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3 Reviews for Donic BlueStar A2

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NEWS !!! Obviously, various reviewers don't seem to be clear on how to translate the term "tackiness". - ... this rubber is definitely "not tacky" and can "not really lift the ball" !!! 06/24 : In the coming weeks, I compare this rubber extensively with other rubbers. (... Dig. 09c, Nittaku Hammond Z2, Xiom Vega X ) For my first test, I stuck the rubber (with solvent-based glue) onto my Huieson ZLC (- outer). The DOTZ test turned out to be extremely interesting. With minimal use of the wrist, you can generate an incredible amount of rotation. (- very promising!!!) ... however, I cannot currently rule out the possibility that this rubber may be sensitive to the incoming rotation. - we will see! :) 28/6/24 ... first Impressions after playing (with 2 mm sponge) on Huieson ZLC: the rotation at my serves, is absolutely outstanding and higher than every rubber I played in the past. Due to the fact that this rubber has more catapult than a Dig. 09c, I don't feel comfortable with it. - by the way, it is also faster than my Dig. with 2.1 mm thickness! In general, however, the control is good. However, my suspicion that the rubber is sensitive to incoming spin has been confirmed. In contrast to the Dig 09c, where I can neutralize the opponent's spin much better, here I have to go at the ball much more aggressively. 2/7/24 ... ive changed the blade! Now the rubber sticks on my (very fast) Stuor Nobilis (Outer) ZLC Hinoki: here the 50 sponge feels a little softer and the control has naturally become somewhat worse. While with the Dig. I can sometimes play the ball too late, with the A2 I always have to be on the ball in time to be able to control it properly! However, aggressive play over the table seems easier with the A2 than with the Dig. ... which is due to the catapult, the higher speed and the immense grip! - I will not write a conclusion today, because next I will test the A2 on my Sanwei 75 ALC Inner. ;-)
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Swietna okladzina od Donica, uzywam po stronie BH na TB ZLF. Porwnujac do dignics 80 jest odrobine wolniejsza, natomiast poziom kontroli jest znacznie wyzszy.
Mozliwosci gry krtkiej sa bardzo duze. Znacznie latwiejsza w otwieraniu petli niz dignics. Jedyny minus to gra w drugiej strefie prawdopodobnie przydaloby sie tu wzmocnienie choc nie jest to nie do zrobienia, wymaga po prostu odpowiedniego uderzenia. Wszystkim ambitnym graczom do polecenia.
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Been using this rubber for 3 months, used this on the forehand. Really good rubbers from donic, easy to control and super easy to do loops. Maybe will try bluestar A1 for forehand and bluestar a2 for the backhand. Currently still using acuda s2 for backhand (also very good rubber) ?
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