a balance between a dynamic and punchy game (Power Tension boost), it provides perfect ball feeling with reliability in all game situations. Thanks to the newly developed DGC40+ - surface, it is possible for a good variation between a punchy serve / return game and a balanced all-round / offensive game. A rubber with exceptional speed in reserve, but despite the high speed, allows good control in the more passive strokes when driving blocking, or pushing. The GEWO Hype EL Pro 42.5 is the perfect rubber for players who want maximum spin at high speeds. Because: "The last point makes you the winner!"

Speed: 115
Control: 97
Spin: 120
Sponge hardness: Medium+/Hard

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Reviews of GEWO Hype EL Pro 42.5 (4)

I used 2.1mm unboosted rubber. Was my BH rubber for 3-4 months, it was great for drive, block, counter. However, since it has catapult effect, a bit too bouncy to make a short ball. I really like it for ability to perform mid-distance looping, it was easy to get good spiny loop. When it was new, it was great for backhand flick and push too. I didn't like using it on FH, it too soft for my style, but good for mid-distance looping, and great to perform spin against backspin anyway. It's a bit too bouncy to make a good backspin services.

After using it for a while, I found it difficult to control, strong catapult effect, too bouncy, not the same as when it was new, ball easily fly off the table, I cannot make a good push or flick as I used to. But it still in excellent condition, and still great for doing mid-distance looping. Now it's on my FH side, still easy to control but cannot execute direct aggressively attack as what you can get from harder rubber.
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Hi Folks, So I have used the Gewo Hype, Nexxus and other series in the last 2 years. I like them as they were all very good modern rubbers especially the Nexxus series, all have good spin, speed & control. Hype is good too but less in durability. If you see them on sale (very often), try the 2 series that I mentioned. You'll like them.
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I tester this rubber on a Stiga offensive classic with 1.9mm red. It's a 5ply allwood Blade. I had this rubber on backhand and it Was very pleasant. I tried it just a bit on forehand bit for me it was too soft on FH. However it Was really good in backhand. What i liked most Was THE control with much Speed and spin. It felt very safe. Its hardness is about medium which i think Suits many players. Super rubber!
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Was my backhand rubber for many time. Good for blocking and looping with topspin, high throw angle, good for the short game, good effect on chops and easy to spin up flicks. His weakness maybe is that you have to control your strokes because on speedy ones his softer sponge does it hard to control and aim. His durability is really bad, two months training 3 hours 2-3 days a week and its done, and its very notable when it starts to be done.
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