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JOOLA Tour 2500

by JOOLA · Part of JOOLA Tour Tables
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• We ship JOOLA Tour 2500 mostly assembled. It will only take you 15-20 minutes to set it up. There's no need to spend money on an assembly service.
• We are table tennis specialists and JOOLA partners. We only ship from the latest JOOLA production batch and we do not sell old JOOLA table revisions.
• We include a high quality net set.
• We have plenty of happy customers.

This is a 25mm-top table. If you are looking for a lighter table with a 18mm top, check out JOOLA Tour 1800. An 18mm top works well for home use, providing a good balance of portability and performance.

If you are looking for the same table but in gray, check out JOOLA Motion 25. Motion tables have hollow corners for ball storage.

• High Quality Tournament ready table tennis table includes competition net and post
• Thick 1 inch (25mm) MDF painted surface
• Durable 50mm metal frame and 50x50mm undercarriage
• Nearly preassembled with two separate stand alone halves on trundle system
• Optimal storage dimensions of 24 1/2 x 62 1/4 x 64 inches

As Olympic suppliers and the official sponsor of the US Open and US Nationals, JOOLA brings you top of the line tables in performance and design but at an affordable price. The quality USATT approved choice for schools, recreational facilities, and families, the Tour 2500 bridges the gap between recreational and professional tables. The Tour 2500 features a 1 inch (25mm) painted medium density fiberboard (MDF) surface. Our multilayer paint process prevents chipping and warping while creating the ideal surface for a consistent ball bounce and accelerated gameplay. The heavy-duty powder coated 50mm frame and 50x50 mm undercarriage acts as a shield from excessive wear and tear and thus increases the table’s lifespan. The Tour 2500 comes nearly preassembled in two halves facilitating set up and take down, with only 8 bolts needing to be tightened to attach the legs. Each individual half of the table comes with its own trundle system to allow for easier transport and ability to stand alone, as well as be nested together to minimize storage space, The Tour 2500 is comprised of auto folding legs, adjustable height levelers, four heavy duty 3-inch lockable casters, and an anti-tilting device for added safety and mobility during transport or conversion to playback mode. Playback mode is key for anyone who wants to amp up his or her game in solo play. The seamless transition from gameplay to a compact 24 x 62 ¼ x 65 for storage makes this table an optimal choice for any locale. Includes a competition grade net set and post to level the table for ultimate gameplay.

Package dimensions: 63" x 62" x 5"
Table weight: 250 lbs
Package weight: 297 lbs

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Reviews of JOOLA Tour 2500 (119)

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Review by suds79 (Verified Customer) for JOOLA Tour 2500 on May 17, 2017
Our club got this the Tour 2500 I'm convinced it's the best value high quality table you can find. The top finish is very nice and the table is nice & thick both on the table surface and frame. The net set that comes with the table is also very nice & strong. It's one of the clamp sets which I like. Assembly for this table could not be quicker. It honest took my buddy and I about 15 minutes. And most of that is unpacking. The table is largely already put together when shipped. Would buy again in a heartbeat.
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Review by wcolsman for JOOLA Tour 2500 with IPONG Robot Bundle on May 6, 2017
The megaspin ordering process and delivery was impressive. I wanted the table in time for my birthday, and Amazon would have been a week late. Megaspin got me the table with several days to spare. Assembly of the table was straightforward. I was a little confused by the multiple shipments of product, and as it turns out we had to wait another day before our paddles arrived (more a function of how fast the table showed up!) We have really enjoyed the table. I wanted a table that was good for the recreational play we would be having in our basement, but I wanted it to last and be of good quality. So far so good, this table appears to offer excellent value.
The robot was a nice extra. It is a little tricky to set up with proper settings, but once in place it is a lot of fun and extends the amount of time with the table
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Review by leef (Verified Customer) for JOOLA Tour 2500 on April 30, 2017
I love my Joola 2500. Definitely professional quality. Easy to put together though it's really a 2 person assembly. I debated on the 1800 vs. 2500 a long time. Figured I'd get the better (thicker) table and most likely undercarriage. The table is flawless. No complaints. Shipping was an issue and get's a star deducted. There is little Megaspin can do once the table is shipped. Hopefully the shipping company has a good reputation and delivery will be smooth. My shipper was SAIA. The driver called 1/2 hour out to say he couldn't get up my dirt road because he had a semi. A medium size truck would have no problem. A semi, yes. I met the driver 1/2 mile from my home with a ATV and trailer (I live in the mountains). I fully expected a driver and assistant. Without my help, the driver would not have been able to deliver my table. Even with the lift gate. The table is heavy and about 300 pounds. Maybe ''curbside'' delivery means literally from the lift gate onto the curb, and no further. In the end, everything worked out. I'm glad my neighbor was home to help me. Had I not been able to do heavy lifting, delivery would not have been made.
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Review by guest_2wxmi0s4 (Verified Customer) for JOOLA Tour 2500 on April 29, 2017
Wow! What a solid table! My son and I carried each half into the house and could tell that this table was solid by its weight. We assembled everything in about 30 minutes and enjoyed a couple hours of playing that same night. I've since easily flipped the one side to hone my skills - again, very easy to set up and return to playing for two. Our family (and extended family) hasn't had this much fun in years! Megaspin was easy to work with and was very prompt in answering any questions we had. Overall very happy with our decision to purchase this table and use this online service offered via Megaspin.
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Review by sontran5 (Verified Customer) for JOOLA Tour 2500 on April 29, 2017
Best value for the money.
I bought Butterfly centrefold 25 table ( 2,000$ from Walmart) 6 months ago for my living room, then laler Stiga Advanced ( 400$ from Amazon) for my garage. I was not happy with the Stiga, therefore replaced it with Joola Tour 2500 ( 634$ including free shipping). Of the 3 tables, the Stiga has very low quality. The Joola Tour 2500 has almost the same performance as Butterfly Centrefold 25.Both has solid construction, very nice and consistent bouncing. The Butterfly net and post look better, but the Joola has advance in terms of moving and storage. While the Butterfly requires 2 persons to fold and unfold, the Joola needs only one person to do that, due to 2 separated pieces. In the hot days I easily move the Joola to my living room to avoid warping. One tricky thing if you use Joola in your garage: due to slopped floor, sometimes the net side of table edges of the two halves are not in the same height. You can adjust the height of player side by turning the plastic buttons. But to adjust net side of the table halves, you have to turn the wheels. To increase, you should turn the wheel away from garage door ( contact at higher point of floor). To lower the net side of the table, turn the wheel toward garage door ( lower contact point of the floor).
In summary, I am very happy with Joola Tour 2500. Best value for my money
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Review by guest_2xnyc8wz (Verified Customer) for JOOLA Tour 2500 on April 25, 2017
We took delivery of our sturdy table in last week to our busy international flight school in Phoenix. We train pilots from a diverse range of international locations and table tennis is a brilliant game commonly enjoyed by all of them.

This has already become a central feature of the crew room and is expected to stand up to daily use for many years to come. It is bringing life to what was previously an underused area.

I would strongly advise getting a 25mm top because I have seen lots of weaker tables with bent surfaces in other locations. Cracks on weak tables often appear diagonally across the corners where people lean or have been sitting.

Despite some rough treatment from the delivery driver the particle board lined cardboard packaging protected the table completely and it arrived in excellent condition.

When the box was delivered to the curbside 2 of us with 2 adjustable spanners were able to quickly open the packaging, bolt on the legs flip each side on to the wheels, lock them into the vertical position and roll straight into the front door of the school building! Basically no heavy lifting. Ready to play in about 15 minutes. Fortunately we have no stairs to contend with.

Locking mechanism is very simple to use with a little practice.

Leg adjusters work properly as do the wheel brakes. The net provided is a good quality one too.

Our next challenge is to show this table gets so much use that we need another one! We are already holding a longest rally and ladder/challenge board (just a white board is all you need nearby).
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Review by mychicken (Verified Customer) for JOOLA Tour 2500 with IPONG Robot Bundle on April 23, 2017
Table set-up was easy and only took 15 minutes, but definitely recommend doing it with 2 people - lifting the table to the upright position was tricky doing it by myself. Once set-up, the Joola Tour 2500 is beautiful and a pleasure to play on.

The iPong is amazing. I really was dubious that something this inexpensive would actually be good given how expensive some of the other brands are. It doesn't have some of the sophisticated features like drills, and ability to mix up spins in the same session, but for repetitive shot training and learning to master various spins it's perfect. The oscillation feature works well, and if you follow the directions on how to load balls it doesn't jam at all. There are videos online with various settings and positioning so you can get up and running with drills quickly. Definitely buy the net and a ball picker-upper.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Review by guest_2xmaryfq (Verified Customer) for JOOLA Tour 2500 with IPONG Robot Bundle on April 22, 2017
Phenomenal high end basic table. Easy to put up (need 2 people realistically to get up upstanding) - all done and playing within an hour!! Bounce and look are great!!! Adjustable casters in the middle would be a nice car addition for uneven floors in garages!
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Review by gregsteeger for JOOLA Tour 2500 on April 19, 2017
Awesome table! This is by far the nicest table I've ever played on! It's super sturdy and looks great.

Setup was a breeze, but I recommend having another adult help; the table is not light.
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Review by guest_2x69gury (Verified Customer) for JOOLA Tour 2500 on April 17, 2017
Great table-- solid and easy to assemble.
So happy we chose Joola and the Megaspin
web site.
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