LKT Rapid Speed

by LKT
Rated 4.3/5

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Rubber designed for the speed glue ban.

Inverted rubber with a unique vertical pip array and structure, combined with high elasticity gives this rubber the ability to generate high spin and massive speed wile maintaining a low trajectory.

Speed: 90
Spin: 100
Control: 80

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Reviews of LKT Rapid Speed (44)

 External Review for LKT Rapid Speed on May 19, 2020
8.9/10 for OFF style. FH: Yasaka Rising Dragon, 2mm, 49g (0.236g/cm^2), 47 degrees (ESN), 37 degrees (Shore A). BH: LKT Rapid Speed, 2mm, 47g (0.227g/cm^2), 35 degrees (Shore A). Blade: Stiga Offensive Classic, 80g, 158mm x 151mm x 5.3mm (Width x Height x Thickness). Plies: 5 (Wood): Limba - Spruce - Ayous - Spruce - Limba.
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 External Review for LKT Rapid Speed on February 29, 2020
Got this as a gift and I wasn't expecting much but I gave it a few weeks after my old rubber wore out. The first two weeks it played like garbage but I was told it would get better and it did. The rubber really needs some playtime before it gets usable. I'm usually buying the classics from butterfly but this feels like a sriver for the new 40+ era. Don't know why this is called rapid speed though. It's not that fast at all. Could get off plenty of spin at serve aswell. It's really allround
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Review by jfspivak for LKT Rapid Speed on February 5, 2020
I keep coming back to this rubber - it does so many things so well for so little money...
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 External Review for LKT Rapid Speed on March 19, 2018
Average allround rubber, not the speed/spin master but does its job quite good (for the price)
Black 2.0 weight uncut 66g, cut 47-48g
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Review by bmw7032 (Verified Customer) for LKT Rapid Speed on September 25, 2017
I used this rubber on my forehand and backhand. It can generate a very strong spin and good for looping. I think it has a similar feeling to Rakza 7 but a little slower. My backhand is more stable with this rubber. It loses its tackiness around 6 months with cleaning after every use.
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 External Review for LKT Rapid Speed on August 14, 2017
a good rubber for intermediate to advancing players...well balanced control, to off price..medium soft sponge and light weight...a better touch of spins as well..
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 External Review for LKT Rapid Speed on July 21, 2017
update overrated rubber in speed is probably 8.2 and undervalued in rotation surely 9.0, my permanent rubber of Bh. very good, too good for the price, generates enough spin, I use in my BH and will be permanently in yasaka overdrive off +, by angle of low shot blocks everything, much control and dimamica in exchange of blows with high speed, like Much, if it was not heavy I would also use it in my FH probe and also it works is excellent, good presentation, sponge and rubber very resistant, consistent, stable in strong strokes, good spin, fast but controllable, recommended for FH, good topspin, excellent performance rubber with very low price, do not change for some brands,
Unbeatable value for money quality
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 External Review for LKT Rapid Speed on June 22, 2017
Good spin, Average speed, better that most Chinese rubbers in the price range. The biggest problem is that it is too heavy.
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 External Review for LKT Rapid Speed on July 13, 2016
I've been using this rubber (2.0mm) on a Yasaka Extra 3D for about 2 weeks and I must say I'm very impressed with it. Rapid Speed does not excel on anything but it is pretty good for everything. Good spin. good control and the speed is there if you put some effort on the stroke. For me, the most impressive trait of this rubber is the low sensibility to incoming spin. I found it really easy to block and counter heavy topspin. One small problem of this rubber is that it has to be kept clean all the time cause it collects lots of dust particles. Overall an excelent product for its price!
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 External Review for LKT Rapid Speed on December 26, 2014
I had this on my BH several years ago. I liked it more than the LKT black power I had on my fh. It was a good, balanced rubber.
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 External Review for LKT Rapid Speed on December 11, 2014
The rubber is excellent for a player who mostly block, push, flat hit and drive near the table. It is unusual that like short pips this rubber can generate deceptive spin variation during blocks and counters.

This rubber can perform very dangerous low powerloops, but many other rubbers can support looping game style better. Many rubbers create better (faster, spinnier) loops, but this rubber control placement and height of arc very good so you can be sure that fast all-in shot would land successfully. This rubber is not good for slow spiny loops, but it is very good for driving undespin. This rubber will not help a novice player to feel basic loop technique.

Spin on serves is below average, but rubber is excellent for sharp precise control in both low short and fast long serves.

I played many interesting rubbers during 5 years, but LKT Rapid Speed is still my the best tournament weapon.
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 External Review for LKT Rapid Speed on June 9, 2014
Like all LKT Rapid rubbers, this one has a nice build quality. The topsheet is slightly tacky when new, and remains slightly tacky after that.

I first played this rubber non boosted, on the backhand of an OFF- blade (Waldner Diablo Senso). This rubber is quite spinny, even on "soft" contacts thanks to the slight tackiness, which makes it very good for short spinny serves, and for spin in general. It can be pretty fast but is not really dynamic, so you have to put your arm and your body into the stroke to get a high speed, on an OFF-blade at least (I guess it would be easier on a more offensive blade, have to try it on a Clipper sometime). The medium-hard sponge makes it really good for blocking and flat hitting. Throw is medium, I like it on my backhand.

I tested it again last week, PO boosted (2 layers only). It was far easier to use, a bit more dynamic and then less demanding for topspin strokes. A bit softer and more sensitive to incoming spin as well, but not that much. I really liked it and I think it's gonna be my new backhand rubber, in place of my current LKT Rapid Sound.
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 External Review for LKT Rapid Speed on May 15, 2014
Speed is overrated. it is not 8.7. Only 8.3 or so. Rubber is of good quality. Mildly tacky. good control. spinny but not too spinny. Goes well for BH and FH. Throw angle is medium or medium low. Not spinny on serves unless we put in a little extra effort to spin it. a lot like Sriver. More like a euro-style rubber than chinese.
Overall 8.8/10. Decent and good rubber but nothing special as such. Planning to order one more :)
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 External Review for LKT Rapid Speed on February 18, 2014
Spin on serves are poor, unless you use high toss serve every time.
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 External Review for LKT Rapid Speed on February 13, 2014
This is closest that some low cost Chinese rubber has come to Euro/Jap ones, appart from Tinarc and Goldarc series from DHS, which cost the same as Euro/Jap rubbers.
I tried it on a carbon blade, then on a seven ply wood, but I found it best on a five ply Xiom Offensive S. Strangely, but it really came alive on that blade.
The other thing is that the rubber is light. I didn't measure it, but i took of Acuda S2 and put Rapid Speed instead, and the racket seamed much, much lighter, and S2 is not a heavy rubber.
One more good thing about it is that the sponge is quite resilient. I peeled the glue of it 5 times already, and it still seams like new. Amazing.
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 External Review for LKT Rapid Speed on January 27, 2014
This is the rubber that is suitable for the type allround player. This rubber is great used as FH. good speed and control is also good. with long life durability you have nothing to lose to use this rubber.
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 External Review for LKT Rapid Speed on January 1, 2013
Quite spinny on serves and topspins.
Better on FH, than BH.
Could be nice on blade with some flex.
Don't recomend to put it on fast carbon blades.
Great durability - after almost year there is no signs of wear off.
Rubber for active smasher or looper, not for passive chopper.
Sponge hardness is almost the same as 729 fx and bit harder than t05.
Ball bounce could be better if compare to xiom vega, acuda,t05.
Therefore you need to do more handwork, especially if away from table.
Great for allround plays with loops and attacks.

Spnge hardness is 54. For example acuda s3=40, s2=46, s1 turbo=51.
So it is not medium, but hard.
Not suitable for European style of play.
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 External Review for LKT Rapid Speed on October 8, 2012
I buy and put on my BH played couple hours, good for allround plays; not too fast, not too slow, good control. I like the price and the result.
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 External Review for LKT Rapid Speed on October 2, 2012
It's a nice rubber, goes well for bh as well as fh at beginner levels. A medium-hard sponge enabling some speed if you really make the effort. The best between chinese clones (better than Cream Transcend, Focus, Pro XT ).
To me it feels a lot more tackier than Cream transcend and on my sheets tack didn't wear off. With these 2 i learned to appreciate the advantages of tackiness. For controlled play this rubber is better than most.
Not in any way near the new tensors or DHS but a really nice rubber.
Update 1: Speed is definitely overrated, it cannot be 8.8(close to acuda s2). More 8.0, an all around rubber.
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 External Review for LKT Rapid Speed on September 26, 2012
Very nice rubber. I used it in BH. a little bitt hard to push with it and has a very low throw. good and consistente Blocking.

Good allround atttacking rubber. best suited for FH. good price/quality rate.
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