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JOOLA Omega Rackets

The Omega racket series by JOOLA is for the alphas and the betas. Whether youíre brand new or already have a few go-to moves, the JOOLA Omega rackets deliver the control and speed you need to send your game into the stratosphere.

The JOOLA Omega Control is designed for pushers, choppers, and blockers. It is a building block to a strong foundation for all-round and defensive-minded players. This 5-ply all-wood blade has a JOOLA Adapter 32 rubber with a sponge thickness of 1.8mm on each side (red and black). This racket prioritizes control and the soft rubbers help generate spin, even at slower speeds.

The JOOLA Omega Speed lives up to its name with a classic 5-ply construction consisting of Limba and Ayous veneers. On each side of the racket, there is a black 2.0mm sheet of JOOLA Torrent 33 rubber. Even with the thicker sponges, this racket offers solid control and it has considerable feeling for touch and spin shots. This is a great choice for developing players and those with an all-round style.

The JOOLA Omega Strata brings it all together for offensive-minded players who still like to keep things under control. The crisp performance of the 5-ply wood construction (Koto, Ayous, and Kiri) is amplified by the 2.0mm JOOLA Riff 34 rubbers on each side (both black). This is the instrument of choice for those who favor fast counter-attacks, defiant blocks, and kicking topspin.

JOOLA Omega Strata Racket
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JOOLA Omega Speed Racket
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JOOLA Omega Control