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The GEWO nanoFLEX is built with the medium sponge of the nanoFLEX series. This rubber with its medium+ sponge closes the gap between the harder FT48 and the soft FT40 version. Here the pip geometry was developed in order to generate a perfect balance between spin and speed. Whether close to the table or mid-distance the FT45 offers more precision pressure play and a great option of varying spin strategies. nanoFLEX FT45 is ideal for spin players looking for a medium sponge with the main focus on spin and power.

NanoFLEX - The Ultimate Weapon with flexible high tension technology. Choose a rubber that suits you: The innovative revolution of nanoFLEX is the new development with the wow effect. It is a premium rubber with the latest high state-of-the-art technology.

Speed: 113
Control: 95
Spin: 115
Sponge hardness: Medium+ 45 degrees

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Reviews of GEWO nanoFLEX FT 45 (2)

Have had bad experience with other Gewo-rubbers. They seems like cheape rversions of bigger brands- tries to copy them, but fails big-time. This too. 9.5 in spin voted here! Wow, it isnt like R47, T05, MX.S and the likes. Far away, with noticeble worse performance. Stay away, buy some Tibhar, Nittaku for the same price, and you have a double better rubbers. Played the thinnest, think it was 1.7 mm.
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Gewo NanoFlex FT45 2.1mm, black, used on Stiga All Classic and KTL Instinct. This is an excellent product from a minor brand, and has very few weaknesses. The firm topsheet couples really well with the medium-hard sponge. Durability is good but a dull patch appears early on in it's lifespan; fortunately the only difference this makes is a lower throw on weaker shots like blocks. Close to the table this rubber performs well; service is spinny and easy to place, close to net touch-play is very controlled due to the less reactive topsheet. Flicks are average since the topsheet does not have excessive grip on compact strokes especially against heavy backspin, but responds better to spin from an accelerated arm speed. Backspin pushing is better than any other offensive rated rubber I've tried. Short loops are very spinny and have a short trajectory due to the impressive range of lower gears, enabling effective topspin placement around the table. Attacks with a flatter trajectory are also easily attainable. Blocking is a breeze; so is looping at mid distance - every shot has a pleasing, adjustable arc, meaning you can vary your pressure easily. It also smashes particularly well due to its low reactivity to spin, and has plenty of control in advanced speed play. For power looping this might need a fast blade because it's a step down in speed from professional 'Tenergy clones', and doesn't have a big trampoline effect. Overall this is a superb controlled and spinny rubber, it's real selling point being that it allows you to focus on making your own shots better without the worry of a rapidly changing throw angle. Plus, every shot is easy to play; thus, I would highly recommend Gewo NanoFLEX to developing intermediate players. More offensive players should consider the FT48 version. Enjoy your TT!
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