IPONG V300 Bundle - with Catch Net and 100 Balls

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This bundle includes:

Bundle package dimensions: 27" x 17" x 14"
Weight: 14 lbs
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Trainer Motion
Remote - - Wired Wired Wired Wired Wireless Wireless Wireless
Topspin - - Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Heavy Topspin - - - Yes - - Yes Yes Yes
Backspin - - - Yes - - Yes Yes Yes
Oscillation - - - Yes - - - Yes Yes
Battery Powered Yes Yes - - Yes Yes - - -
Released 2014 2018 2011 2011 2016 2018 2016 2015 2018
Includes balls - Yes - via bundle - Yes - via bundle Yes
Includes Pick Up Net - - - - - Yes - - Yes
Includes Catch Net - - - via bundle - - - - via bundle
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Reviews of IPONG V300 Bundle - with Catch Net and 100 Balls (139)

Review by cpautler for IPONG V300 on January 5, 2019
I'm new to the world of "competitive ping-pong"
I want to take my game to the next level and I really don't have a lot of people to practice with. This is where this robot comes in. I can tell it is already helping me as my backhand is coming around. Seems to work with most any balls. Definitely have to make some manual height adjustments to get a big variety of shots. I'm thinking I may even have to make a stand or something to get a little more variety
Let's face it, for a little over $100, this is a great product and it will definitely help your game no matter where you are at.
My son and daughter are at a lower level than me. They are also using it and it's helping them as well.
Ipong Rocks!
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Review by kansasdave for IPONG V300 on January 2, 2019
After hitting about 2000 balls on the iPong V300, I'm very happy. Setup is really easy, the remote and controls are really easy and the iPong works great. My daughter managed to hit a ball into the launching orifice, but that was easy to clear and didn't cause any damage. I've had one ball jam that automatically cleared in about 10 seconds. For me, this is the perfect robot.
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Review by gxiao (Verified Customer) for IPONG V300 on December 5, 2018
I bought Ipong V 300 during Black Friday. very easy to set up and assembly. You can set up different location and angle to meet your training purpose. only thing is sometime it did not shoot the balls consistently.
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Review by rchinpbg (Verified Customer) for IPONG V300 on November 28, 2018
Have use this product a few times and it has a good value for the money. Seems to work reasonably well. Jams seem to clear buy just turning off and back on, not that that happens that often. Very good cardiovascular workout with the oscillation on. Would like a slower frequency setting, maybe one every 4 sec to go to for some of my drills and maybe a single feed button. This would not increase the cost much and could be more useful tool but overall I am very satisfied. I am 62. In decent physical shape and consider myself a lower intermediate club player
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Review by anandmestri (Verified Customer) for IPONG V300 Bundle - with Catch Net and Pickup Net on November 3, 2018
The delivery was great. Received my iPong bundle on time.

iPong V300
Pros : iPong is an excellent robot for beginners to intermediate players like me. I followed word to word, the instructions which came along with the iPong and it works perfectly fine. Assembly is very easy.

Cons : I gave 4 stars just because I received the iPong with the middle part(machine) dislocated. Later, I called Joola Squad and they told me to move the oscillation wheel in the socket. I am still testing the iPong and will give operation review in a months time.

I also added the Butterfly G40+ Master quality practice balls(72PC) along with the order. Balls work great with the iPong v300. No issues on jamming.

I read the issue of Jams from other reviewers and that could be avoided if you follow the instruction template on page 2. Bullet # 2 : Before switching on the iPong make sure that no balls are inside the core engine.........round gap in the agitator is not aligned up with the ball entry hole..

Carbon Ball Catch Net
I bought this bundle after reading the comment on Megaspin website that it fits on any Joola table frames. I have the Joola Worldcup DX30 with total of 3.25"(1.25" table + 2" table Frame) thickness. The brackets which comes along with the net did not fit my table. Now Megaspin has corrected the description of Net. I am in communication with Magaspin rep and they have agreed to refunding me for the net. Hence 4 stars.

I did read through the instructions and the assembly seems to be very easy.

Telescoping Pick up net.
This is not as good as the pingpong buddy being sold on the Megaspin. It just came with the bundle so no complaints. Does not work as effective.

Megaspin comment:
Thanks for your feedback! We were not aware that Catch Net does not work with that particular table. It is an old model that we do not carry. We have updated our Catch Net description accordingly. Thank you!
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Review by masoud5912 (Verified Customer) for IPONG V300 on October 20, 2018
very inconsistent. returned it.
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Review by guest_3bfenc9p (Verified Customer) for IPONG V300 on October 19, 2018
Sometimes I've had trouble figuring out how the controls work but I'm getting better at using the machine.
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Review by elwarno (Verified Customer) for IPONG V300 Bundle - with Catch Net and 100 Balls on October 9, 2018
I am very pleased with the purchase of this. I think it's a fantastic investment for the cost. Seems to be a well thought out product and was easy to get started. Was setup and playing in ten minutes. As someone who just wanted to experience some solo gameplay when no one else is around to play I recommend the product for this. It is every bit as consistent I would expect a pricier machine to be. I think there is something to be said about consistently propelling a ball so light and feathery. The wrap around catch net is well constructed and thought out. Moving the iPONG under it and opening the Velcro trapdoor to reload the unit makes time between sessions minimal as can be. Balls are of good quality from what I can tell and have a nice play action. If someone likes ping pong and can't find value in the product for the cost I would say their standards are far too high. I'd recommend it from a beginner to someone highly competitive.
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Review by g_martin for IPONG V300 on October 9, 2018
Fun machine. I'm a beginner, so I wish the lowest frequency could be set slower. Having the remote right beside you on the table is really nice along with being able to see what setting you are at on the display screen. For the price it does a good job. Only thing missing is sidespin, but I read that you can even get some of that by raising the machine on one side. Lots of experimentation ahead for me.
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Review by thoeffel for IPONG V300 on September 10, 2018
perfect for beginners like myself. Easy to setup and take down. Plenty of variety in spin and speed. Get the bundle!. The net is a must!
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Review by symbat for IPONG V300 on September 7, 2018
For the price this is not a horrible robot. However, you are supposed to be able to put 100 balls in this thing. While they do fit once you turn the robot on and it start to feed balls, balls start falling our of the top. So, it doe not really hold 100 balls. If you use the plastic foot to angle the unit up, or down, this limits the capacity even further.

When turning the robot on the first 3-5 balls as basically wasted. They either dribble out, or fly out and hit the wall. The last few balls act up as well. So, best case you can have about 85 balls to hit during any one session. Angle it up, or down and that number drops. That, and having balls fall out the top and bounce all over the table is a bit of a distraction.

Overall it works okay, especially for the price. However, I wanted to spend my time hitting balls, not filling up a robot that only holds 65-85 balls depending on how it is set up. I wish it would of actually held 100 balls in all situations.
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Review by guest_3gw6aazl (Verified Customer) for IPONG V300 on August 24, 2018
It works really good, but for beginners it shoots kind of fast. I love how it oscillate, it helps me move around and improve my foot work.
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Review by chinoxcuevas (Verified Customer) for IPONG V300 on August 23, 2018
Great Robot, Good price.
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Review by pilisu0924 (Verified Customer) for IPONG V300 on August 11, 2018
I bought this machine here and V300 works very well for my individual practice.
Easy to put everything together. actually, only four parts cost 1 min to do it.
Balls can be spinned very well like real player and I can move it easily to different position and practice with different angels.
Good machine and worth to spend the money.
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Review by junquanzhou (Verified Customer) for IPONG V300 Bundle - with Catch Net and 96 Balls on August 3, 2018
Setup very easy. It works as expected. The only minor issue I have was the setting sometime got reset by itself. Other than that everything works just fine.
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Review by ranjit73 for IPONG V300 on July 24, 2018
Good product overall. Easy to assemble and instructions were written, not just pictures, which I appreciate. Those like me who keep remotes in their plastic cover should note that there is a tab that needs to be removed to activate the battery. I used an extension cord to connect the unit as the power cord is not too long. The only negative I would say is that like other Joola products it ships only from CA. So it takes a week after ordering to reach the East Coast by ground. In the age of two day delivery from Amazon, this is an area of improvement. Max four day delivery should be the aim.

Megaspin reply: Thanks for your feedback! We do ship from the East Coast when we have inventory there but in this case we had to ship from CA. We are glad you like the robot!
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Review by dpark (Verified Customer) for IPONG V300 on July 20, 2018
I bought it a week ago. Assembly is super easy. I have enjoyed a lot and am very satisfied with my investment. I guess this will help not only beginners but also experts too to improve their games!
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Review by guest_37ar9d7h (Verified Customer) for IPONG V300 on June 22, 2018
robot de entrenamiento bastante bueno, siempre y cuando mantengas la pelotitas limpias, y se le encuentre la velocidad y spin para una buena practica, custa un poco encontrar el punto de la mesa para que sea repetitivo.

pretty good training robot, as long as you keep the balls clean, and you find the speed and spin for a good practice, it's a bit difficult to find the point of the table to be repetitive.
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Review by ajit123 for IPONG V300 on June 18, 2018
We just bought it few days back and already loving it. It is a good product and helps beginners and advanced players equally even when they are playing alone. Worth buying. Will update as we use it more often.
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Review by zhangyda46 (Verified Customer) for IPONG V300 on April 24, 2018
Easy assembly. Took me only 5 minutes to put it together.
Enough frequency. Shoots enough balls per minute to provide a good workout.
Enough spin. Provides enough topspin and backspin on each shot.
Low price. This machine is cheap compared to other ones.
No ball jams. I loaded about 110 balls each time it's empty.

There is way to set the machine to stop after shooting a specific number of balls.
Must use with the tilt stand. Good thing the tilt stand comes with the machine. Without it, topspin shots have abnormally flat trajectory and backspin shots often go out of the table.
The two wheel system is difficult to figure out in the beginning.

Overall, I would recommend this machine to any beginners and people looking to buy their first ping pong robot. It's great value. It has limited functions, but it works well. It's only missing some simple features that would greatly improve its ease of use.
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