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6 Reviews for Donic Acuda Blue P3

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I have been using this rubber for a year in 2.0 mm black version on backhand, paired with Donic Epox Powerallround blade. I bought it for 40 euros. It is medium fast, a class slower than the modern fast attacking rubbers, but not slow. This rubber has very good control, and that is its biggest advantage. Backspin strokes, pushes and blocks are comfortably executable with it, as well as serve returning flicks, but the player has to execute full stroke when doing it, otherwise the ball easily goes into the net, due to the relatively low throw angle. The lowish throw angle can also make problems on attacking smashes and top spins, which are executable, but need more open angle. When those strokes are successfully executed, the low spinny balls make trouble to the opponent, because the rubber itself is pretty spinny, spinnier than its pair, the Acuda Blue P2. Compared to Acuda Blue P2, the Acuda Blue P3 is slower, with lower throw angle (not too low as Coppa X3), but it is slightly spinnier and has much better control. Overally, the Donic Acuda Blue P3 is a good choice for amateur players, who tend to play with basic strokes and to have good control.
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This rubber is highly sensitive to relative humidity !!!
In dry weather it is an awesome rubber. Lots of spin, acceptable speed, and excellent touch for return of spiny serves. I use it on the backhand side of my Off- blade. Loops are very spiny, ball drops in every time. Very controllable.
IN HIGH HUMIDITY THIS RUBBER DOES NOT WORK! It gets slimy and the ball skids off, almost like anti-spin.
Has anyone else seen this ?
I'm not going to throw the rubber away, as it works fine in the winter months.
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Soft. Very hard to make spin variation, but very easy to use and consistently puts balls on the table.
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super soft top sheet with medium soft sponge. Every just I do a slow loop I feel rubber bite the ball create massive spin. sound TOK! plus TAK!. it easy to create spin. I recommend for beginner even intermediate, you will fun with loop from this rubber but speed need more your strength or stick it on fast blade.
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The perfect rubber for an all-around player !!!!! It has excellent control and balance !!! Not very fast rubber but if you have strong hits there is no problem in spins or smashes !!! It responds very well !!!
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Disliked this one very much. Tried with donic waldner black devil cb and donic appelgren allplay.
I had used acuda s3 before and it was softer, faster, spinnier and louder. Even s2 seems to be softer.
Despite the grippy surface, the ammount of spin is low so you have to really(!) brush the ball. The throw angle is low as well.
Control is good, although.
Got back to my old acuda s3 and instatnly felt a more lively rubber
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