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Reviews for Donic BlueGrip R1 (5)

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IMHO good for backhand. It has that tacky feel but a bit slow for my playing style. It is a bit heavy.
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Really helped me to change my forehand technique from hit to loop oriented.
Bought black and red. Seems black is bit more tacky.

After 3 months of usage tackiness disappeared. But grip at the same time was not reduced drastically - so it's quite durable rubber.

Was used 5 days a week 1 hour per day with robot trainings.

Tried for bh - but it's not so good for bh.
My level is something 2100-sh.
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Im using as forehand rubber good for loop and spin but not consistent for smashing
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So sticky like the hurricane rubber...but it has more balance....I use it for my backhand for chopping and is good for far away from the table....
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Identical to Joola Golden tango PS. Very good for both forehand and backhand.
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