XIOM Extreme S

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Piercing speed and destructive power identifies the Xiom Extreme S. Newly constructed with a classic 7-ply combination shows the amazing power performance in this offensive blade. Special layer construction focused on the very sharp and delicate control for top-spin drives and defensive blocks.
Superb fit for both mid-distance power play and close to the net speed play.

Speed: 95
Control: 61
Weight: 92
Plies: 7w

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Reviews of XIOM Extreme S (12)

 External Review for XIOM Extreme S on April 23, 2019
This blade give you many posibility off an stability power playstile. The power of this blade is feel like a carbon blade. When you have this blade in your hand the feel is ...i have an very good expansive price blade. This blade can be compared with a lot of expansive blades. But this unique feel remaine in your minds. Every touchball with this blade go to the target. You must have this blade if you don't meet yet a good balancing blade. This blade will take free the champion in you.
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 External Review for XIOM Extreme S on May 10, 2018
This is a well manufactured 7 ply blade (limba , ayous , ayous, ayous, ayous, ayous, limba) by Xiom. It's in the same category as the Avalox P700 or Stiga Clipper. Fast but good control. Although it's a 7 ply blade it doesn't feel stiff. Excellent for playing close to the table or mid distance. Like all above mentioned blades it's also often used to play short pips.
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 External Review for XIOM Extreme S on March 22, 2018
This is a perfect 7ply blade. Not quite hard so great control. Stiffness gives stable blocks and devastating flat hits. Not really for classic topspins but more for power topspin game.

Skilled players can find it perfect with hard and medium hard rubbers.
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 External Review for XIOM Extreme S on December 3, 2017
Is it very interesting blade, i miss greater sense control (may be bad used rubbers) but blade is fast and good feel in hand and but more heavier feel
easy block, easy short service, good spin
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 External Review for XIOM Extreme S on February 27, 2017
Ottimo telaio, mi sono trovato molto bene sin dall'inizio, simile al Petr korbel ma un po' pi rigido e con piatto pi piccolo e bilanciato verso il centro. Le parabole sono buone ma per accentuare il tutto ho messo una xiom asia V di dritto e una baracuda di rovescio (entrambe max). Telaio che da molta sicurezza anche con tocchi sporchi, il piatto perfettamente bilanciato da un ottimo feeling. Il prezzo e la manifattura secondo me sono insuperabili.
Lo consiglio per un giocatore veloce, che non perde tempo e appena pu conclude il punto.
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 External Review for XIOM Extreme S on November 12, 2015
Theoretically, stiff blade give better control than a flex blade. Medium hardness blade gives longer dwell time for ball feeling than a hard blade. And those two characteristics are true for Extreme S. It has enough dwell time and very good control for ball placement. Plus it is an OFF+ blade. Also provides easy block for those who like to block. I'm still comparing this blade with my other blades such as yinhe qiu yike rosewood, Y-13 and W-6. I'll update my review if there's anything new.
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 External Review for XIOM Extreme S on June 6, 2015
It feels like timo boll spirit alc but with a LITTLE bit more and a LITTLE bit longer vibration. All wood blade that is very fast. Very good control, you can manipulate the ball easier
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 External Review for XIOM Extreme S on July 16, 2014
I recently converted over from ALL+ blades, so my first day playing with the Extreme S was awkward and disastrous. I kept overhitting the table when I did my normal strokes. I had to either shorten my strokes to get the ball on the table or just rely on a blocking game, which it did very well.

I also have on it a TSP Curl P1R OX that is notorious for being hard to control. One would expect hard to control LP paired with an OFF+ blade equals disaster but surprisingly what results from the two is a really straight and deep shot that arcs back onto the table at the last second. Chopping with the Extreme S is surprisingly very effective and it was the only shot I could rely on on the first day of trying it out.

After a few days, the Extreme S settled down some and I was able to get my loops on the table deep and low. I pair the blade with a Xiom Omega IV Euro, which is an OFF rubber but still considered by some a slower rubber compared to Tenergy.

The power is evident, as everyone of my opponents so far have hurt their thumbs from getting hit by the ball coming from my paddle. They've all let out a very audible "OW!", which you can take as testimony to how fast this blade is.
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 External Review for XIOM Extreme S on June 27, 2014
Very high quality blade. I'm using it with Xiom Vega Europe Max on both sides and its been playing well so far. Short game is good and close-to-mid table looping is good. Changing my forhand rubber to T25, but wanted feedback on how well the rubber will work on this blade.
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 External Review for XIOM Extreme S on September 23, 2013
It's excellent for mid and far distance, but also with good control close to table. Smashes are deadly and topspin is very good. Overall, it's great.
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 External Review for XIOM Extreme S on September 24, 2012
Excellent blade for playing close to table. Everything is under great control, at the same time there is plenty of power that can be used whenever the player needs it.

Tried it with almost all types of rubber except Anti and must say I am pretty happy of how it pairs with them (speaking of long pips, note that it's an offensive+ blade, so long pips were used for blocking and hitting, the blade is too fast for chopping). Generally, this blade is more suitable for "fast attack" style than for top spin game because of its great hitting abilities, but success can also be achieved by combination of both styles - this blade would definitely do the job perfectly.
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 External Review for XIOM Extreme S on September 5, 2012
very fast (off+) stiff 7-ply blade of medium hardness.

hardness: with limba top, it feels like CR treated limba. So medium or medium-hard, but not hard.

I think this is very similar to clipper CR.

very fast while keeping a good short game.

I use it with Coppa X1 max and X2 2.0. It also works well with acuda s2 and s1. (which I don't use because coppa blocks much better)
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