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Donic Vario Big Slam

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For more than two very successful decades the DONIC Vario rubber series has had a lasting impact on the sport of table tennis. Now, for the first time DONIC presents a rubber sheet in this series labelled "Made in Germany". The DONIC Vario Big Slam is the result of the world famous Formula DONIC technology with inbuilt speed glue effect.
Due to its extremely soft 35 degree sponge, you get perfect feeling on the blade. This is the ideal rubber for spin and rotation players who prefer soft rubbers and like to hear a fantastic sound when hitting the ball.

Speed: 80
Spin: 105
Control: 78
Durability: Soft
Surface: Spin-Elastic

Donic is a table tennis equipment manufacturer that produces high-quality products in Volklingen, Germany. In business for over 25 years, they have been on the forefront of research and development, led by top Swedish pro players Jan-Ove Waldner and Jorgen Persson. They also sponsor top German player Dimitri Ovtcharov among others.

Ask around your local table tennis club and you'll be sure to find some players using Donic equipment. They have a great reputation and it's no surprise when you look at their rubbers. Three of their most well-known product lines are undoubtedly the Acuda, Bluefire and Bluestorm series. Additionally, a spin-heavy favorite for the backhand is the Donic Baracuda. If you like to spin, smash, or a little bit of both, you won't go wrong with Donic.

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Reviews of Donic Vario Big Slam (8)

Tried my friends AR+ Donic racket with this rubber and maan i was surprised. This is a very light and soft rubber therefore u get the highest control. U can put fair amount of spin as well witch was a bit surprising for me at first. Blocks and service returns are very easy. Of course it lacks speed but i can picture some type of players favouring this kind of rubber. Recommended for allround players maybe, but it totally lacks offensive potential.
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Decided to switch the Palio CJ8000 rubbers on my Palio Expert 2 bat for something softer to help my looping and topspin shots generally (I'm an improving intermediate player).

My instinct was definitely right!! I'm now landing far more of my shots on the table, blocking is far more accurate and controlled, and because the rubber is non-tacky, my short game is much better and less sensitive to incoming spin, although I can still generate a good amount of spin on serves.

I only wish I'd been less conservative with the sponge thickness I chose (1.8mm), as it feels a little underpowered - but that's probably the Palio blade which is slow. Once I've chosen a faster blade I think this will be a good rubber to develop my game before I move on to something faster.
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Very nice playing characteristics. Speed there when you need it (tad slower than F3 Big Slam). Offers nice spin capabilities (tad more than F3 Big Slam). Very nice control rubber. Blocks very well and ball placement comes easy. Very nice rubber to play with. Not a whole lot of difference when compared to Formula Donic F3 Big Slam.
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This is rubber is best for blocking, allround style specialy for Backhand it have a nice feel.
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I love this rubber. I am an allround player, with very good ball control. I use a quite fast blade, and this rubber gives very good speed, while still giving very good control.

It gives a very good feeling of the blade. it is also very reliable, lending to very consistent loops, pushes, chops, lobs, blocks, and everything else. The only downside is the sponge is too soft for the forehand, and it bottoms out, especially when smashing.
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I have played with like 2 rubbers on my forehand before getting vario big slam (black 1.8) and i love this far best -
1) Distinctive crack sound on counters
2) Feed back on the blade as soon as you hit , flat smashes comes great
3)With a decent looping technique this rubber is great both for close as well away from the table loops
4) Great for short server flicks
5) Great speed on counters , which i didn't expect reading the reviews
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A good rubber for an offensive forehand. Good arc providing more opposition table for loopers. It therefore nicely consistent when used with strong top spin. Flat smash consistently with satisfying "Crack" when hit with enough force. Have found consistency suffers a little on chop (but I can probably put that down to poor technique coupled with this being a slightly more lively rubber than I'm used to). Currently enjoying this product very much.
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Works great when combined with a fast, stiff blade. Great control from loops all the way to pushes, just not as much spin and speed as I had hoped for, it's still there though.
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