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2 Reviews for GEWO Sensus Powerfeeling

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What a blade. Until now that Koki Niwa is my favourite blade, this one used to be my favourite(I still own many blades including Viscaria, 301 DHS, yeo 7, rosewood, etc). Very enjoyable blade. My hand just goes for that blade. Fast blade. Very crispy. Impactful. Being wood blade , great for spin, and absolutely amazing for control. This one is one of my favourite that I would not part with.
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I own 5 other GEWO blades, and I own Stiga Clipper, the Nittaku Violin, Andro TP Ligna, and a sew more all wood blades.

The sensus seems to be almost the perfect do everything well wood blade. It's not heavy - mine weighed 84g. It has maybe the best handle in the business - it's contoured perfectly for the most comfortable grip I have experienced. And most of all, it has speed, it has control, and I think it's spin characteristics are second to none. For $60 this is the best blade for the money I have ever purchased.
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