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DHS Gold Arc 8 - 47.5 Hardness

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The rubber surface of GOLDARC 8 is highly elastic just like a fully bent bow, which can easily create strong friction. This smooth surface rubber with underlying intensive big-pimple structure gives the rubber great elasticity and off-court power. The player can enjoy the instant feeling of striking with minimal effort and will appreciate the crisp hitting sound.

GOLDARC 8 has outstanding performance in strength and speed, bringing an overwhelming pressure to the opponent in full court. This rubber is suitable for both forehand and backhand.

GOLDARC 8, the highly elastic non-sticky rubber, was developed by the DHS R&D center and German rubber-making expers with the consultation of World Champion Wang Liqin.

Hardness: 47.5 degrees

Speed: 93
Spin: 94
Control: 69

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Reviews of DHS Gold Arc 8 - 47.5 Hardness (69)

I bought this for 20$ on aliexpress in max for both FH and BH. It feels VERY similar to Fastarc G1 only little more of everything. More speed, control and spin. Durability im told isnt the longest while G1 is very long. I prefer the DHS despite as I can buy 2 sheets for the price of 1 G1. And my game is slightly better. I use this on my 2nd blade. My primary is the Hybrid K3 which beats anything I ever tried.
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GA8 (50, red, BH) + Battle 3 (40, Black, FH) on a Yinhe V14 Pro.
UPDATED SPEED RATING (@3months): for backhand, it is still plenty fast (I wish it was faster still). On forehand, it is well behaved when pushed, but doesn't have the endless extension of Battle 3 (not surprisingly).
I was very comfortable with Battle 2 Prov Soft 37 on BH; very neutral, consistent throw angle over its speed range. I ordered GA8 for speed. Firstly, the throw angle of GA8 is slightly higher than B2P S37, but once you get used to it, it feels like an extension of your hand. Nice.
Spin quality is excellent due to high mechanical grip, but low-speed catapult means service and touches are faster vs tacky rubbers for the same spin. Thankfully, as ball speeds increase and the sponge engages, the catapult is NOT exaggerated, but responds linearly, which I like.
Spin sensitivity is quite manageable, though B3 is easier, and B2P Blue is better still.
Backhand drives/flicks off the bounce to be especially effective. However, if you take the ball as it drops, no problem; the slight increase in throw angle helps drive the ball on.
SUMMARY: GA8 50 obviously starts faster than B3 40, and as power is increased, their speeds start converging (limits TBD). Huge amounts of topspin on my backhand, though B3 has a lot more on FH for the same ball speed (not surprisingly). GA8 blocks well, is no more spin sensitive than you're all used to, and drives are very crisp and accurate. The higher pitch sound it makes is also addictive.
3 months later, I'm still very happy, and it's durability seems to be excellent.
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I placed this rubber on galaxy pro v14 , hardness 47 , thickness max , for my level (amateur play) is too bouncy. In the backhand work sufficiently well in the forehand most of the ball go out , I have strong topspin stroke and I have to reduce the power drastically in order to center the table. For pushing and blocking near the table is wanderfull rubber , out of the table not fit my forehand style neither for topspin neither for backspin. When receiving strong smash from the distance is difficult to center the table . So practically is for offensive style only and fit European playing style for topspin . Update march 2024 I not use more this rubber I substituted with battle 3 friendship same speed but much much more control
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A tipical tensor rubber with greath speed and spin but this time with a lot of control, very very easy to use. It can do it very well and easy. Its very durable too.
i used it for my drive too but, it has been my backhand rubber for a long time, it is my reference (replaced Razka 7), i tested a lot of rubbers but always return to Gold Arc 8 for my backhand.
Now there are a lot of new hibryd rubbers with a very diferents feelings if you compare them vs tensors, but, Gold Arc 8 will be always my reference.
My favourite tensor.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Has great control on H301 series blades. This has a controlled tensor feel (if that makes sense). Abnormal grip on ball it can lift ball quite well and produce great spin. I use as RPB rubber and it actually feels reliable. I feel the control works better on alc blades as it actually is a fast and spinning rubber.
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