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DHS Hurricane 3 Provincial - Yellow Sponge

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Provincial team level Hurricane 3 orange sponge. Simply the best Provincial Rubber for players who are looking for the extreme weapon.

• 39 Degrees
• Orange Sponge

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If you've watched competitive table tennis at the highest levels, then you've surely seen DHS products in action. Perhaps the most notable athlete using DHS equipment is Ma Long. A legend of the sport, Ma Long uses a Hurricane 3 rubber on his forehand. Hurricane 3 rubbers are undoubtedly the most popular rubber series from DHS and are a prime example of hard and tacky Chinese rubbers. Many players try out the Hurricane 3 and H3 Neo rubbers on their forehand as an introduction to this style of rubber. These rubbers require considerable power to fully unleash their potential, as well as proper brushing technique. You can find the H3 rubbers in Commercial (NEO), Provincial (H3, NEO) and National (H3) versions.

DHS offers rubbers with different characteristics well-suited to other uses as well. The Gold Arc 8 series is a high-powered rubber that performs more closely to other brand's flagship offerings. It has a grippy surface and fast sponge, which comes in both 47.5 and 50 degree hardness. You can find Skyline and TinArc rubbers rated as Soft, Mid-Soft and Mid-Hard.

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Reviews of DHS Hurricane 3 Provincial - Yellow Sponge (49)

Perfect FH rubber.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Perfect FH rubber.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Top sheet is less tacky than commercial sheet also more lively n thinner compare to commercial version..the sponge is a little bit different u will notice province has firmer,livelier, brighter colour of sponge that makes it has a lot of gear..meanwhile commercial is more darker orange colour and feel dead hard as rock..province has 2.2 thickness meanwhile commercial 2.15..thats why province can give more speed n power by a slight margin..the potential of spin is same with commercial.
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Blade: Butterfly Viscaria
FH: Hurricane 3 Provincial
BH: Skyline 2 Neo

I picked this sheet up from Megaspin and used it for around a year on this setup . This is by far the best forehand rubber I have used so far . It plays similar to the commercial Neo version of Hurricane but is better in terms of speed and spin . The most noticeable difference is the AMAZING catapult effect you get when you brush the ball. If you notice with Chinese rubbers, if a solid contact is achieved , you will see the rubber hit the opponents side of the table and then immediately speed up , making it hard for the opponent to react . This is certainly evident with this rubber . Against chops and backspin, this rubber does superbly. I would say this rubber EXCELS actually from a mid distance , since the catapult effect coupled with the spin make the rubber harder to keep on the table close distance . The only downside of the rubber is its durability. For the first 10 or so sessions , this rubber performed amazing , but dropped considerably after that . I have another setup with just the H3Neo commercial that I've been using for even longer than this and it still retains its spin and speed . This rubber after 20 sessions is dead though, average spin and speed. If you run your finger across the top sheet, it slides across now , compared to holding your finger in place due to the tack.

Overall, definitely still my favourite rubber for FH, but due to the durability issues, I decided it more feasible to use a boosted H3 Neo commercial . If not for the durability , I would rate this 8.8-9 . Still a game changing rubber ! Recommend !

Speed: MX-P> Tenergy 05>Hurricane 3 Provincial> H3=H8

Spin: H3 provincial= H8> H3 Neo > ten 05> MX-P
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Very spinny, consistently and when you hit very hard ist so fast. It must broken up and then you don't need to boost, but when you use Haifu Seamoon it is more better. Great rubber for everyone!
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Been playing with DHS H3 provincial version for quite some time. The sponge is orange #20 sponge and hardness is 41 degrees. It has 6 edges compared to 8 edges (commercial) and 4 edges (National). The sponge is also available in 38,39 and 40 degrees. Spin is very heavy but this is ependent on the blade you use and its properties.
I am currently using the H3 (2.2mm) on my forehand with Dr Neubauer Killer 1.5mm (Backhand) on Joola Kool Blade. The blade is a balsa composite with texalium, pine and limba and is 10mm thick in total. So definitely there is plenty of power and also nice touch on passive shots. The spin from the forehand is very strong and flat hitting and driving is extremely good. I must stress that it is the blade and its properties that influence how the rubbers will play and not the other way. So its important to pair up your equipment which suits your style.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Very good rubber, better than commercial version . It's lighter and faster also spin is better than commercial h3 neo. Best thing is the throw angle is much better on the provincial h3 neo. However the review based on one using Chinese style loop or some one with good technic who can spin with high speed and can engage sponge properly when needed. By the way review is for unboosted h3 neo provincial 38 degree. Couldn't wait to boost it soon! Just imagine
Review helpful?    Yes | No

A very tacky, spinny, hard Chinese rubber that can be used by beginners all the way to the professional level. Not that heavy. The tacky rubber along with aggressive brush strokes can produce unmatched spin on loops. It's lack of catapult or bounciness also makes it great for serving and pushes. However it's extreme grip can also make serve returns more challenging if you misread the spin as it is very spin sensitive. Unboosted it's a great rubber to learn to loop with along with a flexible all wood blade. Boosted with Haifu Seamoon (my recommendation) it becomes a powerful mid distance looping tool to compete with Tenergy 05 at the advanced and Pro levels. If you want to try a Chinese rubber to compare against the Euro/Jap tensors try this one. I'd recommend for use on the FH side with a softer and faster Euro rubber on the BH.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

I have this rubber on my dhs Racquet. It is good for fast pace offensive players and with the amazing tackiness you can create a lot of spin on serves and defensive shots. I would always recommend dhs rubbers and blades for offensive players who also want to loop well.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Gave to a friend who likes hurricane rubber. He boosted it and felt it played too similar to hurricane 3 commercial boosted to justify the price.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

I enjoy playing with this rubber. Everything suits me. Use on rosewood 5 blade. On other blades the speed is not enough or hard to loop.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

As everyone knows, Hurricane needs tuning (VOC-free glue+booster, FALCO is so far the best) and is a completely different rubber before and after boosting. The touch or feeling is top notch, arc is amazingly low but can be controlled very easily. The speed is magnificent as well with great spin. It's really important to be hitting into the sponge when initiating loops that you can't rely fully on the top sheet (not supposed to anyways) but the tacky topsheet also allows for margins of error. Overall great rubber, consistent sponge comparing to domestic version. I'm using: Black, 2.15mm thickness and 40 degrees sponge hardness. Definitely recommend.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Best rubber I have ever used. Works best when boosted with DianChi oil booster.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Very good forehand rubber.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

I've used various versions of Hurricanes 3 NEO for at least past 4 years. At first, I've used on both FH and BH, but after getting some training from the Chinese National Team (B Team) and talked to them in Mandarin, I learnt a lot about the various versions of H3N. It is definitely a FH rubber.

H3N is generally a harder rubber with hardness from 39 degree to 41 degree. It is suitable for FH as we can dictate the power and get more direct hit with various speed of top-spin and generate awesome Chinese loops.

There is a significant difference between the provincial edition and domestic (sold in China only) or international edition. I feel that it is softer and allow more control and also spinnier. Now, the provincial also has a 38 degree sponge option, and goes as high as 41 degree. I personally like the 38 degree as it is more forgiving than 39 degree yet still has great speed.

I still remember the feeling upgrading from a domestic H3N to a provincial H3N. As I play 3 to 4 times a week on average, this provincial H3N lasted me about 3 months of prime condition, any days afterwards performance degraded back to regular H3N or any older rubbers.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

My favorite DHS rubber. You can do everything with it and honestly when you try it you know why the Chinese top players use H3, this rubber is just great, you can block very well, loop as hell, serve with lot of spin and also chop the ball with great control. I had the best top to top rallies with this rubber.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

In my mind it is the same rubber like regular H3 Neo orange sponge. Maybe if you are way better player then i am you may be able to tell the difference but sure as hell not on my level.
I can easily tell the difference between #19, #20, blue neo sponge but cant tell this one from regular orange neo.

All in all great rubber but if you have to buy rubbers, like i do, i would not recommend this version over regular which costs 20$. Same goes for the national version of this rubber...

Enjoy TT and have fun.
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This is one of the best Chinese rubbers that I've used. The speed is enough, even if you make a slight hit with the ball on its tacky topsheet, to win your opponent due to heavy spin that this rubber can generate. Chopping with this rubber is also amazing but not as good compared with 729's higher & faster. When playing far from the table, player will be needing additional effort to throw back the ball on the opponent's side as this rubber is a bit dead due to its medium hard sponge. I used this rubber with my Yinhe T11 stiff blade where the blade increases the control feeling of the rubber.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Very spinny ~= to 05FX
Control > Sriver FX

Speed is the slowest among the above 2. But it has same or better control as Sriver FX. It weights a bit to make you exercise. But it's OK for me.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

I play this rubber on a Stiga AC blade on FH. This rubber does everything I can do well. It brush loops very well, defensively is very strong. Like someone else said, it will work for many different levels of players. The control/speed ratio is very impressive.
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