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JOOLA Omega Speed Racket

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Single racket only - available in multiple color options.

Spped In Style: The color and design of the JOOLA Omega Series Speed ping pong racket meets all the elements of a professional blade and rubber to elevate your game in style. Excellent table tennis paddle for kids and adults.
Develop Your Game: The Omega Speed ping pong paddle with its thicker 2.0mm sponge on the Torrent 33 table tennis rubber provides speed and control to help develop your strokes.
Superior Quality and Durability 5 Ply Real Wood: Only the best materials are combined together, Limba, Abachi, and Ayous, to create the perfect combo for increased speed and control. Great for the family game room.

Includes JOOLA Torrent 33 Table Tennis Rubber on both sides. Does not come with ping pong balls. Great gift for someone who already owns an indoor or outdoor JOOLA ping pong table.

JOOLA’s new line of Omega rackets are geared towards recreational-level players looking to take their game to the next level. The Speed racket, the second in the series, is assembled with pips-in JOOLA Torrent 33 rubber on both sides with a sponge thickness of 2.0mm, providing a more offensive game. The softer sponge provides more spin at lower speeds.

The blade is a 5-ply combination of Limba and Ayous woods, creating a 5.7mm blade thickness.

• Limba is native to tropical western Africa and is the classic European topspin wood. It is used as the outer ply in blades because it provides a flexible yet hard feeling, which allows the player to enhance their top-spin.
• The Ayous wood is lightweight, firm, and elastic which is why it is the heart of many all-round blades. It is essential for players who want to keep the ball in play to wear out their opponents.

The combination of these two types of wood is perfect for players that want to govern the speed of the game (Ayous) while executing heavy top-spin shots (Limba). The flared handle offers a comfortable grip allowing better control when returning shots at opponents.

Speed: 93
Spin: 80
Control: 85
Handle Type: Flared

JOOLA Racket Comparison Chart (pre-2020 rackets)

JOOLA Omega and Infinity Comparison Chart

Omega Control

Omega Speed

Omega Strata

Infinity Balance

Infinity Edge

Infinity Overdrive
Classification Premium Performance Advanced Performance Competitor Performance Tournament Performance Professional Performance Top-Level Professional Performance
Speed 75 93 90 92 95 100
Spin 75 80 93 92 94 99
Control 97 85 91 92 94 92
Play Style Control & Spin Speed More Spin Control, Speed, & Spin More Speed More Speed & Spin
Rubber Adapter 32 Torrent 33 Riff 34 Method 38 Driver 42 Micron 48
Layers 5 Ply 5 Ply 5 Ply 7 Ply 7 Ply with Carbon 7 Ply with Carbon Kevlar
Color Rubber Red & Black Black & Black or Red & Black Black & Black or Red & Black Red & Black Black & Black Black & Black or Red & Black
Perfect For Precise Control Power and Enhanced Feeling Balanced Game with an Emphasis on Spin Quick Counter-Attacks Fast Hitting and Larger Sweet Spot Fastest Hitting and Spin
Price $19.95 $21.49 $33.95 $39.95 $39.96 $45.95
FAQ: Can I replace this racket's rubber sheets?
This racket is assembled from the factory with strong glue and you can play with it right out of the box. Removing the rubber sheets to attach new ones is difficult and is not recommended. If you would like to order a racket with replaceable rubber sheets, please check out the Allround Pro Combos.

Racket Assembly FAQ - Learn about free racket assembly, pre-assembled rackets and more.

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