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DHS Hurricane 3 Provincial - Blue Sponge

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A higher quality version of Hurricane 3. With the Provincial version, you can expect a dramatic increase in spin, control, and speed. Everything you enjoy from the original Hurricane 3 has been amplified by a great margin. High quality blue sponge version with 40 degree hardness.

Sponge Hardness: 40 (this is not shown on the package)

If you've watched competitive table tennis at the highest levels, then you've surely seen DHS products in action. Perhaps the most notable athlete using DHS equipment is Ma Long. A legend of the sport, Ma Long uses a Hurricane 3 rubber on his forehand. Hurricane 3 rubbers are undoubtedly the most popular rubber series from DHS and are a prime example of hard and tacky Chinese rubbers. Many players try out the Hurricane 3 and H3 Neo rubbers on their forehand as an introduction to this style of rubber. These rubbers require considerable power to fully unleash their potential, as well as proper brushing technique. You can find the H3 rubbers in Commercial (NEO), Provincial (H3, NEO) and National (H3) versions.

DHS offers rubbers with different characteristics well-suited to other uses as well. The Gold Arc 8 series is a high-powered rubber that performs more closely to other brand's flagship offerings. It has a grippy surface and fast sponge, which comes in both 47.5 and 50 degree hardness. You can find Skyline and TinArc rubbers rated as Soft, Mid-Soft and Mid-Hard.

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Reviews of DHS Hurricane 3 Provincial - Blue Sponge (15)

Very good after breaking in lots of spin and serves are insane also good at blacking and flat power slams
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The DHS Hurricane 3 Neo Provincial Blue Sponge is simply really good. That is, if you know how to use it. If you don't have the right technique, then this rubber might seem bad to you. However, with good technique and some good footwork, this rubber is a topspin machine, partially due to its tackiness. Although, it isn't as fast as MX-P, or as fast as Tenergy 64(unboosted), occasionally, you really get that kick, which can lead to errors on your opponent's side, a bit like the Tenergy rubbers. This rubber really shines when it comes to mid-far distance looping, serve, and short pushes, and flicks.
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39 degree version on Hurricane Long 2 blade. Both unboosted and boosted. Un boosted was a countering machine, however, extremely difficult to open up or push correctly without knowledge of spin. Sponge would have tremendous dwell time and allow for vicious counters against powerloopers but to do your own would be near impossible without the strength of a bear. Really good for serving and pushing.
Boosted with two layers falco, weight is 45 grams which is surprising. As others have said, the rubber is quite non linear on your strokes and can cause one to overshoot or clip the net. Once boosted, a bit easier to open up and serves are even spinnier and have more dwell time for pushing and looping. Countering has been shining through now that I have more dwell time.
Gears seem to be lacking a little bit for a Chinese rubbber in my opinion due to the hardness and tackiness more than one may expect.
Overall, its a completely different animal to the original one because it can do it all but you have to do all the things and there is no in between on strokes or this rubber will fail you.
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This is a rubber for players that prefer attack over than control or passive play, is a loop machine, it gives you a consistent spin every time so you feel confident at drives and loops and counter loops, the only disadvantage is that you need to put more force and long swing on looping backspin than with orange sponge that is the opposite (better for looping backspin and over all near the table) and blue sponge, slightly harder sponge that releases the kraken when youre far from the table and begin the rally or when you just wanna loop kill the ball, it also depends on your preference with the thickness (the thicker you use, the faster itll be but more difficult to use, the thinner you use, the controlable itll be but slower and more needed to use more strokes for winning the point) and also the hardness of the sponge ( the harder the sponge, the better for loop against topspin and no spin, and less sensitive to the opponent's spin, but need more force and full mechanism, the softer it is, better for close of the table and against backspin due to properties of soft rubber that have higher throw angle but lacks on power far from the table).
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First of all, it is a very good rubber.
The sponge is very hard, as you know from the original hurricane 3 orange sponge.
Blue sponge is more of a spring sponge it is softer but it can eat more glue and booster.
If you boost the rubber to its potential, it is VERY GOOD. (200% Better than the commercial one I would say)

However, for a beginner, the commercial one should be Enough for you!
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