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DHS Hurricane 3 Series

The famed Hurricane 3 series of rubbers, by Chinaís leading manufacturer and National team sponsor DHS, is the benchmark for hard Chinese tacky rubbers. Used by most members of the Chinese team, it comes in many variations and is known for its ability to produce massive amounts of spin due to its stickiness, while being not too fast, quite controllable and excellent for serve/receive, in the short game and for blocking. It is however a rubber which demands very good technique and physicality to engage it fully.

The NEO versions are factory-treated and therefore a little softer, more lively and a bit easier to use than the regular versions. The Provincial grades are faster, have the ability to produce more spin but are less controllable. The National grades are carefully selected and have even more spin potential but are yet more demanding and harder to use. Another difference is between the Orange and Blue sponges, the Blue being for the most advanced players as itís more technique-driven. Lastly, the sponges are usually available in several hardnesses, the most common being: 37, 39, 40 (please see each versionís product page for the specifics).

The 3-50 version has a softer sponge which makes it easier to use and more accessible; itís a good rubber for players looking to transition from Euro/Japanese tension rubbers over to Chinese tacky rubbers. The Nittaku Hurricane 3 rubbers produced hand-in-hand with DHS are very fast variants with tension sponge coupled with the classic sticky topsheet.

DHS Hurricane 3 National
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DHS Hurricane 3 Neo
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DHS Hurricane 3 Neo National - Blue Sponge
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DHS Hurricane 3 Neo Provincial - Blue Sponge
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DHS Hurricane 3 Neo National
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DHS Hurricane 3 Provincial - Orange Sponge
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DHS Hurricane 3-50 - Mid
DHS Hurricane 3 Neo Provincial
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DHS Hurricane 3 Provincial - Blue Sponge
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