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Reviews for GEWO Nexxus XT Pro 48 (6)

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Very good rubber that makes the nexxus series the most durable sponge. Good on both sides.
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Use it on BH of my Tibhar Cedric Nuytinck blade for about 1.5 month now... It's really great with 40+ ABS balls, with which is overall not easy to create much spin, but somehow with this rubber it really becomes easier to generate spin with this balls, also the trajectory is tends to be quite low, espessially close to the table, so it's really not comfortable for your opponent... It's show it's best qualities close to the table, "bananas", flicks are just amazing, blocks are also fantastic and precise. Far from a table it's also plays quite nice, but you have to have at least OFF blade and put quite some power to your shot so that your topspin will be dangerous for your opponent...

All above is about BH, for me this rubber is too soft for FH, but it maybe only my own issues, I just like quite hard rubbers on FH, so I tried GEWO Nexxus XT PRO 48 on my FH about a week ago and so far like it very much, really great for my FH (for BH for me it's a bit too hard, but main issue it's too fast for my BH, IMHO it's much faster than it's EL "brother")...
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Really nice OFF rubber! You don't feel the 48 thanks to the thin topsheet. It's very stable. Not the fastest, nor spinniest, but a mix of qualities that implies great confidence while using it. Maybe one of the most balanced recent rubber.
Edit: After few hours, the spin increased! I can impart as much spin on my serve as with a T05! Great rubber from Gewo!
Give it a try, really.
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Very fast rubber, similar TGY 80/64, good spin, medium control, long trajectory, medium high throw, 47,5 degree but medium feel, not for beginner, specific for top spin play offense.
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Good fh rubber.Easy to play.
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blade was a custom made Limba-Ayous-Basalt-Ayous, rated OFF-. Rubber was Max Black.
Overall this was a fun easy to use rubber with a focus on players who use the sponge to generate spin rather then brushing. I used on my forehand for the test and loved its fast quick response very suitable to make odd off the cuff shots. Since I am use to Tenergy 05 I brush and that was OK for serves but a problem for lifting backspin which required more sponge engagement then I was used to providing. This is a great rubber if you like to engage the sponge for spin.
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