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58 Reviews for IPONG Trainer Motion w/80 balls and Pickup Net

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Great little robot for drilling the same shots over and over again.

The oscillating function is cool too if you like the balls placed randomly about on the table.

If you are looking for a serious training tool though, I would consider investing in a robot that can feed sequences of balls with varying spin.
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The agitator was making noise but not spinning and balls were not dropping through the hole. So I thought the unit was broken.

What I found out as I was talking to the support person at Ipong is that the frequency was set 0 and that was the cause.

When I changed the frequency to other than 0, everything worked like a charm.This is not mentioned in the instruction.
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This bundle is a good choice in the budget for a portable training station. The machine is just okay as budge, but the bundle did not include all as described in this advertisement.

I communicated more than 32 emails to solve the matter and have been waiting for the final answer. Except for this kind of issue, the product is just acceptable.

Pros: portable, remote, easy to setup

Cons: machine works as-is & acceptable in this budget (not superior, but it’s okay)

Recommendation: Plz consider a better machine if looking for a more affordable one (It’s an investment for your fun and exercise.)
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Absolutely loved this robot. Its great value for money. I was looking for a basic table tennis robot for my NGO youth club to practice. After lot of research , found IPong Trainer motion to be a apt choice. I was still deciding between Trainer motion and V300 .
I ordered the whole package and it came with 80 training balls, Catching net, picking net and stand. Megaspin had good offer and it gave me 40 extra Joola 3 star balls.
Setup was easy and straight forward. It was up and setup in 5 mins. It offers customized setting as Frequency, Oscillation, Top spin and backspin. It takes a while to do setting adjustment to get desired result. Its worth and part of learning process.
Youth members in our club are spending more time playing TT all thanks to this cute little effective robot.
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I've had the IPONG Trainer Motion for a little over a week now. It works as advertised, however, I believe the slowest feed setting is still WAY too fast for an absolute beginner. At level 1 of 8, mine feeds around 35 balls per minute. As the number of balls gets lower, the faster the feed rate becomes. One surprising thing that wasn't as advertised was mine came with 80 3-star Joola balls instead of the cheap training balls it was supposed to 👍🏽
I'm very, very pleased with this purchase. I just hope it lasts a long time!
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Received my Ipong Trainer Motion yesterday.(10/29/21). The setting up was easy, took less than 5 min. to put it together (the agitator was pre-assembled. I only needed to attach the bottom and top cones). Plugged it in and used the remote and followed the instructions to set it up. But no ball came out of the machine. The machine oscillated from side to side. I could hear the sound, but no ball came out. I noticed that the agitator in the top cone did not move at all).
I was very disappointed because I have been looking forward to using it to improve my play.

Megaspin reply: We resolved the issue for the customer.
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So far out of the box it's working great. I can see the machine will require some regular cleaning and maintenance, but it is worth taking care of.
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Very easy set up and very good starter training robot. It has a good variety of options to train including different spin options. Definitely recommend it as a first practice robot option and great customer service and fast shipping.
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This is my first robot and I’m a 1400s player.

Products in This Bundle:

1. Robot: I love it! After 6 weeks of use, I’ve had no problems, and my skills are significantly improving. It can consistently mimic the most common topspin and backspin shots at different speeds, heights, and to anywhere on the table. Unlike the corded remote of less-expensive robots, the cordless remote makes it easy to change settings from wherever you are in relation to the table & robot. And the Trainer Motion’s oscillation feature allows practice with the same kind of shot to different (random) parts of the table without having to stop to walk over and reset the ball direction. The only “negative” worth mentioning is that it takes some time to learn how to make it do all the things you might want it to. This is mainly because the short printed instructions only scratch the surface of its capabilities. (A video that expanded on the provided instructions would be great.) To get command of its variations, it took me 3 weeks of experimenting with the spin controls, the locations of the robot on the table, and the use of the tilt stand, but it was well worth it. Based on my experience, on its features, and on reviews, I don’t believe any other robot close to the Trainer Motion’s price can touch it.

2. Catch Net: It works great with the robot and for practicing serves. (I can’t imagine using the robot without one.) Because I need to assemble/disassemble it daily, I wish this took a little less time. The two bearing lock junctures can be tricky.

3. Pickup Net: After I learned the simple forward-sliding pickup technique, it worked great for individual balls and ball clusters. One caveat: Rough surfaces (like the concrete of my garage floor) can cause the net to rip. But on any typical indoor floor, I wouldn’t think this would be an issue.

I’m extremely please with this bundle’s cost-to-performance ratio, and would definitely recommend it to others.

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not great! it works reasonably well in the middle settings. if you turn rate or spin up, it loses consistency rather fast. so it is ok for simple drills to improve basic strokes at moderate cadence. it can't really do more satisfactorily. also, it jams more than was hoping for, even using the pong balls that came with it. washing them does not make much of a difference.
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Megaspin support was active in responding to my support request and gave me an email address to request a replacement. Joola support was gracious enough to send me a replacement device free of charge. Happy with the new machine, they said the one I got was one of the defected models.

Was a bit of a hassle getting the new one but works well now for my needs.

Thanks again for your help megaspin !
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I got this robot from a bundle with a joola table. After about 3 months, it stopped working, and the manufacture replaced the broken one with a new one. And now, after another 15 months from the replacement, it is dead again...I don't even use it very often, just about a couple of hours a week...

Megaspin edit: A free replacement was shipped to the customer.

Customer update: I received the new robot from ipong. Everything works great. 5-star for megaspin. I really appreciated the help from megaspin custom service team.
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We just received this iPong after several weeks. It does not work. Balls just does not come out of the machine. It does turn on but it does not work. Waiting for a refund.

Megaspin update: We apologize for the issue. We spoke to IPONG about your unit and I will make sure to replace it for you ASAP.

Customer update: My issue has been resolved. Customer Service Team followed-up with me and fixed the issue immediately. I am pleased with Megaspin's support and customer service, they have been very helpful. THANK YOU
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Playing with my ipong trainer for 10 months now and it’s excellent. Good way To improve ping pong skills by self at home. Delivery was per schedule and Installation was quick.
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Pretty bad :/ Unreliable, power fluctuates to the point that sometimes on highest power it barely trickles out. I had it replaced (after sending videos and jumping through hoops), and the replacement seemed good for a couple sessions (again, like the first) but became unusable. Big waste. Do not get this one.

Megaspin update: We reached out to the customer to offer a replacement.
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Product failed after only 2 days. In order to apply for your warranty they have you jump through as many hoops as they can. First they want a video of the ipong not working (I do not have a video camera) then the want a picture of the label of the box it came in, or in other words the warranty is not worth the paper it is printed on. Do I sound dissatisfied ? Stay away from this product and company.

Megaspin update: We apologize for your experience with IPONG tech support. Your order has been refunded.
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Very terrible for me. I am currently a 1050 USATT rated player and still improving daily and I found this to be super inconvenient. I will return this item simply because it’s impossible to practice with it. I will post a short video about it on YouTube soon to show how terrible it is.

Megaspin edit: We apologize for the issues you had with the product. You have been refunded in full.
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Very happy with the product
It is not as strong as I expected but it is still good
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The IPONG machine did not work at all. I contacted megaspin, sent a video of what was wrong, they sent me a new IPONG which worked. After few months the speed of the rotors (ejects the balls) has a starting problem. Overall, I am not satisfied with the machine. I think I made a mistake not buying a Y&T 981 or practice partner.

Megaspin edit: Customer contacted us and the issue has been resolved.
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This is the most cheap robot I have ever used . The agitator didn’t work straight out the gate as soon as I opened it was defective . I can’t even use it right out of the gate. The product is all plastic very flimsy and I would not recommend this product to anybody . How can I buy it brand new and rhe balls aren’t even fed into the hole where it shoots from terrible horrendous product .

Megaspin edit: We are working with IPONG to resolve this with a fix/refund/replacement.

Customer edit: After I fiddled with the product for a couple hours and dialed in the settings and reinstalled everything I got the product to work and mega spin and ipong support was great ! Only bad thing is that it doesn't offer side spin and the frequency even on 1 -8 is still a bit to fast
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I got the bundle deal and am loving it.

- Easy setup
- Convenience of remote
- Apparently all combination of balls you can expect

- You'll need to be prepared to deal with ball jam (though not very frequent)

Overall, for beginner to intermediate it's a great choice considering the price factor. I wish next model comes with more features like fixed point ball throwing, more spin and frequency etc. I do recommend this all folks planning to buy.
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1 Star for Robot, 5 Stars for Megaspin Customer Service.

I would not recommend this machine for anyone. I received 2... one lasted for a day the other lasted for less than a week. It was a long and tedious process dealing with Ipong to return and eventually get a refund. The highlight of the whole experience was the Megaspin staff, who stepped in an forced Ipong to reply to my emails and make things right. I'll be using Megaspin for all my future purchases as they've earned my business and I would recommend them to anyone. However, this Ipong robot is easily the biggest waste of money I've ever seen, Ipong should be ashamed to even sell these.
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After only using this product for a couple of hours the topspin motor slowed to a snails pace and causes the other motors to do the same. Although I have received some communication back from Megaspin I do not feel I have received the same follow up to my issues that other reviewers say they have received. This is unfortunate based on the expectations I had not only for the product but mega spins customer service

Megaspin edit: Customer received replacement robot

Customer edit: Mega spin did a great job reconciling my issues
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Great ball thrower. Perfect for home setup. It does not have capability to do heavy back spin but it should be ok considering the price.
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First Ipong I ordered broke down after 20 mins, Item was replaced, but as i am in New Zealand I had to pay for the shipping and import duties (GST), the replacement robot seems to be working correctly (after 2 hours use), but does still get sluggish at times as the balls start to get jammed, but for the price I am happy, as long as it does not break down like the last one...Megaspin were really good and made sure the factory sent a replacement, and kept an eye on the process.
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Happy with the Trainer Motion so far. I wish that the Frequency setting had an even lesser frequency available (among the many available frequencies) to allow for more analysis and reflection between experimental shots. BTW, the Agitator (which guides the balls to the Core Engine) looks bent and contorted, but in reviewing some online videos of other iPong models it appears that this is by design and ultimately works well. While nothing beats a good human partner, the Trainer Motion allows for experimenting with types of shots where the initial failure rate may try the patience of other players. I purchased a bundle which included the Catch Net and confirmed the Catch Net is a must.
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The robot:

I bought the ipong trainer motion. It worked for a couple months but eventually the top spin motor stopped working. When I tried to turn it up it would barely spin and the other 3 motors would slow down. This robot is basically a toy designed for recreational use. There are small easily breakable plastic parts and motors that apparently aren't very reliable. It was fun while it lasted.

The return:

Contacted Megaspin, they responded quickly and directed me to ipong. I sent the required information including a 60 second video. Ipong responded asking me to resend the info and send another video. I forwarded that request to Megaspin. Megaspin stepped in and within a few hours I received a reply from ipong that a new robot was being shipped. I received the new robot on the scheduled delivery date. It is working well at this point.

I'd give ipong about a 3 star rating for their service and the robot a 2. My 5 star rating is specifically for the service I received from Megaspin. Their customer service was excellent.
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I received my original product and unfortunately the motor was defective. However, once I notified the support team they quickly made sure that a replacement was given. They were prompt and their customer service was much appreciated! The new machine arrived and it works great!
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Ordered bundle on 10/17/19.
Recd on 10/24/19.
1. Required to register within 10 days of “purchase date”. However, no option on website to register this particular Trainer motion robot which probably means that warranty will be denied because there was no registration! Regardless, 10 days is a ridiculously short time to register when shipping takes a week. This strategy seems to be simply in place to deceive the customer.
2. Did not receive the catch net with order although order info on website says full order delivered.
3. The remote that came with the robot did not work with the battery that came with it CR2025. Put in my own CR 2032 to make it work.
4. The Robot delivered itself was defective. The agitator or the knob on which agitator is placed did not rotate at all despite the robot making the usual noises and oscillating.
Contacted customer service at Was directed to this website: to submit my “case”. I did. Have not recd a reply yet while the small window of registration ends in a day and I can’t register on their website despite trying.
All the excitement that my kids and I had for this robot was dead as soon as we received this lemon.
I had expected a more direct and hands on handling by Megaspin of this issue rather than directing me to the manufacturer.
We’ll see…..I’ll be happy to update my rating depending on how these issues are handled but otherwise, extremely disappointed so far!

Megaspin Edit: IPONG had a technical issue with their ticketing system and we are working with them and the customer to resolve the issue.
Megaspin Edit: Megaspin intervened and made sure a free working unit is sent to the customer.

Customer Edit: Megaspin responded to the prior review and was instrumental in mediating a quick delivery of another working model. The robot itself is decent and works as advertised for the most part. The catch net followed soon after and is an essential addition. 4 starts because the registration at ipong website still sucks (can't register my particular robot and the 10 day limit to register is pretty steep - in the end I gave up). Also, it should not have taken an angry review to put megaspin's wheels in motion. I should not have been directed to the manufacturer for a defective delivery and should have been taken care of at the point of sale.

Megaspin edit: Thanks for your feedback - we are updating processes to resolve manufacturer issues more efficiently.
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Purchased this in June and received this is July. After three months the machine stopped working in september. Have been following up with megaspin and Ipong on this without much hope. Megaspin has been responding but ipong sent be two responses in a month. I guess my money is gone.

Megaspin Edit: IPONG had a technical issue with their ticketing system and we are working with them and the customer to resolve the issue.
Megaspin Edit: Megaspin intervened and made sure a free working unit is sent to the customer.
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Good to get the combination. Robot is a lot of fun when you want to teach someone new or want a practice partner for the level you play at..
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Love this thing. Being able to practice without someone around helps a lot. The motion adds to the training since it can come out across the table instead of only in one spot. The bundle of the back net and pickup net is great. Wish the back net was higher long the sides and long enough to reach the net so balls would not roll off. All the settings of the Trainer Motion allows you to change it up and not practice the same moves all the time. Worth the money for a great beginner/intermediate ping pong machine.

Only complaints are the number of balls it holds per time and the setup on the table. There is no “middle” mark to position it long the center of the table so it can rotate without shooting off the table. Takes several balls to setup it every time you move it on/off the table to practice/play. Not a deal breaker, but annoying.
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The IPong Trainer Motion is a great training tool. I upgraded my paddle at the same time I bought the IPong and was having difficulty getting used to new paddle. The IPong Trainer Motion solved that after a 1000 or so practice balls. You can adjust direction, spin, speed so this robot should progress with you as you progress.
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This product is very useful and helps me improve my skills. Some advice I would give is to make sure to use the net that comes with so it is is easier to pick up the balls. This machine is for the experienced but maybe not the pro table tennis player.
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Bought with the Joola table as a bundled purchase.
Delivered on time. Package was good except one of the supplied balls was damaged in the package and balls have a powder coat and make marks in the table and the paddle. I believe it goes away after sometime.
Assembly was very straightforward and worked fine from the start. Just followed the instructions and made sure the holes are not aligned inside before dropping the balls into the holder.
The lower frequency is very reasonable for a beginner level and have to update to higher frequency for an intermediate level.
I'm happy to see this robot helps my younger son getting good practice and help him learning the game faster.

Pros: the price is much cheaper compared to other robots, easy to setup with remote controller, good for learning the game.
Easy installation and setup.
The net and the ball collector are great quality.
Cons: Have to make sure the ball feeder do not align to the hole of main body before dropping the balls. First few couple of balls wont follow the settings.

Overall the IPONG robot is worth the price. Highly recommended if you want to learn and practice the game with out the partner.
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Easy to assemble. We had fun immediately after opening it. Great product. First couple days and we already feel we are getting better at table tennis. Great purchase!
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Great product, easy to install and it helps me to improve my shoots.
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Product received as described. Shipping was fast. Assembling was easy. What I like it most so far is that it is light weight and portable so I can bring it with me to my pingpong club sometimes. It has not had any problem so far. As an amateur, this robot has all the functionalities I need but not expensive. Highly recommend it.
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I purchased this because it had better reviews then the ipong 300. Can't beat getting a free catch net. First motor was defective and they replaced it with immediately when I told them. Great practice machine, great for figuring out the sweet spot on the paddle. You just have to figure out placement based on top spin or bottom spin.
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Perfect purchase!

This was my first ball throwing robot purchase of any kind and wow was I surprised!!!

- Assembly was a snap. Took me 5 mins to get this going
- Ease of use also makes this an excellent buy. The remote allows the user to choose between Frequency of ball delivery, oscillation, topspin and backspin
- The remote is an excellent utility and helps with the ease of use.
- The included accessories in the bundle were god sent. The catch all net was easy to hook up to the table and even easier to disassemble when needed and the ball picker indeed is a blessing for old backs like mine.
- The tilt stand adds a bit of variation to the functioning of the robot allowing for some sharpened skills

Overall I am very satisfied with this purchase. I have had it for 4 months now and my skill set has improved and the fact that I do not have to wait around for friends or family to show up for a game makes this extremely convenient. The balls have not jammed on me yet. I haven't had to clean much either.

So folks, in my honest opinion...this is a great buy for the asking price. Another excellent tool towards your daily quest to stay active and have fun at the same time.
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Product is great. It comes with the training robot, 80 balls and a pickup net. (I purchased the bundle with the additional Catch net, which is helpful as this reduces the number of balls that fall onto the ground). The trainer comes with a handy wireless remote that allows changing settings on the fly (frequency, oscillation, topspin and backspin). I played table tennis many years ago and never had a strong forehand stroke. So far, with daily practice, this trainer has helped me improved my stroke consistency, especially my weaker forehand. I look forward to practicing against the trainer using the more advanced settings (oscillation and spins) to improve myself further.
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My new ipong trainer motion was feeding balls too quickly, (shooting a bit over 40 balls per minute at the lowest setting) so I asked Ipong's customer service. After providing them a minute video of the trainer and some time, they said that was normal and supposed to be that quick, however on their video, in the description under "show more" it clearly says 12 balls to 70 balls per minute (the video description is the same as on Ipong). The half star rating isn't because I received a defective product, but rather because they told me my defective product was working normally. Being unhappy with being lied to and not having my issue addressed (mainly that I had to find evidence that the machine was too fast rather than them admitting it was a defective item). This is not a product I would recommend, solely from the customer service experience. Though the customer service rep was polite and pleasant, she had to ask the 'inventor' whether it was working properly or not. The fact that the inventor said 40-70 balls per minute was normal while their own video had claimed it being 12-70 balls per minute left a rather bad taste. If I had not provided the information that they provided, I would have been stuck with a defective product. I'm not sure why they do not know what their machine is supposed to do, or if they just wanted me to deal with it (which would suck because I got it with the intention of practicing forehand loops and against backspin,and 40 balls per minute is too quick to be continuously hitting with such a bigger stroke as a learning player).I'm sure if you received a working one, everything would be great, but I sincerely hope anyone who received any problems with their ipong trainer do not have to go through their customer support.

Megaspin reply: We apologize for this. I saw that the robot was returned and you have been refunded in full. I thank you for bringing this to our attention. We had the wrong data from IPONG and our website has been corrected to read 30-70 balls per minute (this is the correct range). We are waiting for IPONG to update their YouTube video description. We will make sure our team compensates you with a discount on an alternative robot for the experience you had.
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My first order was defective and Megaspin helped me get a replacement from Joola. The replacement works fine so far.
Pros: the price is much cheaper compared to other robots, easy to setup with remote controller, good for recreation players
Cons: the agitator and the rotating part to feed the ball is made of plastic which is not sturdy. This is the defective part of my first order. The IPONG robot can sometimes get jammed when the hole in the ball feeder aligns to the hole of main body,need manually move the spin part, this seems to be a design flaw. Also the speed and spin sometimes not consistent even with the same settling.

Overall the IPONG robot is worth the price. still recommended.
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I have had the iPong Trainer Motion for about two week. It was very easy to assemble and get started. My daughter and I use it to warm up before we play a few games and it is definitely improving our games. It is particularly fun to have the person who is not hitting, using the remote to change the settings suddenly on the hitter. It seems to lead to a lot of laughing as the hitter tries to keep up.
I would like to see iPong update their website with current information on all of the available models so that it is easier to make a buying decision and also provide information what the recommended settings are for practicing different shots at different performance levels.
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I ordered this on 2-5-19 as an early birthday present for my son and received it today. Fast shipping even with this horrible weather. This is perfect for him and he enjoys it so much. He played for 2 1/2 hours straight - between the jams. Which is why I rated it a 4/5 is because:
1. The pickup net isn’t as convenient and easy to use as they show - maybe I’m just slow too.
2. Though the setup was sooo easy, the first time I turned it on it was super loud and the balls were jammed instantly. After about 5 mins of scooping out the balls and restarting it back up, it got jammed again. After the 3rd time, it finally worked. It like vomited our 3 balls then worked. It’s jammed up another 3 times in the 2 1/2 hours. So that’s a huge bummer - but maybe with more time we can figure out how to eliminate the jamming defect.

Overal - still happy with the purchase, just a bit disappointing and frustrating that it jams so often. I still recommend it for the overall price and features of it. Just be patient I suppose.

Megaspin edit: We will get in touch with the customer to resolve the jamming issue.
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The robot arrived on time. It is as good as other robots i have played with but for a cheaper price. Assembly was a 10min job and there was no ball jam. My kids loved it.
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Easy to assemble and Use. It can help you with the basic drills and get you to be consistent. The oscillation is something I really like as it is randomized and makes you move and improves footwork. Does a lot more for the price.
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I'm really scratching my head and wondering what a $1000 robot could offer that this one does not...

The function of it is completely customizable... speed, frequency, spin customization, oscillation... you can go from a totally tame pop fly ball every couple of seconds to absolute freaking chaos. I am a table tennis amateur. Bought a table a month ago along with this machine. I needed this as my wife and kids are not the best practice partners. A friend came over when I first got the table, and again after me practicing with this for a week. What a difference. My skills certainly improved.

Having only had it a few weeks, it's hard to judge longevity, but based on long term reviews of the V300, and the fact that this is essentially the same thing but with improved components, I'm feeling pretty confident... and if it breaks? it's so inexpensive I'll just buy another! I love this thing!

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I purchased IPONG trainer motion on Dec 31, 2018. The delivery is fast. Extremely easy to assemble. But keep in mind if you would like to obtain a limited factory warranty, you will need to register it within 10 days of your purchase. However, today Jan 9 when I tried to register it on their official website, I could not find the option to register this model. The latest model on their website is IPONG V300. Not sure if this is an official model on the current market.

Megaspin reply: This is a new model and we are the first to carry it. We will ask IPONG to adjust their website!

Customer reply: After contacting the customer service from both Megaspin and IPONG, the issue during the registration has been perfectly address. I would like to adjust my review to 5-star. Thanks.
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Fantastic product. Easy to assemble and setup. Very good trainer. All members of my famiy like it. Good customer support and fast shipping Thanks!
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If you have kids this thing is a life-saver....cuz they are gonna want to (and be able to) play longer than you can. When you need to tap out, just plug in your "pong-bot!" Employ the stand and use the remote to vary the controls & put them through the paces! Then when they pass out from exhaustion, save your back by scooping up the balls with your net before taking a turn to build up your endurance by hitting 80 balls. Hands down a 100% success -- the only thing that would make it better would be if this thing could procreate its own balls!
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My son likes to play ping pong. I purchased the IPONG Trainer Motion with balls, net and catch net for him for Christmas. He really likes it. He was able to assemble it himself without any difficulties. While the family was enjoying Christmas, we had a hard time getting my son away from the ping pong table. Thank you for carrying this product.
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Terrific product. Quick and easy setup and a wide variety of speeds, spins and even oscillation! Very reasonably priced as well.
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The product is great.My kids and myself are enjoying a lot.
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The ipong motion robot did not work. I must have gotten a lemon. These things happen in all industries. The five stars are for Megaspin customer service. They went above and beyond to take care of the customer. Kudos Megaspin!

Megaspin reply: We are sorry it did not work! Customer opted for a full refund instead of a free replacement. Customer was also offered $20 credit on a future order.
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It is a great product, work well and performance is great vs. its sale price. It worked great for everything in the first a couple weeks, but stopped working on its backspin. However, Megaspin was very responsible to follow up this issue to coordinate with the manufacturer fixed the problem for free including shipping cost. Megaspin is a trust-able table tennis supplies store and I would like to buy more staffs from them! Have fine with you tabletennis game!
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First product was defective (motor stopped working after several cycles), but Megaspin has been excellent at working through the issue and arranging a replacement. The robot works fine, but keeping 3 stars due to initial issue.
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Ordered this package on Black Friday.
Received the order quickly, except was surprised to find out that the catch net is on back order. Assembly took less than five minutes with no tools required. After reading instructions and experimenting with remote control was able to get this robot to work in all modes.

=>good for practice and exercise.
=>easy to set up and use.
=>hand held remote is great.

=>Takes time to learn how to use controls.
=>Won't have to chase balls when net comes. =>Current price for this package dropped five dollars from the Black Friday special price. Was offered 10% discount for future purchase by vendor in lieu of refund.
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