Yinhe/Milky Way Big Dipper

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Our notes: The flagship rubber of Yinhe. Spins very well and has very good attacking speed and spin. The hardness of this rubbers sponge basing on experience seems to be softer compared to its counterparts with the same degree of hardness.

Legendary rubber for your forehand. This new rubber combines the two new technologies from YinHe - Max Tense inverse rubber inherits the characteristics of traditional Chinese sticky rubber and works with the God Crossbow Sponge, which is developed for the new plastic ball. The result is a rubber that can do great damage as well as maintaining great stability. This is the rubber that will re-define the forehand rubber in the new plastic ball era.

Speed: 120
Spin: 100
Sponge Hardness: 38 deg

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Reviews of Yinhe/Milky Way Big Dipper (11)

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 External Review for Yinhe/Milky Way Big Dipper on June 17, 2017
Good chiness rubber, plays like European rubber. Has high spin and high throw. Good catapult and the blue sponge really is nice with good feedback when looping.
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 External Review for Yinhe/Milky Way Big Dipper on January 10, 2017
Big Dipper is a rubber that nicely blends the modern porous sponge with the Chinese topsheet. I tried it on my forehand in 38 deg and found it to be an adequate replacement to Neo Hurricane 3 and I feel like players making the change from Euro/Jap rubbers to Chinese-style rubbers will find it to be a good compromise. Big Dipper does well in the short game and in looping. I feel despite the sponge it's a bit weak on the passive block and after breaking it in (the initial tack wearing off), spin on serves loses great potency which I suppose is to be expected.

One small problem I found was that many loops and drives close to the table went out which I attribute to me not adequately adjusting my technique but also due to the sponge. Because of it's livelier nature in comparison to Hurricane, I feel like it would pair nicely with a 5-ply blade rather than a 5+2 ply carbon blade (which I was using).

Overall, Big Dipper is a fast and spinny forehand rubber with adequate control and offers great value for money. After an adjustment period, Hurricane enthusiasts may find this to be a suitable replacement (even for the provincial version) to their beloved forehand rubber given the performance for the price.

Notes: A cut (normal sized Stiga head) is 51! I played with this on a 7-ply Carbon (5+2) blade - Stiga Super Carbon WRB. My playstyle is backhand dominated two-winged shakehand looper with Chinese forehand technique.
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 External Review for Yinhe/Milky Way Big Dipper on June 7, 2016
Excellent rubber for this price.
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 External Review for Yinhe/Milky Way Big Dipper on November 17, 2015
A more modern hurricane 3. Very similar to a provincial h3 neo. Something of a hybrid- chinese-euro rubber with bouncy sponge and soft, tacky top sheet. Cool blue sponge. Just a bit heavy! 53g cut! Also, boosts well.
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 External Review for Yinhe/Milky Way Big Dipper on November 2, 2015
A very good packaging with plastic film to protect the topsheet and sheet protector protect the the sponge
The sponge is Blue... Blue!!

Speed is very fast, I found it difficult to control for the first time, but I can get used to it after some days practice

Spin is incredible! Very fast for the first time, but the spin decreased with the time

Not very easy to control, need some practice and technique adjustment

A bit tacky for the first time
It can pick up the ball for a split second, but the takiness wear off before 1 week

Throw Angle
Throw angle is a little bit high, but not very high
I still can push the ball low and I feel there's safer zone of the ball to go over the net
When loop, you must have the right finish position. If you hand pass over, it will fly off the table. If your hand do not finish on the head, it will hit the net

Can't create a lot of spin on pendulum serve
I found it hard to make a perfect serve with it
Need a good movement to make a perfect serve

A very heavy rubber, but not heavier than the traditional chinese rubber

Sponge Hardness
Sponge is Hard, but not too hard till you can't press it

There're lots of gear. When you hit the ball gently, it will be slow. If you hit it hard, it will be fast

Avarage durability
The tackiness worn out really fast, the speed and spin decreased with a not very long time
The topsheet is easly dirty because of dust
After some times, the topsheet's separately from the sponge
But still it gives a good performance until now
(I've used it for 6 months with 3 times play for a week)

Not an easy rubber to control with the speed and can't produce the spin you want
Durablity is so so

I recomend this rubber for an aggressive attacker with flat loop rather than spinny loop
You must have a great footwork and right technique to use it's secret performance
Only use it for forehand, not backhand

Is it worthy to buy? It's depend on you
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 External Review for Yinhe/Milky Way Big Dipper on October 21, 2015
i got one new big dipper topsheet in august 2015. My big dipper is black topsheet with 38 hardness on the max sponge. It's very tacky when new ( really superrrrr tacky ). Oke lets start the review of its performance. SPEED : this rubbers is fast enough if you play with the right movement ( full swing whole body and brust really hard), SPIN : big dippers play a lot like hurricane 3, its spin is very deadly, my spare partner notice my forehand stroke is harder to block. GEAR : this rubber play lively on OFF + blade like yinhe T4.
Durablity : las a long time if you put some pastic cover to protect the topsheet from dust and open air.
OVERALL its very worthy for the rubber with 20 $, it's perfect for FH rubber. suited for the player that put a lot of effort ( full swing like chinese player)
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 External Review for Yinhe/Milky Way Big Dipper on August 20, 2015
I had the 40deg version (hardest). There's no doubt this is a fast rubber for what it's supposed to be (Chinese forehand rubber). It's noticeably faster than TG3 probably because of the porous sponge.

I don't like it because of the hard top-sheet which after a few cleans with water became NON-TACKY (none at all). If there's some inconsistency with the reviews about tackiness then it must be down to manufacturing inconsistency because I'm 100% sure. It was to the point were the ball would sometimes squeak and SLIP on the surface. This may not be so prominent in the softer sponge versions.
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 External Review for Yinhe/Milky Way Big Dipper on March 12, 2015
A mildly tacky tuned rubber than plays different based on which spong you get. I have sheets that have 38 degree hardness that are clearly softer and easier to play with than my 40 degree sheet. This rubber is the best tacky rubber than has more euro sponge. It does not have the drop off the paddle tendancy off the table that Thors did (although it is close in the harder sponged sheet of 40 degrees). The rubber requires a committed stroke and an engagement of the sponge, but when you do you are rewarded. It blocks well, Serves also require a good full stroke. It remains to be seen how long the tuned sponge keeps its bounce, The price is excellent and consistency has been good with 3 sheets so far.
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 External Review for Yinhe/Milky Way Big Dipper on December 29, 2014
An ok rubber nice packaging. Has good control , average speed and spin overall about what you would expect from a $20 rubber.
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 External Review for Yinhe/Milky Way Big Dipper on November 24, 2014
i think yinhe moon its better than this one. this rubber is lack of spin (average). quite fast but very good in control. it has catapult effect so you can play loop like euro or japanese rubber. its should be good if you stick on hard blade.
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