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IPONG Trainer Motion w/80 balls and Pickup Net

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Released November 2018. Replaces best-seller IPONG V300.

FAQ: How is Trainer Motion different from V300?
IPONG implemented quality improvements to the motors and gears in Trainer Motion to improve overall performance and consistency over V300. Trainer Motion comes with balls and a pick-up net and V300 doesn't. The functionality is the same.

• IPONG Trainer Motion Table Tennis Training Robot
• 80 IPONG ABS Balls (same as IPONG ABS Spinforce Balls)
IPONG Telescoping Pickup Net
IPONG Tilt Stand

Available with IPONG Catch Net as a bundle
IPONG Trainer Motion w/80 balls, Pickup Net and Catch Net

• YOUR NEW TRAINING PARTNER: With 5 different settings - Topspin, Backspin, No spin, Oscillation, and Adjustable Frequency – you can customize your own set of complete drills and train on your own time!
• EAT, SLEEP, PONG, REPEAT: Don't waste time to reprogram your favorite set up every single time - Use the memory button to easily save your favorite training combination settings.
• 3-STEP QUICK ASSEMBLY: Just twist on the top and bottom funnel pieces and add the batteries! Ready to play in 2 minutes.
• SAVE YOUR BACK & YOUR TIME: Use the included IPONG Telescoping Pickup Net to easily sweep up all the balls and save time on clean up.
• READY TO PLAY: Comes with 80 high-quality 40mm ABS training balls

The IPONG Trainer Motion is the perfect training robot for players of all levels to practice without a partner. With a quick 3-step assembly that takes just seconds, you’ll be practicing in no time! The top funnel holds over a hundred 40mm or 40+mm poly balls; 80 high-quality 40mm ABS balls come included. The IPONG Trainer features an adjustable frequency setting that allows for 30 to 70 balls per minute, which can be easily adjusted with the convenient wireless remote. Perfect your footwork and challenge yourself by utilizing the oscillation setting or master your topspin, underspin, or practice with no spin – this trainer robot has it all! Take turns hitting with friends or practice solo – you can utilize this simple, affordable, and fun table tennis robot to bring on a higher level of competitive play. Step up your game with the IPONG Trainer Motion!

Compatible accessories (not included): IPONG Targets and IPONG Catch Net.

Download Product Manual

• Holds 100 balls, and shoots up to 70 balls per minute.
• Wireless Remote Control: On-off, start-pause, memory, Frequency +/-, Oscillation +/-, Topspin +/-, Backspin +/-
• Dimensions: 19 x 11 inches (48 x 28 cm)
• Product weight: 2.75 lbs
• Box dimensions: 12.2" x 12.4" x 12.2"
• Box weight: 5.5 lbs
• Includes A/C wall adapter, Tilt Stand
• Compatibility: All standard size table tennis tables (9'x5')
• Warranty: One year limited manufacturer's warranty.
• Designed in USA, Made in China

IPONG Comparison Chart

Trainer Motion
Remote - - Wired Wired Wired Wired Wireless Wireless Wireless
Topspin - - Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Heavy Topspin - - - Yes - - Yes Yes Yes
Backspin - - - Yes - - Yes Yes Yes
Oscillation - - - Yes - - - Yes Yes
Battery Powered Yes Yes - - Yes Yes - - -
Released 2014 2018 2011 2011 2016 2018 2016 2015 2018
Includes balls - Yes - via bundle - Yes - via bundle Yes
Includes Pick Up Net - - - - - - - - Yes
Includes Catch Net - - - via bundle - - - via bundle via bundle
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Reviews of IPONG Trainer Motion w/80 balls and Pickup Net (44)

Pretty bad :/ Unreliable, power fluctuates to the point that sometimes on highest power it barely trickles out. I had it replaced (after sending videos and jumping through hoops), and the replacement seemed good for a couple sessions (again, like the first) but became unusable. Big waste. Do not get this one.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Product failed after only 2 days. In order to apply for your warranty they have you jump through as many hoops as they can. First they want a video of the ipong not working (I do not have a video camera) then the want a picture of the label of the box it came in, or in other words the warranty is not worth the paper it is printed on. Do I sound dissatisfied ? Stay away from this product and company.

Megaspin edit: We apologize for your experience with IPONG tech support. Your order has been refunded.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Very terrible for me. I am currently a 1050 USATT rated player and still improving daily and I found this to be super inconvenient. I will return this item simply because it’s impossible to practice with it. I will post a short video about it on YouTube soon to show how terrible it is.

Megaspin edit: We apologize for the issues you had with the product. You have been refunded in full.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Very happy with the product
It is not as strong as I expected but it is still good
Review helpful?    Yes | No

The IPONG machine did not work at all. I contacted megaspin, sent a video of what was wrong, they sent me a new IPONG which worked. After few months the speed of the rotors (ejects the balls) has a starting problem. Overall, I am not satisfied with the machine. I think I made a mistake not buying a Y&T 981 or practice partner.

Megaspin edit: Customer contacted us and the issue has been resolved.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

This is the most cheap robot I have ever used . The agitator didn’t work straight out the gate as soon as I opened it was defective . I can’t even use it right out of the gate. The product is all plastic very flimsy and I would not recommend this product to anybody . How can I buy it brand new and rhe balls aren’t even fed into the hole where it shoots from terrible horrendous product .

Megaspin edit: We are working with IPONG to resolve this with a fix/refund/replacement.

Customer edit: After I fiddled with the product for a couple hours and dialed in the settings and reinstalled everything I got the product to work and mega spin and ipong support was great ! Only bad thing is that it doesn't offer side spin and the frequency even on 1 -8 is still a bit to fast
Review helpful?    Yes | No

I got the bundle deal and am loving it.

- Easy setup
- Convenience of remote
- Apparently all combination of balls you can expect

- You'll need to be prepared to deal with ball jam (though not very frequent)

Overall, for beginner to intermediate it's a great choice considering the price factor. I wish next model comes with more features like fixed point ball throwing, more spin and frequency etc. I do recommend this all folks planning to buy.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

1 Star for Robot, 5 Stars for Megaspin Customer Service.

I would not recommend this machine for anyone. I received 2... one lasted for a day the other lasted for less than a week. It was a long and tedious process dealing with Ipong to return and eventually get a refund. The highlight of the whole experience was the Megaspin staff, who stepped in an forced Ipong to reply to my emails and make things right. I'll be using Megaspin for all my future purchases as they've earned my business and I would recommend them to anyone. However, this Ipong robot is easily the biggest waste of money I've ever seen, Ipong should be ashamed to even sell these.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

After only using this product for a couple of hours the topspin motor slowed to a snails pace and causes the other motors to do the same. Although I have received some communication back from Megaspin I do not feel I have received the same follow up to my issues that other reviewers say they have received. This is unfortunate based on the expectations I had not only for the product but mega spins customer service

Megaspin edit: Customer received replacement robot

Customer edit: Mega spin did a great job reconciling my issues
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Great ball thrower. Perfect for home setup. It does not have capability to do heavy back spin but it should be ok considering the price.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

First Ipong I ordered broke down after 20 mins, Item was replaced, but as i am in New Zealand I had to pay for the shipping and import duties (GST), the replacement robot seems to be working correctly (after 2 hours use), but does still get sluggish at times as the balls start to get jammed, but for the price I am happy, as long as it does not break down like the last one...Megaspin were really good and made sure the factory sent a replacement, and kept an eye on the process.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Happy with the Trainer Motion so far. I wish that the Frequency setting had an even lesser frequency available (among the many available frequencies) to allow for more analysis and reflection between experimental shots. BTW, the Agitator (which guides the balls to the Core Engine) looks bent and contorted, but in reviewing some online videos of other iPong models it appears that this is by design and ultimately works well. While nothing beats a good human partner, the Trainer Motion allows for experimenting with types of shots where the initial failure rate may try the patience of other players. I purchased a bundle which included the Catch Net and confirmed the Catch Net is a must.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

The robot:

I bought the ipong trainer motion. It worked for a couple months but eventually the top spin motor stopped working. When I tried to turn it up it would barely spin and the other 3 motors would slow down. This robot is basically a toy designed for recreational use. There are small easily breakable plastic parts and motors that apparently aren't very reliable. It was fun while it lasted.

The return:

Contacted Megaspin, they responded quickly and directed me to ipong. I sent the required information including a 60 second video. Ipong responded asking me to resend the info and send another video. I forwarded that request to Megaspin. Megaspin stepped in and within a few hours I received a reply from ipong that a new robot was being shipped. I received the new robot on the scheduled delivery date. It is working well at this point.

I'd give ipong about a 3 star rating for their service and the robot a 2. My 5 star rating is specifically for the service I received from Megaspin. Their customer service was excellent.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

I received my original product and unfortunately the motor was defective. However, once I notified the support team they quickly made sure that a replacement was given. They were prompt and their customer service was much appreciated! The new machine arrived and it works great!
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Ordered bundle on 10/17/19.
Recd on 10/24/19.
1. Required to register within 10 days of “purchase date”. However, no option on ipong.net website to register this particular Trainer motion robot which probably means that warranty will be denied because there was no registration! Regardless, 10 days is a ridiculously short time to register when shipping takes a week. This strategy seems to be simply in place to deceive the customer.
2. Did not receive the catch net with order although order info on website says full order delivered.
3. The remote that came with the robot did not work with the battery that came with it CR2025. Put in my own CR 2032 to make it work.
4. The Robot delivered itself was defective. The agitator or the knob on which agitator is placed did not rotate at all despite the robot making the usual noises and oscillating.
Contacted customer service at Megaspin.net. Was directed to this website: https://www.sport-squad.com/support to submit my “case”. I did. Have not recd a reply yet while the small window of registration ends in a day and I can’t register on their website despite trying.
All the excitement that my kids and I had for this robot was dead as soon as we received this lemon.
I had expected a more direct and hands on handling by Megaspin of this issue rather than directing me to the manufacturer.
We’ll see…..I’ll be happy to update my rating depending on how these issues are handled but otherwise, extremely disappointed so far!

Megaspin Edit: IPONG had a technical issue with their ticketing system and we are working with them and the customer to resolve the issue.
Megaspin Edit: Megaspin intervened and made sure a free working unit is sent to the customer.

Customer Edit: Megaspin responded to the prior review and was instrumental in mediating a quick delivery of another working model. The robot itself is decent and works as advertised for the most part. The catch net followed soon after and is an essential addition. 4 starts because the registration at ipong website still sucks (can't register my particular robot and the 10 day limit to register is pretty steep - in the end I gave up). Also, it should not have taken an angry review to put megaspin's wheels in motion. I should not have been directed to the manufacturer for a defective delivery and should have been taken care of at the point of sale.

Megaspin edit: Thanks for your feedback - we are updating processes to resolve manufacturer issues more efficiently.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Purchased this in June and received this is July. After three months the machine stopped working in september. Have been following up with megaspin and Ipong on this without much hope. Megaspin has been responding but ipong sent be two responses in a month. I guess my money is gone.

Megaspin Edit: IPONG had a technical issue with their ticketing system and we are working with them and the customer to resolve the issue.
Megaspin Edit: Megaspin intervened and made sure a free working unit is sent to the customer.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Good to get the combination. Robot is a lot of fun when you want to teach someone new or want a practice partner for the level you play at..
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Love this thing. Being able to practice without someone around helps a lot. The motion adds to the training since it can come out across the table instead of only in one spot. The bundle of the back net and pickup net is great. Wish the back net was higher long the sides and long enough to reach the net so balls would not roll off. All the settings of the Trainer Motion allows you to change it up and not practice the same moves all the time. Worth the money for a great beginner/intermediate ping pong machine.

Only complaints are the number of balls it holds per time and the setup on the table. There is no “middle” mark to position it long the center of the table so it can rotate without shooting off the table. Takes several balls to setup it every time you move it on/off the table to practice/play. Not a deal breaker, but annoying.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

The IPong Trainer Motion is a great training tool. I upgraded my paddle at the same time I bought the IPong and was having difficulty getting used to new paddle. The IPong Trainer Motion solved that after a 1000 or so practice balls. You can adjust direction, spin, speed so this robot should progress with you as you progress.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

This product is very useful and helps me improve my skills. Some advice I would give is to make sure to use the net that comes with so it is is easier to pick up the balls. This machine is for the experienced but maybe not the pro table tennis player.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

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