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GEWO Neoflexx eFT 48

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The Gewo Neoflexx eft 48 enables the very best in optimum performance. This new rubber offers the perfect combination of versatility, playability, and great forgiveness. Eco boost (eTec) is at the focus of this rubber series. eTec guarantees accurate placement, fun and control in all situations.

One thing about rubbers became very clear in the many product meetings and test series involving our GEWO coach team: It is not the fastest rubber that makes a champion. "It is as simple as that: In order to succeed, you just need a rubber you can rely on in any situation to win more points than your opponent". This rubber series provides you with everything you need at an excellent cost/performance ratio.

This economic Tensor rubber features the grippy and transparent DGC40+ surface which has already proved a great success and the new NEAS sponge. GEWO Neoflexx eFT 40 comes with a very grippy, medium hardness DGC40+ top rubber sheet providing you with great grip and dynamics thanks to "Dynamic-Grip-Concept" as well as all that you need for a modern table (high trajectory, extraordinary ball rotation and a wide range of spin and stroke variations). The Eco-Boost package offers a perfect spin/speed ratio, high versatility and ensures, thanks to the DGC40+ top rubber sheet, high reliability and consistent playing characteristics.


• eco(nomic) boost has high spin ratings, absorbs arriving spin, thus offering great reliability and control.
• Medium Hard 48 degree sponge sheet to maximize power and spin. Offensive power capabilies.
• Perfect for players of all classes relying on an offensive all-around play!

eSpeed / eSpin Technology: "eco(nomic) boost for your match" is the motto of this rubber series. This rubber generation is based on a perfect combination of a newly developed sponge with a grippy surface and new pips arrangement. The harder rubbers (45 and 48) focus on speed (eSpeed) - the softer rubber (40) on spin. eSpeed / eSpin - perform at your best. GEWO Neoflexx eFT - expect more!

NEAS: "New Efficiency Active System" - unerringly accurate. The newly developed NEAS sponge provides for sufficient speed in all offensive strokes - however, its control that this series primarily focuses on. Suitable for players of all classes. DGC40+: The proven DGC40+ "Dynamic Grip Concept" guarantees a uniform, a reliable coupling of the ball when it hits the bat, its new surface texture prevents the (poly)ball from "slipping" and energy losses when the ball leaves the rubber. The surface was specially developed for and adjusted to the new requirements of the poly ball.

Speed: 103
Control: 90
Spin: 110
Hardness - Medium Hard 48 Degrees

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Reviews of GEWO Neoflexx eFT 48 (3)

Not a spin or speed monster, but high level of control. Red sheet has a bit lower throw and a bit more spin. Blocks and pushes are very easy and safe. Serves are not loaded with lots of spin. Under or top spin does not bother opponent.
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great allround/offensive rubber, very good spin and control, in a slow blade it could be good for a modern defense
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I love so much GEWO, but 9.5 in control is too much! And in the other side, 7.4 in speed and the low gears are too low. All these numbers are far from the comparative characteristics numbers of the other backsides released by this same manufacturer ! So I voluntarily very changed these numbers (exaggerating with a very high speed and very gears, and lower control and even lower spin), to restore " if possible " a realistic average and more objectivity is for the compulsive testers of new backsides..
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