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🏓 🎁 Table Tennis/Ping-Pong Gift Ideas

Updated December 2, 2020

What are the best holiday gift ideas for the table tennis/ping pong player? Or for a family that loves playing ping-pong? We have selected a number of items to suit beginners and serious players alike, for a wide range of budget considerations. From a pack of balls to a sophisticated robot. Our selection is based on our experience and customer feedback.

For any Player

For the Family

JOOLA Tour 2500
$874.95 $999.00
JOOLA Berkshire
$1,999.95 $2,149.95

For the Recreational Player

For the Serious Player

For the Club

If you are a player youself, why not try some of our top blades and rubber sheets?

XIOM Ice Cream AZX
$154.99 $179.00
Butterfly Rozena
$39.99 $51.99
JOOLA Rossi Emotion
$89.95 $109.95
Andro Rasanter R47
$41.99 $59.95
DHS Hurricane 3 National
$69.99 $140.00
$44.95 $54.95
XIOM Vega Pro
$34.95 $39.00
Butterfly Amultart ZLC
$229.99 $251.99
XIOM Ice Cream AZX
$154.99 $179.00
Tibhar Evolution MX-P
$49.99 $54.95