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4 Reviews for GEWO Nexxus XT Pro 50 Hard

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excellent offensive rubber.
medium throw angle.
catapult effect is not much but there is enough.
rubber character is most like mxp50 and omega 7 tour, i can place it between those.
in spin capability , i can say it is not much spiny as those two.
rubber smells exactly like omega 7 tour and there's factory booster for sure.
my setup was dhs fang bo b2 + gewo nexxus xt 50 pro.
the blade is fast with good control feels medium hard and has some flex similar to viscaria with more speed.
use this rubber on blades with outer limba layer because with koto layer rubber feels to hard in opening attacks and high loops, does not catch the ball enough.
i had no problem after switching this rubber from mxp50, it behaves familiar to me.
for backhand, it can be a good choice.
i think for xt series, 50 degree is enough hard.
but for el series, more that degree can be interesting to, because they got softer surface.

throw angle =
omega 7 tour. low <
nexxus xt 50. medium
< mxp50. high.

speed = omega 7 tour > nexxus xt50 > mxp50.
spin = omega 7 tour > mxp50 > nexxus xt50.
Control =omega 7 tour >nexxus xt50 >mxp50.
opening attack = mxp50 >nexxus xt50 >Omega 7 tour.
i hope being helpful.
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Good backhand rubber, good speed,flat trajectory, good block(replace T 64)feel softer than 50 degree.
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Very good rubber forehand very good control good control perfect blocking, for the backhand was a bit quick for me and less controllable. Perfect backhand rubber Nittaku Fastarc G1 for me
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fast rubber, easy open the game and close the point
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