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10 Reviews for GEWO Nexxus EL Pro 43

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Great rubber. Same top sheet as Nexxus el 48 pro, which I have and even after 6 months find grippy and clean. So durability is one of the best.
Softer sponge engages faster than harder versions of Nexxus EL and thus spin is very good. I love it on FH and BH even though usually I like 45-47 degree rubber. I like it more than most rubbers I tried.
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After 8 months of use, this is the best backhand rubber I have ever used, this is soft rubber, starting from the control that can place the ball on the opponent's table accurately, blocking the ball with either passive or active. , chop is a deadly move. Flick easy, lifting heavy balls is so easy, best rubber for backhand. the only drawback is that the rubber rims quickly crumble / crack after 3 months of use. rubber weight 63 g cut 43 g ,i play in 1 week 26 hours. next i want to try nexxus Superselect EL 45.
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Solid off rubber with good spin. Not great in the short game. Medium throw
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Actually, I could have written this review a year ago, but since nothing has changed in the meantime (even after repeated testing), I'll do it now.
Facts: black rubber, 1,9 mm, weight packed 88 g., uncut 59 g. and cutted of 155 x 148 mm 41 g. The sponge hardness is 43 degree, the main hardness not known!
I did not test this rubber longer. (... but at least on different blades!) When I was looking for an upgrade for my Andro Hexer Powergrip SFX, I realized very quickly that there was no such thing!!! (- with this sponge hardness.) ... that is pure science fiction !!!
The only thing is, the EL 43 is better for shots and has a lower weight as the HP SFX. But hes slower (- believe me !!!) and has less spin, only the control is comparably good. ( ... and he "clicks" very nicely and loudly if you use the "right" glue! ;-P)
Addendum: for me no replacement for "THE Spin-Monster" Andro Hexer Powergrip SFX but all in all a very good rubber with a lower weight.
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The best bh rubber when i have ever played. 44gr red 2,1 - Paired with andro trieber co off/s for two monthes.
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Superb rubber, perfect hardness, thicker sponge and thinner topsheet for polyball, bites the ball like crazy similar to rakza 7, almost impossible to fail lifting against backspin, RECOMMENDED FOR REVERSE PENHOLD BACKHAND PLAYERS.
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Gewo Nexxus EL Pro 43
Weight: 62 grams
Speed: Off to Off+
Hardness: 43 degrees ESN Scale
Thickness: 2.1mm Sponge

This is the most balanced and most all-around rubber among the Nexxus Series. This is still a thin topsheet, thick sponge type just like the other Nexxus rubbers. In my opinion, this is the most balanced rubber in the series as it is good for almost everything but a bit faster than the 38 degree version and has a harder sponge. The topsheet is very grippy bit not to say that it is slightly tacky. I used this with the Gewo Sensus Carbo Speed blade bcause I thought this would lighten the blade. This is still a light rubber at 62 grams uncut and the medium-soft sponge. I can compare this to the Rakza 7 soft’s hardness but I do get a few hardness listings from 42 to 45 degrees and also I’ve had a Rakza 7 Soft that is almost as soft as 40 degrees so I will try my best to compare it to the R7S and some other medium soft rubbers in its class.

The speed is obviously marginally faster than the EL Pro 3 because the sponge compression needed is much less compared to that of the EL Pro 43. Other known rubbers which are in this range of sponge hardness are that of the Xiom Vega Europe (not the DF version) which is listed as 42.5 degrees. The other mentioned rubbers are older by about 10 years for the Vega Europe and about 7 years for the R7S so they are expected to have lesser performance in terms of spin but maybe not much in speed. The Tibhar Evolution FX-P is also about 0.5 to 1 degree softer so this is also within range of sponge hardness.
To compare the speed, the EL Pro 43 is slightly faster than the XVE, R7S and FXP rubbers. I could attribute this to the much newer generation sponge of the EL Pro 43 and also the more elastic topsheet. The speed is quite lively compared to the 38 degree version and it is very bouncy that I would almost say it is an off+ rubber but for me the speed seems to linger between off and off+ which is not a true off+ rubber.

The spin however is quite marginal compared to the mentioned rubbers. You see, the topsheet is quite grippy as what has been mentioned and bite of the newer generation rubbers is miles ahead of the of newer one such as the EL Pro 43. The grip of the topsheet is quite good because I did experience before from before with the other medium soft rubbers mentioned to sometimes hit the net. My personal test for determining the amount of spin the rubber has always been the same and it is to brush the ball. The 38 degree and softer rubbers need a lot of sponge compression while the harder ones needed less. If you have the right brush contact you can spin the 43 degree version more or the harder versions with just brushing alone using mostly the topsheet. I know several factors are in the menu for spin and sponge hardness affects the output of spin but in this case even if I involve the sponge more, I still find the El 43 more spinny than the 38 degree version. The arc is medium and would not reach medium high crossing the net.

What has the EL 43 which the EL 38 does not have? Both have this characteristic of being very easy to use and like what I have said, the 38 is the easiest to use but if you are more advanced in your skills and strokes, I would pick the 43 over the 38 degree version. I am not the type of player that uses medium soft rubbers in my backhand. I use at least 50 degrees in both sides but I think I can live with the EL 43 version if it is the only one I have in my stocks. The power, speed, spin and control are quite good for this rubber. I find it better doing push chops than the 38 degree version because the ball does not pop that much because of the harder sponge. It can be considered as having “gears”. To summarize it is the type of rubber that incorporates all type of strokes with decent amount of power and spin but not to the extreme like the other harder versions. I would put it as an advanced level rubber and maybe to some instances also a good intermediate rubber.
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Very good rubber I like harder nexus because they are much more accurate
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Very good for stiff blade as a forehand rubber. It has a characteristic like rakza 7 but is more slower and control feel.
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Bad spin, great speed. Also, on the second rubber i tried was a bubble in the middle. NOT good.
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