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Donic Desto F3 Big Slam

Donic Desto F3 Big Slam
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The sound of speed gluing has been captured in F3 BigSlam rubbers:

F3 BigSlam generates a loud crack when you hit the ball!
This is the loudest DESTO FORMULA rubber that DONIC has ever produced. DONIC DESTO F3 BigSlam reproduces the loud sound that you got during the classic times of speed gluing. However, this rubber does not require speed glue and must not be speed glued! The distinctive sound has been firmly and permanently incorporated into the rubber. BigSlam is somewhat softer, but not significantly slower than its successful sibling DESTO F3. It has the same amazingly simple ball control, but gives the same effect as optimum speed glue. Whether you prefer DESTO F3 or DESTO F3 BigSlam is a matter of taste-or, should we say, of sound preference.

DONIC DESTO F3 BigSlam is recommended for players who have previously used speed glue and for those who value sound and outstanding ball control qualities rather than maximum speed. BigSlam will be a popular choice once speed glue is banned.

Speed: 85
Spin: 94
Control: 72

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Donic is a table tennis equipment manufacturer that produces high-quality products in Volklingen, Germany. In business for over 25 years, they have been on the forefront of research and development, led by top Swedish pro players Jan-Ove Waldner and Jorgen Persson. They also sponsor top German player Dimitri Ovtcharov among others.

Ask around your local table tennis club and you'll be sure to find some players using Donic equipment. They have a great reputation and it's no surprise when you look at their rubbers. Three of their most well-known product lines are undoubtedly the Acuda, Bluefire and Bluestorm series. Additionally, a spin-heavy favorite for the backhand is the Donic Baracuda. If you like to spin, smash, or a little bit of both, you won't go wrong with Donic.

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Reviews of Donic Desto F3 Big Slam (33)

Excelent rubber with good control and spin in 2.0 mm.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

2mm sur coup droit 1.8 sur revers bois tibhar 4 L balsa. Bien sur les frappes plat pas de difficult pour l'adversaire sur les balles effet. Un effet trempoline sur coup droit en coupe
Review helpful?    Yes | No

I fell that not sound like f3 big slam made years ago.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

First choice for many years, 2 mm red. Offers great spin, and nice sound, speed glue effect. It is a soft spinny rubber that also offers great control. Not fast, but fast enough in rallies if you loop with spin and focus on placement. It is also possible to test 1.8 mm or max, if you want to adjust. The quality is great. Last for a long time. Prefered on backhand, but works great on forehand aswell. Mine is some years now, but still has a lot of spin, but the sponge lost its power, and its slow. But still winning matches with it :)
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Rubber offers exciting playing characteristics, speed, spin, control, blocking, ball placement, and most of all awesome sound. Great for semi-hard blades. Offers good feel and touch when ball meets rubber and sponge and sinks in so you can feel the characteristics & features of the blade (Waldner World Champion `89 OFF). One of the best spin elastic rubbers on the market that can accelerate speed you need to score a point. One of the best blocking rubbers on the market. All positive features when the proper technique is used to deliver or receive the ball. 5 stars * * * * *.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

I had this on my BH for a short time. I thought it was kind of fast but I had just gone back to a carbon blade. It was bouncy and very light, weight in black max was about 37 g, so feather-light on my personal scale.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

I've been playing with regular Desto F3 for many years, and tried this one last year as I was looking for something softer to associate with my new blade.

F3 BS is close to regular F3, but softer and a bit slower (you can especially feel it on attacking strokes that come back more often), but it's still fast enough to deliver winning strokes. It's really soft and thus, dedicated to topspin attackers, even more than the regular F3.

Therefore, smashing and hitting the ball flat won't be the strong point of this rubber, due to the really soft rubber.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Went to this rubber on friends advice. This rubber has back hand writen all over it. Control and block are fantastic and when you hit with it the sound and feel is very addictive LOL.
Very poor for generating backspin pushes / chops and can be attacked quite easily from this position.
Great for attacking and hitting. If you want to generate realy strong spin then this is NOT your rubber.
Most easiest rubber I've ever played with.
I've played with this rubber for 6 months (4 tournaments 3 leagues) and realise I need more spin for my game. I will miss the ease of blocking attacking shots on my backhand and the best tensor sound on the market.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

my desto last longer than acuda s2 :)
for strong spin u must have good contact with ball.. very nice for bloking, looping
needs more power for strong smashing
Review helpful?    Yes | No

I love it
excellent balance in speed,control and spin. I love this soft sponge, makes strokes to feel much more better. Very very good rubber
Review helpful?    Yes | No

use it on kreanga powerspin and it is nice for everything, i prefer loop , but is not problem when u want or need to chop.. dont like for bloking because is too soffffttt, but with practise that is not problem :S... have it 8m and 5x 3h training and it needs to be replaced..
Review helpful?    Yes | No

great rubber, perfect for loopy play on half distance. This rubber gets better the longer you have it :)
Review helpful?    Yes | No

A very loud-sound rubber. It gives me a very good feel and cricking sound!

But it wears out so easily
Review helpful?    Yes | No

update on my previous review of Big Slam. I've played with this rubber for years and it's good for looping off my BH, and blocking. Have noticed one weakness with it recently though...I practice regularly with another 2200 player that has short pips on his BH and when I push the ball to his BH he can attack it easily. When he plays against other players that have Chinese rubber or rubber that has more spin than Big Slam he can't attack when they push to his BH. As a result I may switch to Baracuda as this definitely has more spin. If you play with Baracuda make sure you play with 2.0 rather than max as the 2.0 seems to play better.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

this rubber was invented by god. it is absolutely perfect in every way imaginable. although, the black doesnt last very long. get red. ive had it since march/april and its still working great
Review helpful?    Yes | No

This rubber produces great quantities of sppeed and spin. This is the ideal rubber for offensive play and i guarantee that you will improve..
Review helpful?    Yes | No

~ 2200 player that has been using Desto F3 for more than 10 yrs on my BH. Tried many others including some of the Joola soft rubbers, but they didn't last nearly as well. This rubber is one of the best for your BH. Big Slam is more like the original F3, while increased the tension in the regular F3 a couple of years ago. Can't go wrong with this, but must play with it in Max thickness...as 2.0 is too slow.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

big slam is a fantastic rubber! it creates a really relaly nice sound when you hit or loop the ball, one of the loudest rubbers i have ever heard! to me, it felt like a very soft rubber that had really really good control. When you block with it, you can really feel the ball dig into the paddle. for looping, its good for getting the job done, but the speed and spin is a bit lacking in my opinion. This rubber is definitely for the players who play a game moer with control rather tahn power. the prevailing characteristic is the control that you can hear and feel when you contact the ball, which i think makes it good rubber!
Review helpful?    Yes | No

put on a fast blade to make up some speed great spin very soft the only problem is looping from a distance other than that great control and spin
Review helpful?    Yes | No

best bh rubber ive ever tried. consistent. great for both counterlooping and opening against backspin. very light too. only problem is that it doesnt last long
Review helpful?    Yes | No

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