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DHS Hurricane 8 Mid

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Hurricane 8 is a new generation of sticky-speed rubber. The rubber keeps a good balance between flexibility and elasticity. A new high-density sponge with 'Macro-Cell' and 'High-Elasticity Particle Osmosis' technology helps Hurricane 8 raise the elasticity by 15%. The player can also acquire a high shot speed with weak attack.

Hurricane 8 provides unique spin and unpredictable arc and enhances shot speed significantly, which brings a refreshing feeling for offensive players.

Hurricane 8 is specially designed to enhance the spin and speed of 40+ celluloid-free balls.

Hurricane 8 Mid has slightly softer sponge than Hurricane 8 Hard.

Hardness: 40 degrees
Speed: 92
Spin: 98
Control: 74

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Reviews of DHS Hurricane 8 Mid (45)

To me, this is really the best rubber you can get for offensive loopers. Out of box, it is a bit slow, but it has a strong reaction to booster and becomes a real weapon. The control is similar, but maybe slightly worse than H3. The spin is similar to H3. However, the big breakthrough is the overall speed and power. For many who find H3 slow, H8 is quite a bit faster, especially after boosting.

This rubber is really good for both FH and BH. The power and spin/speed ratio is just amazing, and you can overwhelm your opponent with power shots.
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I started using H8 because i just wanted to try something other than H3 or H3 neo (commercial), and boy, I must say this rubber is really amazing. Compared to H3 and H3 neo, this rubber was not as powerful, but definitely felt better in almost all other aspects. I love the speed I got from H8, as it enabled longer rallies and fast plays. It is also very durable. I played it for 1.5 years, and it was still tacky. One problem happened was that when i tried to reglue the rubber on another blade, air bubble started appearing on the top sheet. I figured it was time for that rubber, but it was a solid 1.5 years of gameplay (wouldve been more if i didnt decide to switch blades). Overall, I will recommend this to players who want to try chinese rubbers which is faster but less spiny. If you are having difficulty with hurricane 3 because it is very physically demanding, h8 is a good alternative. I must say though, it is alot more difficult to outpower your opponent as well as you would with a h3.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

A very specific patch. Out of the box, it is much easier to play than the commercial version of the Hurricane 3, but this does not make it suitable for under-equipped athletes. DHS tried to modernize the H3, and progress is visible, but we are waiting for further developments.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

I switched over to H8 on my forehand when it first came out after using h3 neo for quite a while and have not looked back. Like most Chinese rubbers, you need to use a full swing to get the most out of this rubber. It is very easy to vary the spin and speed of your shots and I am often amazed at some of the shots that hit the table with this stuff.

If you like Chinese rubbers, you should give it a shot
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I'm reviewing Hurricane 8 hardness 40 (not 39). This is the perfect rubber for loopers. Compared to Hurricane 3 NEO 40deg, Hurricane 8 is 20% faster, more elastic, both in topsheet and sponge. Also has a lot more dwell time: the ball stays in the sponge twice as long, and then shoots off much more forward, not upwards like H3. All this while keeping all the important characteristics of Hurricane 3 (tacky, so it makes very spinny openings which will be blocked off the table). But the additional dwell time makes it usable on carbon blades. It works great with Viscaria, unlike H3 NEO 40. The arc is much lower than H3: to be precise, higher than H2 but a bit lower than Tg2. This makes your opening loops spinny but also very low, making them very hard to block. The strong points of the rubber are: low spinny openings; easy counterloops (keeps the ball low in counterloops, unlike H3N); decent speed (unlike H3N). Be warned: though more elastic and faster than the NEO rubbers, H8 will still need booster to play at advanced level. Interestingly, Johnson's Baby Oil works even better than Haifu Seamoon: it makes the rubber faster (but also a bit softer) than seamoon. So I suggest using seamoon on fh and baby oil on bh. On backhand, paired with Viscaria, this rubber allows you to counterloop instead of blocking. This is an amazing combination. It works great with both Viscaria and Pg5-x. The perfect rubber guys.
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