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12 Reviews for Donic Bluefire JP 01 Turbo

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I have used all 4 Donic Blue fire JP 01T, 01, 02, 03 rubbers. All were used on FH of a Bty. Taksim, ALC blade. I just tried the JP01 Turbo this week. It is actually not as good as JP01 or 02 in topspin, hit & block and it is much heavier than 01. It is not a very users friendly rubber as the others in the JP series. May be that's why it is often on sale and cheaper than JP01. It is also a little older generation of rubbers now. Before this, I used a Bty. Rozena and it is surprising good in performance for such price. I'll highly recommend the Rozena over JP 01T!!
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9.8/10 for OFF style. FH/BH: Donic Bluefire JP 01 Turbo, 2.1mm, 50g (0.25g/cm^2), 50 degrees (ESN), 38.5 degrees (Shore A). Blade: JOOLA MC1, 80g, 155mm x 150mm x 9mm (Width x Height x Thickness). Plies: 5 (Wood): Koto - Koto - Ayous+Balsa - Koto - Koto.
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very nice rubber, tried on a friend bat, is spinny on loop, but good for flats, great close to the table game, not to bouncy, but its a killer in mid distance game. Bought one selt, very good forehandrubber
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this was my first expensive rubber and i hv to say this this rubber is really good and the durability is fantastic.
Although within 2 months the speed will decrease but when u re-glue it the rubber becomes more faster than u hv brought. Never use water based glue use a normal glue{of TT OR PING PONG}. I m an attacker who plays 95% with my fh and this is my fh rubber. If u play from mid-distance then u should really buy this rubber bcoz the amount of spin is really nice and the speed is also good. And bcoz of this rubber. My game became really good and then i was able to be a state lvl player. I m thinking to buy this rubber once more because i really like it and its very durable so whoever is an attacker they should really buy this.
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Too hard and stiff for looping. I tried it on a carbon blade and then switch the rubber to an all wood blade, but it works the same. I won't recommend this rubber.
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I agree with yousef
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i have this rubber for 6 months. i have timo boll ALC and jp01T for FH and m1T for BH.
i'm about to change these rubbers just because they are too HEAVY (50gr cut).
i tried same blade with tow T05 and it's very's difficult to practice faster or play fast game like topspin to topspin.
SPIN is little bit more than T05 or at least equal.
i think the SPEED of this rubber is good for attacking players(just like T05) but because it has hard topsheet it's difficult to control the ball and when you want to do a STRONG FH drive, ball goes off the table and then when you close the angel ball goes to net. on the other hand with T05 i do very effective and accurate strong FH drives.
doing highloop or medium speed topspin with JP01T is easy.
smash and block is difficult for me.
topsheet durability after 6 month is very good and consistent but sponge is soft and after about one month it was tore (sorry about poor english).
after all it's not a perfect rubber it's too HARD and too HEAVY. (the same rating and review goes to m1T. they are very similar).
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This rubber is truly amazing. best for forehand..
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JP01turbo is a good rubber that have a lot of spin so that good for FH , and speed is above average like 9.2/10 , control is enough for handling the ball , this rubber is a good rubber for Forehand
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I'm using it on a Tibhar Alpha Samsonov SGS. I already have a Donic Acuda S2 on it. Using as a replacement for Tibhar 5Q Sound.

I have only used JP01T for 3 hours at most, but i am already confused. The *edited* topsheet is harder than S2, the sponge is softer, so it produces less speed and more spin.

My ratings for this are:
- Speed: 8.8
- Spin: 9.5
- Control: 9

-- Update 02/27/2015
I am currently using it as a FH rubber once again. Same setup, only changed FH to BH.

JP01T is certainly faster than S2. Let's wait and see.

Updated the stats:
9.2 speed,
9 spin,
8.2 control.
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this rubber is a excellent Fh or bh rubber. its perfect for looping and gives good safety over the net. the kind of comments ive been getting with this rubber from even my coach is the ball moves half a metre after the bounce and is really hard to get the ball back. i would recommend this to loopers looking for more speed and spin.
update 16/06/2019
after using this on off for a few months and seeing others use this. though this is a good rubber it lack durability with most of mine and all of my mates going dead with 1-2 months
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Excelent rubber. Don't take serious the "turbo" label, because it's not really fast. For the speed and the spin, it has excelent control. Not heavy. I use it on a Speed 90 CP on forhand, and on this blade perform some slow. Throw angle, speed, control and spin higher than baracuda, which is on backhand. About spin, not like tenergy that comes with lots of energy, or like Omega4 that is less and comes with wavy trajectory, it's more linear but huge.
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