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JOOLA Tour 2500 w/IPONG Trainer Motion Robot

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You may also order JOOLA Tour 2500 without a bundle or this same bundle with a catch net.

JOOLA Tour 2500 w/IPONG Trainer Motion Robot consists of:

JOOLA Tour 2500 (our best selling 25mm top table)
IPONG Trainer Motion robot ($199 value). Includes 80 IPONG balls, IPONG Pickup Net, IPONG Tilt Stand.

IPONG Catch Net is not included.


For cleaning your table surface we recommend JOOLA Table Wipes.


JOOLA Tables include a 1-year warranty against factory defects.

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Reviews of JOOLA Tour 2500 w/IPONG Trainer Motion Robot (259)

Excellent table. Purchased nearly a decade ago for indoor/home use and it is still in beautiful condition and plays well; very responsive surface.
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There were a few manufacturing defects on arrival for mine. one missing screw, a few screws not all the way in (fixable), and one way overtightened screw to the point that the metal surround bar thing buckled and is sort of protruding outward (of course not fixable).

I decided that since those don't affect the table top, practically doesn't affect play quality, so it would be wasteful to fuss and worry about shipping this enormous thing back and forth.

another concern is since it is two halves, and the leg parts do not looked that precisely machined, when pushed together my two halves may be up to 4mm apart or something. how level your own floor is or the current flex of the wood top can also affect it
then, unfortunately can't really adjust the height of the wheel end of the tables the leg end of the table with those adjustable feet is either pretty much level with the wheels, or can be adjusted higher, if your floor is off level, you might find you can level one half of the table but nothing you can do about the other half.

the net is really good quality and I love the design and also can help close the gap between the two halves of the table and make it look completely flush, I am wondering how long the clamp will last underthe load of flexing a 25mm table top. i will tighten and loosen very very carefully. Warning since the mouth of the clamp has some weird corner radius if you push it all the way into the table and tighten clamp , it will bite the edge of the table and possibly leave a mark. tighten it at least 2mm away from edge or something.

random other concern is the white lines painted on just look subtly off in like thickness on the sides, and the middle line doesn't look perfectly aligned on the 2 halves. but its negligible, and you would have to absolutely hardcore about scoring points to even care about tiny few millimeters of alignment

one more funny note is that when standing upright it is latched in 2 far apart places down low. you must get low and use both hands and unlatch and push only just enough to pass latch and then move your hands up to handle the weight from the top. the first time I just unlatched and pushed and the top of the table damn near accelerated down and smashed my head!

other than all the concerns I wrote, I am convinced it's the most value and close official table quality as you can get for your money factoring in no shipping or tax or what not.
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Excellent table
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Well worth the wait!! The table itself is absolutely phenomenal, super heavy and stable. LOVE the color as well!

However, the addition of the IPONG robot is truly next level, in that I have finally been able to develop a basic forehand and backhand drive with the repetition it allows.

I told my wife it was just like Christmas morning when you were a kid and got the one really big gift you wanted - I could not be happier!!
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100% satisfied with this table. Assembly consists of installing the legs with casters and 8 bolts.

Only tricky part of the assembly was flipping the table over once the legs were attached. For this, we ensured the casters were in the locked position for extra friction.

The bounce seems better than the fancy KillerSpin table we have at work.
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