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DHS C8 has been called the "Chinese Magic Racket" or "Chinese T.T. Team Secret Weapon" by the world table tennis field. It makes a breaking effect due to its irregular swing of super long pimples.

If you've watched competitive table tennis at the highest levels, then you've surely seen DHS products in action. Perhaps the most notable athlete using DHS equipment is Ma Long. A legend of the sport, Ma Long uses a Hurricane 3 rubber on his forehand. Hurricane 3 rubbers are undoubtedly the most popular rubber series from DHS and are a prime example of hard and tacky Chinese rubbers. Many players try out the Hurricane 3 and H3 Neo rubbers on their forehand as an introduction to this style of rubber. These rubbers require considerable power to fully unleash their potential, as well as proper brushing technique. You can find the H3 rubbers in Commercial (NEO), Provincial (H3, NEO) and National (H3) versions.

DHS offers rubbers with different characteristics well-suited to other uses as well. The Gold Arc 8 series is a high-powered rubber that performs more closely to other brand's flagship offerings. It has a grippy surface and fast sponge, which comes in both 47.5 and 50 degree hardness. You can find Skyline and TinArc rubbers rated as Soft, Mid-Soft and Mid-Hard.

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Reviews of DHS C8 (16)

This is a high class long pip rubber. But it take some technique and training, give this moore than 4 trainings. And before that use this c8 on o soft wood, soft flex wood or balsa or def wood with softness and elasticy and feeling. Not on hard blades, Its moore importent than the rank of speed on the blade, -def or to off-. Soft blade. Pretty good first reversal, spin. Very, very good spin reversal from long distance. Good disturbe effect to, very very good I would say. Little to less control, little fast for me to stop block, and little to hard to counter, but i should give this moore training, during a period that I vhanged a lot and little to fast between, could come with moore sponge alternatives. Moore advance The top sheet are fantastic on this, you can loose the top sheet or contact the manufactor, change sponge and you should do that for example buy an extra and try one with the oldschool toni hold damp-dampen sponge. Hard to find this days but you can. And train. You hafe to have the right blade to this soft blade feeling def feeling. I like the DHS c7 fot the high high quality and low price. Iwould say if you have good technique, give this the right time good sparring and find the right blade this could be one of the best toxic - poison long pips on the market. You will learn control it. The top sheet are great. Long long tight pips. Deception quality alo comes. I like some spin on the first ball. This has Friction. 9,7-10,00 p if you do it right. 6,6-7,5 if you dont. If you want a classic long pip easy and stable to play with oldschhol rubber long pips use Feint Long II or III or TSP curl, instead, rubber feeling top sheet.
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Long time I was looking for perfect pimples and I found them. I tried curl p1,p4, feint long 3,grass, and many cheap ones, but c8 gives me everything what I need. Close to the table i can be aggressive and to hit with my forehand., chopping away from the table is fast and lots of spin reversal , hitting with them for surprise attack are great. Pushing close to the table against backspin stays low and hard for the opponent. Perfect pimples for modern defense
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I used this rubber.. For me its a rubber with a little more speed and effect, losing the blocking and deception capacity. Not very good on blocking, perhaps for a type of player that plays away form the table.
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Excellent rubber, very good to chop from afar and block at medium distance and possibly up close too, very easy to make smooth strokes and of course hit flat, but difficult to receive services and return them cut as it is a fast rubber, but that It is remedied with a defensive wood since I have an offensive wood and also a disturbing effect that can be a headache for some players.
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Long pimple famous for its all around ability. I have diffulty initially in doing a backhand spin but somehow was able to do it. I switched to orthodox or shakehand when using long pimple. I am currently training my son agianst this rubber to teach him how to lift the ball when playing against long pimple. It does not reduce power that much compared to palio ck how ever c8 has more control and easier to play and master. If you want to move to lp from inverted or you want to try lp this is your rubber. Once you mastet it then you can move to TSP Curl or Joola LP. Also with this rubber it is easy to do knuckle ball, float, reverse and side swip. Remember that your arc should be from your elbow and not waist.
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I have been playing C8 for at least 5 years after I was getting bored at my own competitionlevel and needed some challenge. I dont recommend putting this type of rubber on your bat to compensate for lack of skills as it takes a lot of practice and technique to master it properly , as probably is the case with any type of pips. I use C8 on my forehand and it is an excellent rubber for counterhitting close to the table. It 'produces' enough speed and spinreversal to put your opponent into troublesome situations. Chopping works well too, though if you are dominantly a defender you may consider somewhat slower pimps offering better control.
After 5 years only one of the pimples has been lost in the middle of the bat. Could be caused by hitting the table instead of the ball, dont know for sure. Anyway this rubber is quite cheap so there is no reason to complain after 5 years. Ignore the fact that these pimps are cheap, because they offer good quality. Highly recommended!
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perfect long pips
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This is an updated review on C8 as it is sold today 2013. My last review was from an old sheet bought around 2008.
I have this in red 1.0mm on a Joola Chen Weixing Def+ blade.
Great for BH service return, this rubber is not faised by any type of spin I just chop, block or attack serves over the table of close in. Away from the table defensive chops can be un returnable as the ball tends to have a float effect.
You can attack balls but its harder that any other long pips I've used as the pips are hard and almost frictionless, and yes these are legal pips.
These LP are more suited to a defensive chop blocking game than an aggressive style which is my LP BH game.
ANy shots that are hit successfully very rarely get returned, some disruption but that depends on what is being returned by your opponent. Well worth the money you pay on ebay or chinese sites, around £10-£12 GBP.
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i played with this rubber today..and guys let me tell you this rubber is fast it kicks out..i believe the purpose for long pips is control deceptive reversal..theres now way this rubber is for chopping..i mean u can chop once or twice but is not made for chopping for sure..way to might work in a super slow blade..but im yet to try it with a choppers blade..
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Very good close to the table. You have to play an active game not passive to achieve this rubbers fine properties. Also good away from table, but only in emergency because it is to fast, but backspin is ok. Chop-block and hitting is fantastic with this rubber. You can make very deceptive service returns...
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I sometimes read that DHS C8 is not good at chopping. I am a defender, and I tried many LP (Grass D-Tecs, P1R, Octopus, Feint long 2, Neptune, Piranja Fd Tec). The fact is C8 is truely excellent at chopping with a pretty soft blade like Matsushita Pro, but not as effectice with a hard one like Joo Se Hyuk Blade or Toccata.

With a "soft" wood (or medium-soft), C8 with 1mm sponge (or 1,2mm) provides very hard-to-read backspin variations. Sometimes the ball is highly dangerous with a lot of backspin, sometimes the ball is nearly a dead one. It depends on the incoming spin and how strong you chop the ball, of course. This phenomena is far less effective with hard blades, but is very deceptive with Matsushita Pro (best balde ever IMO^^) or Tibhar CO-S 3 for example, or TSP Balsa 3,5.

Returning serves gives headache to opponent since C8 is not sensitive to incoming spin, and can allow high backspin pushes as well as no-spin balls.

This LP is quite a "speedy" pimpled rubber if used with hard blade ; with a soft one, the "brushing time" while chopping is by far longer and makes a hugje spin reversal, even on the very first chop (increasing to reach undescent backspin).

Chhose a soft blade, and give it a try! Chop chop machina woooooot :)
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ottimaper giocatori che girano spesso la racchetta di 180 degress
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I have this in 1.0mm black on my BH, on a 729 Def + ,all wood blade with Tackspeed 2000 red 1.8mm on my FH.
I find this rubber is very good for chopping at any distance, which produces a float effect. To realy get a distruptive effect you need to get the bat at the right angle, takes practice to get Good spin reversal.
If the bat is to flat and there is not enough ball speed then the drop and sink means the ball falls on your side of the net. To get the right effect I sometimes need to judge the ball speed correctly to push the ball over the net to get the disired effect.
I have also found that if I use a flat backhand flick I can confuse opponent into thinking I have put topspin on the ball and when they go to hit the ball it goes downwards into the net, everytime!
The one downside to using DHS pimples is the rubber tends to come away from the sponge, I have also used DHS mid pimple PF4 and the same happened there,also G777 to.
This is my first long pimple & I am getting use to using it, it is quite frustrating to training partners.
I am not a long pimpled player, I got this to frustrate opponents and have fun with.
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not for chopping...great for hitting....sponge should come in more options
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The guy above me said it well.

I often threw slow balls off the end of the table with the 1.0mm sponge, before I got used to controlling them. But when you are hitting against faster balls the control improves quite a bit.

They are certainly a bit on the grippy side for long pips.

Overall they are a good long pips, unless you've already decided you would prefer OX and very frictionless.
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A good quality long pimple with decent allround abilities. Since it only comes in 1.0mm, the spin reversal is average for a grippy long pimple, but the control in blocking is excellent. Attack and hitting is also very good. Chopping works well with the right technique, and it will feel a little lively unless you've played with thicker sponge before. Control improves against faster loops as the stiffer pimples bend more.
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