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3 Reviews for GEWO Neoflexx eFT 40

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Gewo really succeeded in creating a "semi" tensor here. The catapult effect is quite subtle, it lends some power for stronger shots but at the same time it's not as nonlinear and thus not detrimental to the precision.
Overall it's an awesome allround rubber with nice control in basically all situations. Works well for me in both forehand and backhand. With ca. 56g for 1.9mm and 52g for 1.7mm (uncut 170x170 mm sheet), it's pleasantly lightweight, and the price is really fair.
The amount of spin is not crazy high compared to all those offensive monsters, but definitely high enough for some easy opening topspins and sharp pushes.

I would recommend the Neoflexx eFT 40 to all amateur players that are not purely offensive and want a reasonably priced and durable rubber that helps to get the ball onto the table (that's what table tennis is about, after all).
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good allround or defensive rubber, high control in every situation but it's quite slow
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Great spin, rubber faster than the review
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