Donic Desto F1

by Donic
Donic Desto F1
Rated 4.0/5

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The DESTO F1 is produced just as if a world class player had used the speed glue method many times for maximum speed and spin effect. A high-tech product for players with high percentage of playing and training sessions. Spin and speed not known until now from a regular manufacturing process. The new FORMULA DONIC presents enthusiasm and excitements to all players in this game.The F1 a highly developed and sensitive top sheet should be protected with a rubber protection film, so we included one free.

Speed: 93
Spin: 91
Control: 70

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Reviews of Donic Desto F1 (11)

 External Review for Donic Desto F1 on December 13, 2010
typical tensor rubber. great speed and spin away from the table. sacrifices a little in the short game (or alot, depends on whom you ask).

matched with a 5/7-ply wood blade with hinoki-top veneer blade=beautiful, but hurts the wallet a bit. I know a few die-hard F1 users, and it's still a pretty good option these days.
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 External Review for Donic Desto F1 on October 8, 2010
It brakes when the rubber just slightly touch the table! There is all most no spin for serving, but there is a lots of spin when you loop the ball. It is best to combine with Donic blades. especially the hard once.
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 External Review for Donic Desto F1 on August 20, 2010
good speed and spin<slightly poor control>
but less spinner than baracuda.
In Thailand Baracuda is 1300 bahts<38usd>.This F1 is 1100 bahts<32usd>. I think Baracuda is the better choice.
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 External Review for Donic Desto F1 on June 8, 2010
This rubber from Donic is soft yet very fast since the rubber/sponge combo is pretty springy. I switched from an OFF blade and JO Waldner rubber to an ALL + blade with this rubber and the results were more control, more power, better looping. I only lost slightly on spin of serve. The top sheet is not tacky and spin is generated by getting the ball into the sponge creating more surface area for contact.

I would suggest the control is good for a rubber of this speed as the linear. IE some rubbers if you hit a bit harder the ball goes flying, this one if you hit a bit harder the ball goes a bit faster. I'd recommend it for aggressive players 2000+ that have good control of their attacking game. Below that the F2 or even the F3 would be better to learn control of the game.

I had no problems using this rubber with speed glue and the sponge held up fine, it reverse domes a lot, and the built-in speed glue effect goes away anyways. The top sheet will look aged very quickly, make sure you use the sticky donic plastic protector
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 External Review for Donic Desto F1 on April 21, 2010
Cons - Holy $@!%... Wow... No durability at all, I've played with this for half a year and the edges of the WHOLE rubber is broken and teared off...

Pros - Very good speed for such a price. Spin lacks a little for a rubber, but good speed sacrifices for spin, so it's okay to assume. Control lacks a lot for this rubber. Looping and smashing is a breeze I'm sure of. Have a "CLICKY" sound to it. If you want to keep using this rubber sheet and get the best results everytime, you will have to buy it every couple of months, because this loses it's quality AND the amount of top sheet on, haha.
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 External Review for Donic Desto F1 on April 10, 2010
If you are just going to loop this rubber is awesome! other other hand short pushes and spiny short servers are next to impossible. But still a fun rubber to use
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 External Review for Donic Desto F1 on August 4, 2009
i love the tacky(little) surface of this rubber. lot of feel and speed for both close to the table and mid distance attack. good for serve as well. too bad the durability is extremely bad!
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 External Review for Donic Desto F1 on March 22, 2009
Hmm... Quite the interesting rubber! I put this on my Arylate-Carbon Butterfly Ishlion (MAX sponge), and it's quite the offensive fiend! It's fast and very spinny, but it lacks a lot of control and is relatively heavy. My blade is only 76g, but it feels like a ton with this rubber. But, it has great offensive potential if you can control it.
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 External Review for Donic Desto F1 on February 3, 2009
the donic desto f1 rubber has a medium to medium hard sponge and is the fastest in the desto serie from donic.
It is also the less suited one for looping, its more a rubber for hitters but you can loop with it for sure because the surface is grippy enough.
Compared to the f3 looping is less good but good enough altough you need to contact the ball for it very well.
It has nice control for his speed, and blocking and placing off the ball is very good.
the throw angle is medium and this rubber would suit a soft to hard blade. on a soft blade it is more controllable and on a hard blade it will be quite fast and a little less controllable.
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 External Review for Donic Desto F1 on April 25, 2008
one of the most fun rubber to play with. This one is a looping monster. You easily get lots of power away from the table. on the down side short games and servers suffers quite a bit. but if you are looking for good exercise from looping look no further.
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 External Review for Donic Desto F1 on March 15, 2008
Unlike it's softer brothers 2 and 3, the hardness of the sponge on f1 really takes away much of the glue feel "click," although f1 does have the speed of a tensor rubber. It will load spin like a tensor but only on a full, quality stroke, much like bryce.
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