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DHS Hurricane 3 Neo Provincial

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Orange sponge

A higher quality version of Hurricane 3 Neo. With the Provincial version, you can expect a dramatic increase in spin, control, and speed. Everything you enjoy from the original Hurricane 3 Neo has been amplified by a great margin.

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Reviews of DHS Hurricane 3 Neo Provincial (13)

A medium-hard sponge that generates more spin with decent control but lacks speed compared to most rubbers (For instance, Donic M1, M2 & M3).
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Putting this rubber on forehand side of viscaria, unboosted. I still remember 1st day i used it, this rubber was extremely slow that i needed to hit very hard and nearly injured my shoulder. but eventually this rubber behaves "more normally". definitely a hard rubber, but the feeling is more like a slower, "very hard" euro/jap rubber. compared to commercial, i think it has less tackiness (still able to pick up ball for a fraction of second), but more bouncy. serve is very spinny with good technique, short return especially push can be performed with abundance of control. slow spinny opening has monstrous spin, but only with plenty of acceleration and fine touch to brush the ball and control the arc. the only way to fully utilize this rubber's offensive properties is by using effective weight transfer. definitely not for players who mainly use their arm and wrist to generate power. coming from years of using tensor rubber, it took me months of dilligent practice to start getting used to this rubber. throw angle is rather high, but the arc is very low and flat. combination of this rubber and viscaria needs excellent technique to control the spin and arc. requires very good care! very susceptible to be dirty, which will alter the feeling greatly.
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Hurricane 3 is a bit slow compare to any other brands in FH, but monster spiny. It is only for advanced users and FH looping playing style. Use hurricane 3 only if you are good at generating force when you are FH looping. Otherwise, go for D09c and other European sticky rubber
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Everything said about this Rubber. It's a bliss and a dangerous weapon in the hand of a worthy player. Full commitment loops are breat and butter with this and no wonder Ma long and co. use this rubber. It's not easy to play even though its not fast but you have to brush every ball otherwise the ballquality is not good or worse u failed. Second favourity chinese rubber behind Friendships Battle 2 imo. Both are the best of the best when it comes to chinese rubbers.
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Fast rubber! Has a beautiful arc on loops, and is capable of producing awesome spin! Good for service, very tacky rubber. in my opinion T05 is no match for a boosted H3 NEO Blue Sponge. It is available in different thicknesses and hardnesses I use 2.1 2.15 41 deg. I found that 41 degrees worked well for me, but it might be too hard for people who don't use as much power on their strokes or for people who want a more bouncy feeling. ( Boosted H3 NEO Blue Sponge speed 9.2, spin 9.4, control 9.4).
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