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Reviews for Donic Bluefire Big Slam (3)

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Facts: My red rubber weighs 42 g. cutted, by a thickness of 1,6 mm and a measure of 150 x 154 mm. The sponge hardness is said to be 40 degree. My blade is a Btfly. Zhang JK SZLC (China-Fake)
I came across this rubber by pure chance. My favorite dealer got this rubber (almost new, only played for a few hours) back from a dissatisfied customer. - and then I bought it for "very little money" !!! ;-P
There is nothing better, than being able to find out after purchasing a new rubber, that it has already been extensively tested, and that the test results agree 100% with your own. ;-P
Conclusion: (for myself) PERFECT backhand rubber !!! (- if you like, read too my comparison with the Donic F4!)
- YOU want to know more ????
... read the german review at:
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This is a case manufacturer description is pretty far from reality. Despite described as a "real cracker" the sound is very much muted and dull. My Mark V sounds more lively than this. Then despite "super soft" description, the rubber feels medium. The overall feeling is dense, thick, and unwieldy bouncy. This is the only rubber I have tried that completely block the feel to the blade. Perhaps it is the new formula of softer top sheet and high bounce sponge, there is a decidedly a strange feel to this. The rubber bites into the ball and creates too much catapult at spiny shots (especially you have high arm speed for loop) or lower gear touch shots. Note this is not because of the throw angle, the adjusted my swing so the balls stay low over the net but still fly off like beans. Due to this problem I found my fast loop is far faster even with Sriver. I could not believe how many balls go out of the table with this rubber, as soon as I switched then the balls all landed.
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looks like this will be a cool BH rubber
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