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REvolution 3 Odorless Glue - 100ml

$19.95 ($19.95/100ml)


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REvolution 3 Products Review

100ml with sponges

Revolution 3.0 Odourless Glue is similar to the previous generation Revolution 3 Glue, without an ammonia smell.

This premium glue is an innovation that has finally arrived to the market, ready to replace the previous ammonia glues.

It performs better than the regular one: adherence is much stronger, improved. Mechanical characteristics are very good, better than normal glue.

When peeling off, the layer of glue remains on the blade and the rubber sponge remains perfectly clean and smooth. Afterwards, you can easily remove the glue from the blade.

Revolution 3 glue is produced in 3 viscosities (normal, medium, high). Normal is the thinnest, with least viscosity and high is highest (thickest).
Normal viscosity is the most popular option. High viscosity is recommended for OX rubber sheets.

Shelf life: 18 months

Recommended with:
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Watch how easy it is to remove your REvolution 3 glue layer:

See how the inventor of REvolution 3 glue applies it:

You can also apply it on an old glue layer.

Some tips:

Gluing OX (No Sponge) Long Pimples:

Around 8-10ml of glue are needed to assemble 2 rubber sheets to a blade. A 100ml bottle of glue assembles at least 10 rackets.

How to Glue - Racket Assembly Guide - Read this if you are new to gluing your racket.

Looking for a speed glue effect? Check out our boosters.

REvolution 3 Glue Basics and FAQ

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Reviews of REvolution 3 Odorless Glue - 100ml (21)

purchased the medium viscosity. easy to apply smoothly, and comes with a good amount of sponge. good adherence of rubber to the blade, no complaints about performance during play. however, and i'm not sure if this is just this one particular bottle, it is much harder to remove than advertised. two layers on the blade, three layers on the rubber for a total of five layers on the rubber when removed, the glue seems to have a vice grip on the rubber and absolutely does not come off in one piece. rubbing it with a ball, i find that i have to rub so hard for pieces of the glue to come off that i have warped the plastic of the ball from the heat of the friction, and only still a little glue comes off. seems the total opposite experience of most other users. anyway i will try the older non-odourless formulation to see if that removes any easier
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This product is great. So easy to put on and take off. I'm playing better with this glue and ordering more. So glad Megaspin has this for me to purchase on a regular basis :-)
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Good glue. The Best for boosting.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Excellent product...Very easy to remove when regluing,as advertised...
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Does exactly what glue should do, sticks and keeps the rubber to the blade. It is easy to use, spreads easily and smoothly.
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