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GEWO Nexxus EL Pro 48

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The GEWO Nexxus EL Pro 48 is the perfect combination of maximum surface grip, speed, spin, and control. The GEWO Nexxus series is a line of modern-day offensive table tennis sponge designed for the high spin, and power play of today's professional table tennis game. This rubber is engineered to produce high-performance results from the new ABS 40+ ball.

The Power Package of the Nexxus series Maximum dynamics and an arced spin trajectory combined with enormous catapult effect are the prime features of this modern day offensive rubber. FLEX-TEC technology provides for maximum speed, while the DGC40+ 2.0 top sheet guarantees consistent and reliable coupling when the bat hits the ball., especially if used with maximum sponge thickness of 2.3mm and all the power you need for modern spin-offensive playing styles. It forms the speed-elastic middle of the GEWO Nexxus EL Pro series and shows its strengths especially in variant-rich, spin-attacking situations. Advantages: safe opening, maximum ball feedback thanks to the soft touch both in attacking and passive playing situations. Loads of spin and swerve in serve/return situations thanks to the spinny nexxTT top sheet.


• High trajectory, less proneness to faults when taking your play to the limit; with its 43 medium-hard spin-focused EL sponge, it is a true all-rounder in the Nexxus Pro series.
• Ideal for modern offensive players preferring, elastic materials for their variant-rich playing styles.
• For players aiming at winning their points through precise ball placement and spin variants rather than through maximum end speed.
nexxTT / N.E.P (Nano.Elastic.Plus) / Maxximum.Power.Play.

Due to the arrival of the new ABS 40+ ball into international competitive play, rubber top sheets had to be adjusted accordingly to maximize new performance demands from the professional player. The latest ball generation produces less rotation and speed. To compensate for this loss in rotation and speed, you have two options: Adjust your technique or your material. GEWO aims at supporting the necessary physical adjustments with innovative solution approaches - a thin, high-grip top sheet (nexxTT) compensating the loss in speed and rotation with its inherent dynamics and higher tension. Combined with a medium-pore, dynamic sponge which, depending on the performance variant chosen (XT for speed or EL for the spin), makes the Nexxus Pro Series your choice for the best energy transfer possible.

Speed: 118
Control: 96
Spin: 128
Hardness: Medium-Hard Euro 48, Japan 36.0

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Reviews of GEWO Nexxus EL Pro 48 (4)

I'm intermediate player and don't have extencive expertise with rubbers. Gewo has pretty accurate description for this rubber. It generates great spin and has good catapult. I'm using it on BH on 5 ply all wood blade with limba outer layer. This rubber is alittle bit too strong for my level, probably EL Pro 43 would be better (I just ordered it!) but overall is very high quality rubber. If you are decent level player you can use it on FH. Highly recommend!
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Remind me of Andro Rasant Turbo, but with a better spin ability. Quite fast, you need time to tame it!!!
But despite the speed, it blocks really well! Just be careful with your choice of blade.
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I didn't have my favorite cover on the Waldner bat I used it on the backhand was acceptable, an old stiga on all bat was good in the forehead
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I played Nexxus EL PRO 48 on BH, and it's great, but for FH it's too slow and "bouncy" for me, so tried XT version... And for me XT Pro 48 is almost ideal for FH, it feels much harder than EL version, dwell time is much less on XT, it's have much more max speed and power potential compared to EL, the arc of XT is much lower than EL, so XT is great for powerful topspins and flat smashes, also nice on the short play because it's not bouncy and topsheet is very spinny (I even maked a few successesful backspins on topspins far away from the table, and they were deadly for my opponents)... For me XT on BH is not a option, because it's too speedy for me, but mosly because it's lacks of dwell time and have a low arc, so it's too hard for me to start topspin on backspin close to the table (or on table), for me EL is much better on BH...

So, for me EL PRO 48 on BH and XT PRO 48 on FH is just awesome combination, at least on my current blade (Tibhar Cedric Nuytinck), actually I like it so much, that I maked second setup, which is the same as my main, will be using one on trainings and second on tournaments.
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