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7 Reviews for Donic BlueGrip R1

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Good tacky rubber with good spin. Fits very well with Donic original carbospeed, I have it on the FH and backhand and it works great on both sides. Doesn't take too much effort to get good spin and speed. Not for beginners, at least on that blade. you need to put effort in to get the most out of it and you need good technique to not make mistakes. I made a lot of mistakes with it when I was still developing technique but it's great for players who have a deeper understanding of the game. Throw angle is medium and when my technique wasn't as good it was harder to loop it over the net. Now since my technique is better it actually isn't quite bad at all. It last a very long time... I've had it for months and it still has ok tack although not like when it was new. The performance seems to stay the same for the time I've had it.
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good rubber with excellent screw
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IMHO good for backhand. It has that tacky feel but a bit slow for my playing style. It is a bit heavy.
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Really helped me to change my forehand technique from hit to loop oriented.
Bought black and red. Seems black is bit more tacky.

After 3 months of usage tackiness disappeared. But grip at the same time was not reduced drastically - so it's quite durable rubber.

Was used 5 days a week 1 hour per day with robot trainings.

Tried for bh - but it's not so good for bh.
My level is something 2100-sh.
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Im using as forehand rubber good for loop and spin but not consistent for smashing
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So sticky like the hurricane rubber...but it has more balance....I use it for my backhand for chopping and is good for far away from the table....
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Identical to Joola Golden tango PS. Very good for both forehand and backhand.
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