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My Ping Pong Buddy Ball Picker V6

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My Ping Pong Buddy (MPPB) Ball Picker V6 - Detailed Review

Introducing the MyPingPongBuddy 6th Generation Ball Picker (April 2023 release) the ultimate companion for your training sessions. With its thicker shaft V6 offers improved durability over the previous model.

Previous model:
My Ping Pong Buddy Ball Picker V5

All 6th generation shipments come with a complimentary wall-mount, making storage a breeze in your game room or club. Keep your space organized and ready for action!

My Ping Pong Buddy Ball Picker V6 is the finest ball picker on the market, perfect for robot users, clubs, and multi-ball training sessions. Its innovative design allows for quick, efficient, and hassle-free ball collection, letting you focus on what truly matters: improving your game.

Included in the package: spare strings and wall-mount.

Demo video below shows older (pre-2018) model:

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Reviews of My Ping Pong Buddy Ball Picker V6 (21)

Quality item. Very handy. Every club needs one, especially for older players.

Other "picker-uppers" work, but this one is best I've used.
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Expensive when compared to other ball pickers but worth every single peny, best picker by far
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Wonderful. Does as advertised. Does look a bit flimsy - but still far been terrific
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If you are doing ball-training, this is must have. Easiest ball-pick-up-tool ever I tried. 70+ ball pick up possible but 50 ball would be better. After 1 year heavy use, string was been broken, but extra string saved me. Actually I only used 10" of it, using fisher's tie method to connect broken line. Probably many years I may use the extra string.
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This is the best thing since the invention of sliced bread
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