Donic Acuda Blue P1 Turbo

by Donic · Part of Donic Acuda Series
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An impressive result of the most modern technology. The Acuda Blue P1 Turbo offers greater speed whilst retaining its legendary control. All made possible by a unique new pimple formation. The P1 Turbo is the most dynamic and hardest rubber from the Acuda series. Since the distance between the pimples is wider and the pimples themselves are smaller, the rubber actually plays softer.

A packet of strength for the uncompromising attacker who expects optimum speed and power combined with an easy feel.

Speed: 106
Spin: 108
Control: 70

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Donic is a table tennis equipment manufacturer that produces high-quality products in Volklingen, Germany. In business for over 25 years, they have been on the forefront of research and development, led by top Swedish pro players Jan-Ove Waldner and Jorgen Persson. They also sponsor top German player Dimitri Ovtcharov among others.

Ask around your local table tennis club and you'll be sure to find some players using Donic equipment. They have a great reputation and it's no surprise when you look at their rubbers. Three of their most well-known product lines are undoubtedly the Acuda, Bluefire and Bluestorm series. Additionally, a spin-heavy favorite for the backhand is the Donic Baracuda. If you like to spin, smash, or a little bit of both, you won't go wrong with Donic.

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Reviews of Donic Acuda Blue P1 Turbo (10)

 External Review for Donic Acuda Blue P1 Turbo on August 6, 2019
Not for beginners.
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 External Review for Donic Acuda Blue P1 Turbo on May 10, 2018
I waited to buy this set of rubbers for a long time. I love the Acids Blue series. They are grippy and fast. The turbo version still maintains a good level of control and a very decent level of spin. I play a offensive style game but focus on spinny serves, deception, and looping, both backhand and forehand attacks down the line. I like to alternate speed to throw my opponents timing off and occasionally chop if I think of it or see the opportunity. Acuda Blue P1 Turbo does it all for me. Great rubber.
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 External Review for Donic Acuda Blue P1 Turbo on January 5, 2018
I've been using P1 Turbo for the last few months in my RPB backhand. It is very explosive, super fast, has lots of spin, and has a lot of control too. Comparing It with normal P1, It is harder, has more speed, a little bit less control. But after playing with both P1 in backhand, for me the normal version is the better choice, because of two things: normal P1 has higher throw (better for looping counter-topspin) and i like it's softness (plays like a 45; P1 Turbo is more like 47) for the back. All in all, it's a great rubber.
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 External Review for Donic Acuda Blue P1 Turbo on November 19, 2017
I think this rubber is suited for backhand only, Its a medium soft rubber only for smash and loops. Topspins are much less.
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 External Review for Donic Acuda Blue P1 Turbo on April 2, 2017
Foarte bun in varianta 2.2 mm. Buretele este foarte puternic, poate suferi lovituri de la ori ce departare cu ori ce viteza.
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 External Review for Donic Acuda Blue P1 Turbo on March 20, 2017
Was previously using Acuda P2. P1 Turbo is noticeably heavier. 2.0mm sheets were 68g uncut. Sponge is harder, but not too hard. There is a much more pronounced catapult effect that results in more power and speed, but does make it a bit more difficult to control. I should say the spin is about the same as P2, maybe a tiny bit more. Looping with this rubber feels very secure, like a perfect balance between speed/spin and control. Only wish it was a little bit lighter.
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Review by lrahardja (Verified Customer) for Donic Acuda Blue P1 Turbo on March 3, 2017
More control than Donic JP01 Turbo.
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 External Review for Donic Acuda Blue P1 Turbo on February 10, 2017
Good rubber but, in my opinion, overrated about speed and spin and underrated about control.
Very nice feeling of griping the ball specially when you engage the sponge (a little muted when you don't) but it's kind of a false feeling. The spin is not that high and there is kind of a limit in the amount of spin you can generate. The same happens with speed, so it lacks speed and spin top gears. It's less than linear, really.
But maybe because of that, it's a very safe rubber. I use it on backhand and i can swing very hard with a lot of confidence. The throw angle is medium high, and higher the harder you swing, so the ball makes a very pronounced arc and lands on the table in the last moment but the real spin is not as high as it seems to be.
Nice short game and blocking, serving is quite good too. Not very heavy and medium feeling, not hard at all.
Very nice backhand rubber but not for forehand IMO
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 External Review for Donic Acuda Blue P1 Turbo on September 4, 2016
Mi temor al poner este caucho era su dureza 50, pero en el juego se siente como 45.
Un caucho fcil de menjar a media distancia, entregando alta velocidad, elevado efecto y control.
Sin duda uno de los mejores cauchos del momento para la nueva bola plastico 40+.
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 External Review for Donic Acuda Blue P1 Turbo on June 11, 2016
Very good rubber for attacking players with the new plastic balls 40+. It gives a heavy spin on serving and pushing and also on Topspin: the sponge is hard but the topsheet is soft and elastic so you feel you are playing with a rubber of 45. Drives and counter-topspin are amazing, the trajectory of the topspin is wonderful specially on fast topspin: the ball seems to go out of the table and then immediately goes down at the end of the table so is hard for the opponent make a good block. I suggest so much this rubber!
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